April tú, Marathon They in Paris (not that one Serdán) in Réel Docs

Dearie Blossoms, Batman! I know what youse probably thinking, y’all think that I am making all of this these junctions up, but I am not.


For starters, it is a crime in France to make a false alarm on the Paris metro intercom system, almost as bad as pulling the emergency break handle for personal reasons or even for reasonable persons. The punishment is death by Guillotine™, in other words, licenciado Prieto, i would not dare stage a distress call over the net; private or otherwise. If anything, the record log of Metro stop Châtelet on the L1 at 09:15 in Central Europe Time will show that the fire department didn’t take more than 20 minutes to arrive, but then one must factor the fact, that above the collapsed fellow a marathon was passing by. The good Samaritan that made the distress call had a lot to do with the care of a homeless man… across the pond, in Guadalajara, Mexico, allá no ha pasado nada. It’s Guadalajara, —what’d you expect, a happy ending? Please refer to the Affaire de Cassez con Israel.

https ://mobile .twitter .com /SegoArma /status /1642778338694426624 ?s=20

I am telling you Susana Puveda, it’s like I was telling Mr. Prieto yesterday outside of Cinéma Hall 1 at the Georges Pompidou Center, ISSY Susana the same Carlos Prieto who just curated a few weeks ago in Mexicali, Bani Khoshnoudi’s, “El Chinero : A Phantom Hill”, anyhow, who would have thought that Mr. Prieto was into la Sonora electrónica, talk about striking the right scale on that range, considering that as predicted last week in the month of March, “Eye don’t think that Mr. Prieto selected the Daft Punk’s introduction for the promo clip” of Ms. Khoshnoudi’s take of the Xicali Chinese Tourism Board in the San Felipe Valley³, just below it’s its Imperial counterpart in Calexico.

Now with Corona de Cardenche.

³~. La Gaceta, UABC.

For the record, Katie Phangs… Imagine my amusement when lo and behold, which is Aramaic for ‘et voilà’, Mr. Prieto pops out of my left field as I prepared yesterday afternoon’s ‘por menores’ before entering the movie theater to witness what all the fuzz about Chinese people in Aztlán was.

To put it in perspective, for all of the Reverend Al Sharpton’s fans at the peacock coop, Katie Phangs, it’s as your heroine, Min Jin Lee (in just a few frames below) says:

Is it possible? Sony it ain’t so?

when was the last time that we had a Chinero on primetime special honoring and discussing the interests of Asian American women in América?


Previoulsy on Red Privada : ¿Quién Chingados Mató a Manuel Buendía? , Juanito Guanavacoa was picked-up to play the role of Mexican president nephew (Jean Raphaël Moro Ávila) and following una calentada was hired by the Gendarmerie de la préfecture de Paris in order to train the new MOTORcycle force in France. Notable among Juanito Guanavacoa learned SKILLS while working for the Mexican Federales is the doctrine of how to BEAT the LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of syndicalistas de EYE-Mí-MINE.


Réel Docs is a collection of Venn Diagrams, tetrical triangulations, transactional tangents, rapid radiuses and of course the square roots of a bunch of Tetris cubes at the world famous “Late Pablo Fanque’s Circus Royal” at Cinéma One of Georgie’s Beaubourg.


Reseña de, Yesterday:

Siempre en Domingo, 2 avril 2023

Un juge californien ordonne la réouverture de l’affaire du meurtre de ‘Kiki’ Camarena

la historia de Buendía tiene tantos elementos tan peculiares que, si la escribes en ficción, no te la crees”.

Manuel Alcalá

Private Network: Who Killed Manuel Buendía


Exit through the underground Toledo at Cinéma One Beaubourg.

Ahora bien, SoFy Velasco, dile al niño ese del abaco que deje ya de joder con las bolitas. Mira SoFy, aquí adentro de mi Sac-a-Dos saco yo lo que en un árbol d’esos comunes y corrientes como tú ya sabes quién… fue una ramita que jugaba con soldaditos de jugete, más tarde, ese misma ramita inspiró a un tal Bizet a bautizar a esa ramita con el nombre de CARMEN.

Enfin, Licenciado Carlos Prieto Acevedo, no es que yo, Armando Serrano-Prieto, me ponga en la misma esfera del señor Alcalá, ni mucho menos, el señor Alcalá es periodista de abolengo, whereas me (or EYE if you are Katie Phang) let’s just say that journalism landed on I, in the same way that COLBERT’s  « code noir » landed on that Plymouth Rock, y por eso… Yo’s-toy más PRIETO que toi, but that’s only because Eye is char-broiled like a Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua “Santo” fan.


—Más Prieto que Pablo Fanque, Ms. Khoshnoudi, nomás su colega CARLOS P. de Cebada… or was it Acevedo? Ya se me olvidó… anyhow³:
““Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” provided a tantalising glimpse of the kind of sonic experimentation that could be done in a recording studio, if only we could get there.”


³~. Más Prieto que Pablo Fanque, más noble que El Puto de D’Artagnan (VF):  https ://www .sheffieldtribune .co .uk /p /the-life-of-pablo-fanque

In theaters now: The Basterd’ of Nazareth… “that nigga owes me Five Bucks! ».

Previously on, “y dice ansina, Natalia”

But first, the KNEWS

All Along Torreón, Coahuila… 🌬️🎶 No reason to get ex-Cited.


SoFy Velasco, all journalists, the good ones any how, are MOSCAS … ON THE WALL, baby!

Y como dijo Monterosso:

Más bolsera (ratera) nomas, Talía OLVERA, ya que Ella, a diferencia de los que se van a los E.E.U.U. se roba le prosélytisme de las manifestaciones soliDiArias de Paname, it’s TROU 🕳️ 🪰, TRUST ME, like I told Raphaël Morán’s boss at rfi⅓, “Unlike Juanito Guanabacoa (policía judicial) I am a fly on the wall, y siendo oriundo de Califas, Off-The-Wall, Aussie.

Concha, corcel, y carro… The Birth of Lafourcade… Trou 🕳️ South. Only at the Instituto del Sonido Chilango (InSoChi).


Inspired by El Hijo del Topo, —en París— the new album cover of Sony Music’s exclusive cantora, la fulgurante Lafourcade, is now available at la EfNac, and our intrepid copy editor, Fenster the friendly Narco Quintero, got an exclusive snoop from the source, Mr. Sony Music Foundation himself, el gran Camilo Lara.

Over at the RFPP scene, el colectivo colombiano Mariposas Amarillas andaba de gira Hartistica en la bendita Maison de l’Amérique La∴Tina. When all of a sudden…

Can you show Mí how to get to Destierro Street? O como dicen en la RAE: ostracismo
1. Gral. Apartamiento de cualquier responsabilidad o función política o social.
«El motivo, muy breve en su desarrollo, puede sintetizarse en su conclusión final de que “la Corporación Municipal con su actuar arbitrario y ajeno a todo procedimiento legal, no está decretando la disolución de una asociación, la está privando de los medios materiales para desarrollar su actividad y, por ende, la está condenando al ostracismo, conculcando de este modo dicho derecho fundamental”» (STS, 3.ª, 18-XII-1997, rec. 874/1995).

Los astros se ahlinearon at the Gift Shop of Amnesty International… “It’s TROU!” 🕳️ just like on yesterday’s show with don Osler y Fredo, it turns out that AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL functions just like las fundaciones colombianas en EL PARLAMENTO EUROPEO, c’est a dire: YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MEMBERSHIP CARD to get a refugee card.

En la Serie del Caribe, a eso le llamán ‘PLAYBOL, motherfucker!’

After the break, It’s Word of the They 🇪🇸: bibliópola, as in… The guest for the December 4th of 2022 edition of the Juanito Guanabacoa Show was a bibliópola from Amnesty International at Buttes–Chaumont.


Which, knot to polish 💅🏻 our own nails, but one of the first things that, I, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano-Prieto, have been saying since we first met Georgina Moreno y sus personajes pintorescos de la Intelligentsia parisina, in France and in la LOUISIANA, one’s own story must be Written by the French bourgeois… o Algo así.

Spoiler Alert, Öüï now UNDERSTAND why AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL treated , like a vil colectivo colombiano en el Parlamento Europeo. Naturalmente, lo bueno d’este blog es de que Juanito Guanabacoa (alias “PEDRO“) no lo lee, because if he did, indeed read this blog, the first thing that Juanito Guanavacoa would do, would be to peg my experience on the “NOT SEE Klan” de Médecines Sans Frontiersand then call PEDRO to finish the job

WORD OF THE THEY 3 de marzo, 2016…
French bashin’ en 3ª di’mención  

https ://asegovia3 .com /2016/03/19 /quicksand-jesus-y-la-mano-de-diego/

In Hilo, Hawaii is Sunday night primetime 🌋.


¡Viejas Feas! The Whole Lot of You, en dónde estén junto con SoFy Velasco, por cierto SoFy, ¿a qué horas sales al PAN?

Entre esos tipos y yo hay algo de Serrat


Ese tal Tarres 💃🏻


🎶 Come up, sir.Cheer up.Hang the skin on the sidewalk.Geton the wooden dapple.Forgetwhat it was and how.Jump intothe magic of moving on from it all.Get, — on El  Carrusel del Furo,hop onTwo tickets for a duro 🇪🇸.

Live from, El Cabaret del Furo, it’s the “after antro” from the Serrat recital at the Albóndigas de Granaditas.

Our first act brings the story

Primer verso:
Como árbol carnal,
Mis brazos y mis manos…
Doy a los cirujanos!
Para la libertad 🧑🏻‍🎓

Algo Personal
Song by Joan Manuel Serrat

Segunda estrofa…

And, señora de Scarborough, you get a Flauta if you guess the name of Camarena’s widow… in LaLa Land her last name was Peña and she drowned Kiki’s murder in a bottle 🍾.


Context follows, but if the “leader of the free world” can so-matter-of-factly piss Samuel Adams on journalism, what is happening on ABC?

— “The Wild World of Sports” sponsored by Budweiser™️, said Slim Pickens 🤠.

Jackie Ale Many reports:

Page 50, “Comment devient–on « diplo » chez les autres?

Interpretation before the RACE
incurs a professional fee.

But first, a message to Marinelarena Gallego à La Compagnie de LIMA: Hola, señor representante, I trust that you can cuss en Castellano and not just in the FRANCO language of the maricones en Santa Cruz, La Paz and of course, what used to be 2nd District…. anyhow mister Rep., this CUTLINE is not big enough to relay an appropriate ping-back to your, “stop being the little ATM Machine” for yada yada yada and, doing the political beat por LA LIBRE, so I am going to request of you to jump to the next screen frame capture to respond in Trou Prog. fashion.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /speciales-fip /la-chaleur-de-cuba-avec-eliades-ochoa-legende-vivante-du-son– 970521

Affaires étrangères

Butch met Cassidy in The Hutchinson.Meadows


Previously on the Phat Basterd with a funny Jazz hour hat showRicardo Montalbán was putting on the skin of Jean-François Kahn (Légion de Honfleur) for the 25th anniversary interview of the other ‘regards’ on Le Point.


No more than anyone else, no more perhaps than Marine Le Pen herself, I had not seen the National Rally coming, its success reveals the unthinking of the Republic in regal ways (immigration, insecurity). It’s necessary to give the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen this justice that she did not vary throughout the electoral sequence that we (sic) have just lived…

Jacques Julliard
page 4, Marianne 1319
CMI Publishing
23-29 juin, 2022


_contra todo pronóstico, contra Zemmour, contra el propio Macron, ha perseguido (Le Pen) sin descanso la operación de “desprestigiar” que se había propuesto llevar a cabo.

Énfasis Añadido para manterner el lenguaje local de los movimientos profesionales de mexicanos en les Alliances françaises.

page 49, N° 1319

Anyhow, mister JULLIARD, my little un-documented and un-paid self, could have told you that! If you* just weren’t such a fucking SNOB like REPRESENTATIVE GALLEGO dans le 7e.

*~. When i refer to “you”, i am not talking aboutyou“, but the Ideas thatyou“, and your fans say that y’all espouse, like say the GOOD Pueblo Bueno en Francia, o sea, los amigos de Mélenchon en la Casa de latino America en Saint-Germain-des-Près.

Por eso bien dice el profesor Alain Rouquie en el IHEAL y SciencesPo: EL PRI SI SABE como mandar a gobernar en FRANCE.

After the HUELGA —✊🏼, Jane de La Villette tells a Social Club Boy, que ya deje de JODER con “La Cachucha”… AHZuk—Ahhhh!

Dear, Beto O’Rourke… Ay-tú! Reserve{s} the Right for a Pardon.

You, Sir, of all Chucos Postizos knows that … hold for ✊🏼, vato.

Frenchie: A hamburger with a donut for a bun? There really is no God here… (What’s next, ketchup on a sucker?)

— And, Willie Geist… Beto is what Emmanuel is to Congressman Scarborough, so be it. Ted is Le Pen… by the way is that French Blue you’re wearing? It’s fashion week in PARIS, so your shoes better be in tone.

Ohhh, Donna… please relay to Beto that if he is going to go with sneakers to not make the mistake of that Ross guy on the msnbc’s, you have to wear SOXs with BASKETS, otherwhise your feet are going to get TOE jams and they will smell like cheese.

Mayra, in case the good people in PARIS missed the flip.
https ://www .texastribune .org /2022/06/14 /texas-special-election-tx-34-mayra-flores-dan-sanchez/
that’s only TEN (guey) Theys away, ese…
José Díaz Balart, would say 21³ more than THE UVALDE “incident”.

³~. Enter AS promised


Jack Jordan²: I just ran over a man and two little girls… so that would total 63 g or .74 oz.

²~. According to El Chapo’s capturer and his then main-Squeeze
Kate del Castillo, “we all lose 21¹ grams… at the exact moment of our death”.


¹~. 19 children + 2 adults = 21 (man)


¹~. Salvador the gunman (one little girl)


¹~.The broken-hearted UNDERPAID teacher’s husband who perished Theys later (one little girl)

… And Donna Perino, Cheech is ready for you, Chong is out of the room, and have i got some CHEESE for you—You bring the “Jesus Juice”.

Of course, he did… Gustavo Dudamel moved to France Musique

Must be read in the voice of Seinfeld’s “soup nazi”.

To the owner/operator of the Kebab joint in question (not going to mention your Establishment’s name) it’s not you, i know that if you would have been at your post, flippin’ them crêpes, i would have had one of the best grec-style burritos, next to the ones from Sebastopol, —just before La Gare de l’Est. But seriously, the fellow on kebab duty may keep the ~€6… and i hope that his friend (a known client) enjoyed that French Burrito drenched in harissa de Tunisia, which as you and i know, is like CHAMOY, which in French roughly transliterates to La Vache Qui Rit™, the kind that kids eat as they train their palatte to more FUNKY ‘sminkin‘ Cheeses-es-ese… Apple Cîder, if you know what “Jesus Juice” means.

Uso justo de todas las “Rachels”. Coma frutas y verduras, but don’t you dare grill the meat and tomatoes together.

10 May 2016 {Fig. 1.} A man wearing a jacket featuring a swastika, eagle, and German cross. (January 2016, Pernik.) I started counting the swastikas sometime in December. Most days I would see at least one, but usually there were more. There were two between my apartment and my favorite bakery, and four on the way to my dance class. More than five visible through the bus window on the ride between Sofia and Plovdiv. Eleven in the first two hours of the drive north through the mountain pass toward Veliko Tarnovo. There are other neo-Nazi, white supremacist, and ultra-nationalist symbols, too. At an international folk festival I encountered a man wearing a Nazi jacket with impunity, police presence be damned (Figure 1)[1]. In February, I began to take the long way home to avoid the swastika that was freshly painted on my own building. The paint was red like the blood of history.

https ://rachelsusser .com /2016 /05 /10

With that in mind, please be advised that I, armando segovia, don’t select the news of the day, I only line up the Theys, and cross-reference the reticles if you know what BORESIGHTING procedures are.

https ://www .axios .com /scoop-swastika-discovered-at-us-embassy-in-bulgaria -b3938245-c263-4ab5-8df1-b0d9990db847 .html

— Ewe! With la batuta, do you want harissa de Tunisia on that AREPA?

No Soup For Ewe!!!

Over at the other SoFi(a)—in BULGARIA, the purple nazis are popping up on the WINDOWS there… Trou Story 🕳️, check your time listings and eat fruits and vegetables, unless you are a Lamb, and your name is HANIBAL LECTER, if that’s the case Drink tiger 🐅 blood.

Congratulations to The Cincinnati Kid{s} on a great run,
and Jonathan Le Mire, please relay to Cousin Joe, that in honor of Willie Geist having the day off, Fenster the copy-editor suggested, and STAFF agreed, that Öüï is naming his coq, “Little Willie Geist“…
en vigueur immédiatement.


Previously on El Error de Descartes, Phineas Gage rewinds:

Check this out ⇒ here’s the play:

1.~ Ewe takes the AFT out of A⇔B, ∴ that turns the round into a spent CAP on that Tiger’s ass.

https ://www .quora .com /Why-cant-the-aft-cap-on-tank-rounds-be-made-out-of-combustible-material

2.~ With the AFT out of the way, load another Round, this time Fire-Fire H.E.A.T and deliver a WARM PURE(é) de VAL with LIMA’s address on it. Bee Vegui Vegui carefull, because GENERAL DYNAMICS has the homefield advantage in Long Beach, which is just a piss-splash away from Inglewood and the LAX.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Lima_Army_Tank_Plant

3.~ Wait fo’IT!, wait… what was the difference in the score? Let’s check it out:

  LAR 2320 CIN
Three (it checks out)

Full DISNEY-grade Disclosure:

Next, on Deadline WaWa Land, Nicolle eviscerates her former protège.

Yada, yada, yada

Red (scare) Guitars for Bernie — Plácida tabla de los elementos animales de doña Vilma

Before we [the staff] begin öüï send our 🖤s to Amy.

This Space 4 Rent

This Space 4 Rent .:. D75C83A1-A035-49B9-AADC-8FEE342D6682 💸 Little Wing buys democracy.

… [B]ecause of course y’all know that (TV) Space is the final frontier, but it’s made corriedo la bolsa en Wall Street. Y “si el Norte fuera el SurJohn Heilemann  would get his coats from the Charleston homeless center, his words–not ours, “and, Fidel would be an athlete running stocks in Wall Street”.


Hey, Elise Jordan: Jesús es verbo no sustantivo… ISSY, mamacita, the Historical Jesus was, a real COMMunist.

Track 12

Track 12 .:. 29C42DE3-C2F6-4E82-B3E1-30B248764DE2 📻 FRENTE AL TELEVISOR… Heilemman can’t handle the truth!

But FOist, Mossad groupie joins The Morning Mika Show to advocate why city mayors are best suited to run [any] motherfunKing country. Öüï (the staff) have been forwarding this message to the current SPACE holder of La Mairie de Paname, how-ev-ah’, Full Disclosure: mossad groupies are evil fucks but, in the Tenor and Voice of Bernie, every once in a Bleu Lune they have a sort of Silent Lucidity. It will take Dumb Country Bumble-tard LAWyers from Alabama another motherfucking Cold War in an overheated, melted RED planet to get this through their Moon-size heads, and for Floridians another Ice Age.

Manu Four Fingers

Manu Four Fingers agrees, Little Havana medical centers are crap. .:. F45DB4C4-9E58-4E73-A134-1BE12710C7B1 🏨 As a kid, little Rahm Emmanuel was a good sport at his dad medical center, always playing the role of an ambulatory emergency, training by–the–way, which came in handy for a young Israeli soldier and Mossad groupie; not to mention in his post–Obama years when mayor Emmanuel ran the city of Chicago.



It’s 19 hundred hours at the horse barn in South Cakalaki, and Heilemann raided the Goodwill Store… again! Meanwhile, Heidi is all like,

Who's Quitting?

Who’s Quitting? .:. 60D8B134-BC77-4C03-9292-FEBA275F59E2 🤠 Deer, Sam Stein, you get a pass tonight.

Rue Jean Lantier… 75001 – a Hole in the Wall

Short monarchical people have no reason…

“Voici quelque chose profonde pendant tu fais caca”,
dijo CouCou.

Ne touche pas à mon dignité

Fip actualité… no quarter until 2020.

Welcome, to our Maiden Edition of:
You Can’t Steal My Radio… 3.1416

Starring, the lovely voice of Susana Sepulveda with the background harmonies of Luc Fregon y los sepultureros.

Coming Attractions:

People who know, know McManus was a sure shot

People who know, know McManus was a sure shot, but Fenster was the real talent in that D.A.R.E. line-up.:.C9E55F9A-4B30-4E82-A21C-C8C5E75CFA16 •|• Fip Actualités follow.

“Oswald was a fag”
The Usual Suspects
Feb. 27, 2020
Grand Action Cinema
Rue des Écoles

And in Washington, Willie Guist sold the world as a dumb blind Alabama Choir boy fast-talked his way on the 🦚 Think (M1A1)… Oh, the humanity! Let’s hope that the levee does not break on this bitch.

Stop it, Elise Jordan. Just fucken stop

Dear, Elise Jordan. Among the things that makes us, scratch that. Among the things that wishes that a fucken aneurism would put a stop to this most non-consequential blog, is seeing the cast of Morning Joe being hypocrites. You cannot have it both ways Elise Jordan, unless you want to “get busy on a Burger King,” and do the Humpty Hump, but then that would be considered a hard-core adult film. And in this section, Elise Jordan of TIME Magazine, the focus is more on “A man who loved women“.

Los Nuevos vagos de François Truffaut

Casi esquina con Los Nuevos Vagos de François RONALD Truffaut.

Please stand by for Vicente Fox, El Yunque, Los Legionarios de Cristo, y La Universidad veranera de Cátolicos en Aix-de-Provence, o algo así.

El Yunque

Soulless brothers know No Conga, No Timbal, Ni siquiera La chingada Cow Bell… en “el ranchito de Andrés Manuel López Obrador”.

It was very “timely” that Cousin Joe had the morning off, what? Is the Cousin over at the RONALD REAGAN national prayer breakfast?

Any güey, Licha, (that’s your hipocorístico) meet Adela micha y a sus chingados:


Not–gonna–let you do it, unless you want to. You are my favorite of Them Ozarks kin. Eye dice que mejor le cuentes una de los vaqueros de Ecatepec.

Existe cada rama, but it is only shocking when it happens in the United States, of America, and not in the YouKnighted Estates of México.* Por ejemplo, Raquelito, election intervention in foreign countries (check. Ask Chava Allende) ; tactical arsenal and logistical support (do you feel like eating some  Asparagus at Willie Gomer’s Plan Mérida restaurant?) ; and of course, El Tío Rico®️.

Todos los derechos son del pato donald

Todos los derechos son del pato donald, y Carlos Slim, of course.

Deer, Emily Larson (AP) never mind The Moto KaKas

They go together with The Toledos. Ask Gustavo what WHY the “JIRIBILLA” en el discurso de Donald Trump, in which that motherfucker winks-winks at his brethren White Supremacists is part of his subconscious short-circuits, and What it  means.

incubation charts

Incubation charts follow. China regulates gestation.

Aussi, Australia is the Enemy and never mind the MISS–iLes from our best FRIEND, little North Korea.

Coming Up on KILL BILL:

Quentin Tarantino laughs at Bruce Lee’s saltamontes.

Viva The McKelligon Canyon Amph's

Viva The McKelligon Canyon Amph’s… Now in its 41st Season. Only on KLAQ 95.5 fm

And Deeeeeeer Lorde!!!

The Steins are multiplying!!! Samuel is spreading it’s its CONTAGION through Stanton St. and Los Montes de i–10 and Geronimo.

Meanwhile, at the Bridge of the Americas, Andrés Manuel López Obrador issues out a MEMO, whereas, by the Power given to the El Paso City Manager, Mexico City will receive 100 percent of the Trolls under that bridge, as opposed to the 99% of the TOLLS that the Mexican Federal Government collects from all of the OTHER BRIDGES THAT “chihuahuitas“, who shop at Sunland Park’s Mall, have pay in order to cross to El Chuco.

Vehicles with FRONTCHI license plates report a 5 to 6 hour wait time at all the fucking bridges leading up to the El Paso CHECKPOINT, and a ZERO-second wait time on the Mexican side when BRIBING HI–Tariffed everyday Contraband  and Military Grade Arsenal for the NarcoBusiness from both Washington D.C. and “el Antiguo Distrito Federal” ; either way, the Mexican Federal SIXTY–Year Aduanero system makes a killing every day, and it makes it WILLIE GEIST, on the backs of ALL of the BCP/BCC* card holders who remain invisible as they clean, serve, construct, produce, and SPEND little’ol Mexican Pesos (en Ingles) at Walmart.

*Border crossing permits, it’s like a French Récépissé for EXTRAGNOS en Estados Unidos.