“El próximo toro, le corresponde a… Yolanda »

What’s The Frequency, Roscrans, and what are the odds that your assertions about the “private network” between the French government’s Ministry of Culture and the Mass Medias, would intersect with the GO’ill de Niza? — This Advertorial campaign is narrated by Ken Burns.

Pura Vida 🇨🇷 y dos con sal…

Pecsi, the choice of the Knew Generation ⚡🪐. The Song Remains The Same 🪄

No insistas, Susana 🇪🇸 PUBeda, and don’t you go sending Mí your “little prey’ers”, my Kite belongs to la Nat’ah Lair Piolé.

I tell you Who’s a Lie all the time dough (nut) Cardinal Biggles 🛩️, that Flyin’ Fokker! that’s Who, —Nacho Cano. Cardinal BIGGLES. (LES BIG g, he is called on that Jersey Shore) 🌉.

L’antier antes era « piso lejano ».

“NO-body, expects the Spanish Inquisition”


🧭 Ximénez

L.E. Aute y F. Cabrales están en un bar, risa sale a chorros cuando, P. Milanés canta Cielito Lindo con Nacho Cano en la Casa del Club América, en Madrid.

LoREM ipΣ… Ketch-up!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/11/22 /espectaculos/pablo-milanes-sera-velado-en-casa-america-de-madrid

Hey, Siren… Would you like, Mí, to make you come, to my birthday party?

Meet me at San Cristóbal de les chez en Santiago Papasquiaro casi entronque con El Espinazo de Marcos, just a few steps from Au Pied de Cochon and the 7th Circle of Hell à Châtelet* [Album Secret de Paris, page 52].

Click… Ice Cube is a Draftin’ foo, and Avi Velshi knows that Ice knows the

 difference between the ‘dentils’, the walls and, the mothafunky Dayton’s… “the industries only maintenance free wire wheel (never need truing).

*.~ “C’est désormais un haut lieu de culture…”
o como dicen en el teatro de los dos pueblos,
« hoy en día un lugar de cultura bien perrona ».

https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2021/12/16 /delegacion-zapatista-ya-se-encuentra-en-chiapas-tras-su-gira-por-europa/

Melle. Lucas, of the DAFFY Lucas clan… Gotcha— Bitch!
And, Chavelita Marant, your circle of contacts didn’t think that I could go back in Time to January of 1994 to get this snapshot of el « alter ego » del Sub comandante Marcos, eh!? It’s the Zapatistas Birthday and were just lining up SIX STRINGS UNDER Major Tom, for the occassion.

Neo-zapatistas… I will put those fuckers in Saint-Denis to the test. And they failed, period! And there is a reason for it, it’s complicated (if you go beyond their orbit and/or bubble³) and this paragraph only covers my close encounters with Los Zapatistas in Paris, which at first sight it seems mired in local Latin American embassies, academic “reaserch”, political propaganda and, a place to squeeze the benefits of any of these on their c.v..
https ://www .service-public .fr /associations

Source: PABLO GLEASON (2011-2015) ; Zapantera Rosa Paris (2021)

Yadda bottle no soup for Ewe…. Shit follows, in the mean time, Avi Velshi, stop acting like Rachel Maddow.

But FO’ist:

You are not a friend you are an associate, with Tiffany Cross, edición Día de Reyes.


And mr. DMZ (you know who Eye is talking about) how can Öüï even begin to explain them “Old Thyme” gumball vending machine novelties, the adorable “HOMIES”, it would be like trying to explain to the good people in LILLE, FRANCE what this Saturday Morning CarTune from Cuernavaca {https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/01/06 /cartones /rocha-dominadas/} means, in relation to Trocadéro in 2006.

ISSY!!! Of course I, little ol’ ASP, is talking about GENARO GARCÍAdel otro lado de laLUNA, and el Blanco (which in this context translates to target, not necessarily ‘white’) de Cuernavaca… “does anybody remember El ESTADO de CUERNAVACA? »

And the answer, is always… wrap it up in a DUMPLIN’ for Chinese New Year at Mardi Gras

Who’s afraid of the Cube?