55 + 4, is Arabic for the LV + IV {or} Louis Vuitton + Four (Billion)

Bolsas desde El Rubicon

And, Governor De Santis, sorry if i placed a space between that “de” and whatever the fuck SANTIS means, Eye knows that you ain’t no motherfucking SAINT; anyhow, here’s a little HIStory lesson for your STUPID constituents in FLORIDA.

Entre Lula y Bolsonaro hay un MALO… no se vaya, el Sazón de GOYA le da sabor a la SOPA de Camarón de Anthony Bourdain en París… no relation to KAISERSBERG, Kay.

Background information behind BAMBALINAS, the current president of México got his first political “gig” from a CIA employee in LOS PINOS, Chapultepec.

Trou story, I don’t know what it is about “soft dictators” and yatchs, but most importantly, soft dictators and THE GULF of MEXICO (1968). Long story short, the decision to annihilate the STUDENTS at La Plaza de Las Tres Culturas en La Ciudad de México, was made from a yatch floating just outside VERACRUZ.

TBC… Öüï is out of credit.

Cinéma Ré El follows.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/03/02 /politica /bartlett-confia-en-morenistas-para-aprobacion-de-reforma-electrica/

And, Mr. Conway, please relay to Mrs. Kellyanne that Señor Bartlett’s mistresses TRUST that morena-francia will approve of “HER” appartments and of course, “HER” Mercedes-es.

And, Andrea Mitchell (aka, THEE “fed’s Wife”) i don’t know if Mika’s mom raised her, {as her, hayseed-weed—Gizzard-eating-significant Number Two says} in a motherfucking BARN. Eye means, or what Öüï is trying to relay, is that ARMANDO SEGOVIA would not have cut your reporting off on account of HER Mercedes-es parts and accessories KNOT being shipped from MOTHER RUSSIA… “Oh, the humanity”… by default, ZEPPELIN goes here, on an ALL TRANSISTOR RADIO (rip).

https ://www .republicworld .com /amp /world-news /russia-ukraine-crisis /mercedes-benz-suspends-russia-exports-and-production-amid-putins-invasion-of-ukraine-articleshow .html

Cinéma RéAL en LA CFE
starring John Mill Ackerman as:
El mejor “AMIGO » de Mélenchon en FRANCIA

“Más lotes para vender, más casas, más comercios, más departamentos y… más dinero para el especulador y el inversionista, pero también más gente, más coches y menos agua, insuficiente drenaje y pésima vialidad.4

🎶 Satellite… Peeping Tom for the Mother station…

MARIO PANI en los 90’s.
Musical Track: The Dave Matthews Banda
… Bola de grifos.

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