Happy birthday mister Terror 👑 “Do you remember the 21st night of September?”

Fuck Chucky III… the meaning of a performance depended almost entirely on its BACKDROP 🎤 , period.

🌗… Mr. Moonlight.

Synopsis: It’s a terrible flic… and in 1961 a different kind of horror was brewing from the L’Olympia, but for now let’s get back to September of 1637 in Loudon Town in France where the motherfucking abbé d’Aubignac is about to ask the demons Levia°Than and Lo°rou if there are more Pelagians in Hell, or Donatists.

~. Ibid., but fuck it let Mí drop a ref. for the un-initiated:
Theiss, W., p. 80_82 in The Journal of The History of Ideas, Vol. 84 – n° 1, January 2023.

½  Autumnal equinox observances in the Northern Hemisphere, vernERal equinox observances in the Southern Hemisphere ½

³~. GYPSY WimeN …
🎶 La da Dee la Dee da (5X) 🎹📺📻
… Previously on the body of the lay widdow Marie Beaulieu, d’Aubignac tried to converse with the demons (no less than SEVEN) inside of that po’WidoW, “♦ Oh, The Humanity ♦” and that ³Sorcellerie et politique sous Richelieu ³. Page 80, ibid.


« Hence, on that occasion the Pontiff referred to two of them: the Pelagian temptation and the temptation of Gnosticism. Thus it is that Francis told them, with regard to the first one, that the Pelagian temptationpushes the Church not to be humble, disinterested and blessed. And it does so under the guise of a good“. Because Pelagianismleads us to put our trust in structures, in organizations, in perfect planning, being abstract“. »

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

— 1947 Stephen King, American author and screenwriter

https ://www .vaticannews .va /es /papa /news /2018-03 /carta-placuit-deo-pelagianismo-y-gnosticismo-segun-el-papa

Page 81He later studied her body with more of the same scrutiny:

Rolling Stone Magazine présents: never mind the Negro, JANN WENNER,, and DUST MY BROOM before Donatus comes in from Libya.

When, in her exorcism on MONDAY 15 SEPTEMBER, sister Claire performed her contortions slowly and with languid mouvements, she found herself with her legs extended in a straight line, touching the EARTH with her two thighs. This is certainly difficult and painful, but not impossible. Many people even do this easily, once they PRACTICE… as an ITALIAN dancer did a hundred times in the THEATERS of PARIS, where one could observe that he had his son there, aged ten or twelve, to get him used to it.

— 1961 : Johnny Hallyday, qui vient d’avoir 18 ans, fait salle comble lors de son deuxième concert à l’Olympia

The concert hall would remain hunted by terrible rock and roll until the arrival of Trini López and some up-and-coming rosbifs who had just dropped the Silver part of Hamburg back at Capitol Records. Those chaps would of course inspire A Champagne Supernova in Lucy’s Sky or something like that! —And That’s The Way It Is, eh.

And in 1978, 🕖 Flavor Flav 🕗 sampled the 21st of September on an EARTH, WIND and FIRE beat. It soon became the official track of the infamous Virgil’s Dantenesque Purgatory tours.


! People who know, know that the abovementioned tours are guided by former employees of the Paris Tourism Board, and if you know who Stéphen Bern is, then you know that said frog has a special tour bus waiting for him just outside of the gate.

Los Hilos de Caro y la empresa de Alicia en el Paris 2

Hippo Crits, behold:

Thanks, Obama.

Across the Atlantic


Intermedio… With One Faro — SATURN is in FULL Spectrum


President Ronald Reagan should have been the FIRST U.S. president to have had his mugshot on the MTV. Not counting the Bush Generation, pero eso es un Pinchie Sueño Guajiro.

Haste Risk… fuck The BOLAN Amendment³.


³~.  The Boland amendment prohibited the CIA  from directly or indirectly supporting military or paramilitary operations carried out in Nicaragua.” 

Of TOWERS and Presidents, the Gipper’s Defense on a midnite train to Georgia or something like that on THE FIVE animalitos on the FOX, we begin with Jesse Watters who, by the look of that snout is the motherfucking PIG.

³~.https ://www .francetvinfo .fr /monde /israel / united-states-when-ronald-reagan-emerged-unscathed-from-the-irangatesscandal

Eighty eight, why Knot³, eh Willie Geist!

 https ://twitter .com /SegoArma /Bully Magnets y Mini Minuteman –vS– David Icke y Ancient Aliens /s=20 

~. Chabelo contra los monstros de rfpp. In this section Willie Geist stars as CHABELO, because why not? But mostly, because the trademark overall-shorts that Xavier leaves behind can only be filled by Willie Geist. And besides, he’s the one that noted Mikaela’s total wins (as of last week) with an ironic “why knot”, look it up! I’ve already traced the route for you lazy sons of Juanito Guanabacoa around the World del Mundo de la AFP.

Ewe can’t be Sirius? Are you telling Mí that you are the connection to Edgar Cayce, Fco. I. Madero, El Gran Señor Zopilote, El Alacrán, Jeff Goldblum, and “la catafixia“?

Nombre record de livres censurés aux États-Unis: https ://www. jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/03/25 /cultura /record-de-libros-censurados-en-estados-unidos

March 18th, 2023:

Freddi Rojas°: Osler, could you give us a Condorito eye-view of El Perú after the December 7th arrest of President Castillo y las manifestaciones que de allí siguierón?

°~. Freddi’s question is paraphrased on account that la Émission Americas does not provide transcripts or podcasts to hold them accountable for what they say over the airwaves or the internet, remember now, tout au long de 2022, and all the way to Lennon’s murder anniversary of that year, Osler and Freddi’s spiel called for the removal of the democratically-elected CASTILLO de El Perúy de Botzaris también.

— Osler Amaro°: Aquí en la provincia (en Perú) todo se ha vuelto MÚSICA, MÚSICA y más Música, un especie de PAN y CIRCO para tapar el ojo al macho o, tapar el sol con un dedo.

For context, once Juanito Guanavacoa (Francisco Belmont) finished his independent investigator task for THE PREFECTURE de POLICE and the Mexican Foreign Service in France (2013 ~ 2022) la llamada “FINCA LA PENSADA” de Juanito Guanavacoa shifted the format from left-leaning latin American news to a RAUL VELASCO (Siempre en Domingo²) show, an eight_hour weekly marathon of popular music in Spanish.

https ://juanitoguanabacoa .wordpress .com /2013/06/
https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0290289/

²~. El opio del pueblo via la télévision mexicana de UNIVISION,

In this section, OSLER AMARO (last week Yesterday in El Perú) will serve as a motherfucking prop to cross-connect the following circles of collective, BOBOpopulist or, followers dissonance in the same threads, narratives or propaganda on both sides of the political spectrum of Ancient Aliens and Viejos Pedos⁸⁸.

⁸⁸~. TBC

La San Ah'oria, ruega por su alme.

La San Ah’oria, ruega por su alma, y tráenos una PINCHE PULQUERÍA al treSíeme.


× 88 in context y que chingue a su madre Adolfo Hitler en WACO, Texas (punto y coma) dicho eso… in VAIL, COLORADO, the world greatest skier Mikaela Shiffrin ends the 20222023 World Series of Wins with 88 total Au’s (gold, Jerry, Gold!) in competition.

— Over at rfpp, Xavier López Rodríguez decided to get some tacos for his 88th vela at Robespierre on the Metro Line 9 en Montreuil-sous-Vincennes, before heading over to the other side, —en Romainville.

🍾 All things con cider

https ://www .nprnpr .org /2023/03/25 /1166042636 /pennsylvania-chocolate-factory-explosion

In Local news — Vivaldi is a fag year’round


— SOLD!!! To the Gringos with the barras on his 🎩 top hat 🥳.

1904: en Panamá, 🇺🇸 Estados Unidos gana el control del Canal de Panamá por $10 millones de dólares.

Futuro tacos®️


“Is it possible…” in the form of a question, “that is the question”, dice Memo.

1903 – 🇨🇺 Cuba leases Guantánamo Bay to the United States “in perpetuity” 🇺🇸.

Any how, the following section is an active intermission in reel-time and while the EVENTS, The Peoples, and The Places are real, the content  dealing with the “ZONE of SILENCE” on the “Cosmic Impacts” episode of season 19, are for the most part as real as SATURN according to David Icke; that is you’ve got you know tune in to learn that Saturn is not what you think it is.

1836Texas Revolution: The Siege of the Alamo (prelude to the Battle of the Alamo) begins in San Antonio, Texas 🇲🇽.

Fantômes sin brújula en Mapimí… Mais non tonton, no Phat Basterd’ singing here, must be all that magnetism getting shut by the people that “apparently” rose from Yermo por aquello del kilómetro 33 en la 49D.

1847MexicanAmerican War: Battle of Buena Vista: In Mexico, American troops under future president General Zachary Taylor defeat Mexican General 👯 Antonio López de Santa Anna 👯 while he practiced (according to the good people’s of Coyame-del-Bolsón) Listening Silence in a Zone of Tolerance.

https ://goo .gl /maps /TuD2dnuJMNrnU3uHA

Eye tells Ewe what though, in another era i roamed all that region, from Cuéncame to La Laguna de Los Frailes, allí a un lado de Los Americanos, and I never saw such espectros, except under the influence of peyote, maybe?

Chupacabras, perhaps, doctor?


A lo mejor, Dr. Birnes, the confusion lies on the map used by the producers of Episode 6 of Season 19 of AA. That there map on the post d’Ayer seemed to Mí to be from the time that LOS TOBOSOS (those fuckers used to grill apaches for their “discadas”) amenizaban en Escalón… allí existía en otros tiempos una “zona” but it was not one of SILENCE, as a matter of PHACT ☄️, that zone 💃🏻 was of 👯 TOLERANCE… “Congal” creo que le llamaban al lugar ese.

Anyhow, Giorgios Tsouka los Frajos, where’d you get Ol’Gringo Bill from, —Cucamonga?  🐰 Eh, what’s up doc?  🥕🥕🥕🐇 Did ya’Take the wrong turn 🚀 in that “dive” in Alamogordo from UTAH?

C’mon now, doctor, SUELTA LA SOPA, you ended up in Escalón because you crossed-over to las Dunas de Samalayuca, didn’t Ewe? Fess’Up Maddafaka! You wanted to try la plancha de pescado frito 🐟 en Los Filtros 🎣 de Camargue!!! Didn’t Ewe, you 👾-lovin’ son-of-a-bitch.


A Petty classic, it’s a Nocturne — “Here’s side Tú! »


THE FABER BOOK OF MEXICAN CINEMA (REVISITED), and the « sans » SOUL commercials de El Negro² de Sean Penn.

Page 65, “I was lucky”, the making of tu Chingada Madre también.

²~. Alejandro González Iñarri-tu-mamá también.

Page 44, n⁰ 1681, Courrier International
Jan 25, 2023
360⁰ plein ecran
via: De Standard (Belgique)

https ://www .courrierinternational .com /article /serie-a-la-television-publique-flamande-l-histoire-de-la-flandre-n-est-plus-une-histoire-belge

For historical context, earlier in the Peacock programming, Mika Bee commemorated the assassination of Bob “Caligula” Guccione, founder of her Penthouse floor at the house that Ayn Rand built.


“Hello, CD listeners … », Öüï is going to give a few minutes to our non-readers in 🏄🏽 Hilo, Hawaii, to Ketch-Up with los andaluzes “Paco RG” and Salvador from this past Sunday’s “Juanito Guanabacoa Show”, but that’s only because in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s a Happy Monday Primetime night, and former F.B.I. agent Frank Figluzzi, of Aaron Schwartz demise infamy, he just received the CAPTAIN LOUIS RENAULT, “I am shocked! Shocked! To learn that there is a SPIE among U.S.! », award.

In the mean time, Katty Kay, here’s Mike Pompeo celebratory Valentine for Riyadh 🇸🇦, an orgy for The America that Pompeii loved, under Caligula’s régime.

… and Cousin Joe, you sonova—bitch. “There you go again,” thinking that the revisionist state-by-state trend of the Fifty States, is an American Original, but it is not. Why just check out how how los belgas 🇧🇪 se pasan de 🇨🇵galos 🇨🇵 en la télévision de PAL, if you even remember or knew what a CD or its visual twin, the DVD 📀 worked in the geography of TV… the HIStory of NTSC is so pedestrian, mate, it makes Mí 🪐 want to Stream on a pirate link.

All The Knews that d.a.t.* fit, on a Marjorie Taylor Green bullshit bible.

*~. dumb ass tank operator

 41 – Caligula, Roman emperor (b. 12)


Ask, Phat Basterd’ at Franche-Musique in his faggety Le Clerc, I am an Anti-Christ but most of all, I am a Distinguished ARMOR Technician.

Note to editors, today’s WO’id of the They is F.D.R., as in: The French people, all of #Em, the whole LOT, got a New Deal yesterday, on the 49.3 freq. of le Palais de l’Elysée. To celebrate, here’s the “Cute One” singing the acoustic version of Vera’s Nocturne, “When I’m Sixty Four ».

Spies compuestos: SPIE, (third-person singular simple present spies, present participle spying, simple past and past participle spied)
Obsolete form of spy.


But, FO’ist, it’s another rotation of “Adventures in Translations », with your host, Alejandro González Iñárritu as el amigo del perro agradecido de la calle Stanton, “El Perro Andaluz³

³~. Sean Penn stars as el perro de Andalucía.

Previously on, “y dice ansina, Natalia”

But first, the KNEWS

All Along Torreón, Coahuila… 🌬️🎶 No reason to get ex-Cited.


SoFy Velasco, all journalists, the good ones any how, are MOSCAS … ON THE WALL, baby!

Y como dijo Monterosso:

Más bolsera (ratera) nomas, Talía OLVERA, ya que Ella, a diferencia de los que se van a los E.E.U.U. se roba le prosélytisme de las manifestaciones soliDiArias de Paname, it’s TROU 🕳️ 🪰, TRUST ME, like I told Raphaël Morán’s boss at rfi⅓, “Unlike Juanito Guanabacoa (policía judicial) I am a fly on the wall, y siendo oriundo de Califas, Off-The-Wall, Aussie.

Concha, corcel, y carro… The Birth of Lafourcade… Trou 🕳️ South. Only at the Instituto del Sonido Chilango (InSoChi).


Inspired by El Hijo del Topo, —en París— the new album cover of Sony Music’s exclusive cantora, la fulgurante Lafourcade, is now available at la EfNac, and our intrepid copy editor, Fenster the friendly Narco Quintero, got an exclusive snoop from the source, Mr. Sony Music Foundation himself, el gran Camilo Lara.

Over at the RFPP scene, el colectivo colombiano Mariposas Amarillas andaba de gira Hartistica en la bendita Maison de l’Amérique La∴Tina. When all of a sudden…

Can you show Mí how to get to Destierro Street? O como dicen en la RAE: ostracismo
1. Gral. Apartamiento de cualquier responsabilidad o función política o social.
«El motivo, muy breve en su desarrollo, puede sintetizarse en su conclusión final de que “la Corporación Municipal con su actuar arbitrario y ajeno a todo procedimiento legal, no está decretando la disolución de una asociación, la está privando de los medios materiales para desarrollar su actividad y, por ende, la está condenando al ostracismo, conculcando de este modo dicho derecho fundamental”» (STS, 3.ª, 18-XII-1997, rec. 874/1995).

Los astros se ahlinearon at the Gift Shop of Amnesty International… “It’s TROU!” 🕳️ just like on yesterday’s show with don Osler y Fredo, it turns out that AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL functions just like las fundaciones colombianas en EL PARLAMENTO EUROPEO, c’est a dire: YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MEMBERSHIP CARD to get a refugee card.

En la Serie del Caribe, a eso le llamán ‘PLAYBOL, motherfucker!’

After the break, It’s Word of the They 🇪🇸: bibliópola, as in… The guest for the December 4th of 2022 edition of the Juanito Guanabacoa Show was a bibliópola from Amnesty International at Buttes–Chaumont.


Which, knot to polish 💅🏻 our own nails, but one of the first things that, I, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano-Prieto, have been saying since we first met Georgina Moreno y sus personajes pintorescos de la Intelligentsia parisina, in France and in la LOUISIANA, one’s own story must be Written by the French bourgeois… o Algo así.

Spoiler Alert, Öüï now UNDERSTAND why AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL treated , like a vil colectivo colombiano en el Parlamento Europeo. Naturalmente, lo bueno d’este blog es de que Juanito Guanabacoa (alias “PEDRO“) no lo lee, because if he did, indeed read this blog, the first thing that Juanito Guanavacoa would do, would be to peg my experience on the “NOT SEE Klan” de Médecines Sans Frontiersand then call PEDRO to finish the job

WORD OF THE THEY 3 de marzo, 2016…
French bashin’ en 3ª di’mención  

https ://asegovia3 .com /2016/03/19 /quicksand-jesus-y-la-mano-de-diego/

In Hilo, Hawaii is Sunday night primetime 🌋.


¡Viejas Feas! The Whole Lot of You, en dónde estén junto con SoFy Velasco, por cierto SoFy, ¿a qué horas sales al PAN?

And, Pao’ Ramos… Ewe think daddy’ill mind if I SuperImpose Emma on Ewe?

Natty Le Pio translates from Thailandés:

You have no memory… is Thai for: no tienes madre, grandissimmo cabrón.


If you are already versed in the Rhules of 6 Degrees of Kelvin Bacon, please go to jail… 🧐 without collecting after passing GO. Don’t be like los Juanitos Ganabacoas de Ameri-cue 🎩🎩🎩

But speaking about La Emisión Americas, I don’t know what the peruchos de Botzaris are going to be covering tomorrow, probably a re-transmission. In any case, I did not decide to close el llamado “mes de la hispanidad” with Chile 🇨🇱, but here I am, with a review of “La Resentida”… So come on, 🎶 CREAM, get on top. crEAM you will cop. Cream on Deadline.

Los detectives de Salvárcar, Freddy Cats cameos as a cholo Reloaded.


So, by the power vested in El Chavo del Ocho, Katie Benner is going to plot the degrees of Bacon:

1. Old El Paso del Norte (Cantina Felina)

Yup, Felina’s cantina was in El Chuco, but that “hill overlooking El Paso” is located across the Río Bravo, in front of The School of Minas, and of course, Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s front yard in Sunset Heights.

To the West, Palomas and in front, Douglas. Don’t ask me about the East, I’ve never been to Marfa, ni mucho menos Ojinaga.

Los Amigos de Miguel Baylon (Nadieshda Asso. 1901) en Saint Merry. Y Alicia Leos no me puede dejar mentir, PAOLA RAMOS, el segnor Baylon es de los que se subieron a las gradas del Ayuntamiento de París durante una sesión del consejo administrativo de la Ciudad (bajo el líderazgo de Anne Hidalgo) para “gritar” la protesta en CONTRA DE LA VISITA de Estado de Enrique Peña Nieto… o algo así, la cosa es de que Micha y sus secuaces le besan la mano a Dios, y luego-luego al salir de ese encierro, van a la Embajada de México en Francia a besarle el Culo al DIABLO en turno. Los Masones hacen eso para simbolizar que están más allá del bien y el mal… or something like that, PAOLA RAMOS, any how, Your Father Should Know, though he was born a long-long time ago, when Micha, was just ADELA.

http ://www .parisinfo .com /sortie-paris /180113 /la-fete-des-morts-a-paris

So, Old El Paso, add del Norte and and even Francisco Primero will tell you, that the strip in which the Air Italia flight landed was in the Abraham González (Señor de los cielos) Airport, and not at the Don Haskins International Airport.

In El Paso, Clear Chanel Communications would not allow the local papers, except for one diario, to bill the Pope’s visit to Ciudad Juárez, as that, and so for the length of time that the Pope was in the vicinity of Las Dunas de Samalayuca, Ciudad Juárez conveniently became a part of “El Paso del Norte”… the same thing happens when José Díaz-Balart visits Santa Teresa, the racetrack in New Mexico in front of Lomas del Poleo, becomes a part of Coronado and Mesa Drive, casi esquina con la calle Stanton.

Lo que ví [Paz Corona]. I saw nothing. I’m serious Lo que ví always had a thick set of curtains across the gallery’s storefront.

2. If you can’t connect what Pao’s religulous reporting is trying to communicate, then you need to go to El Teatro del Pueblo en Abbesses-de-Montmartre.


3… Jump to Page :  “Pare de Sur Fear is Knot what His Panic think that it is ».