BULL — Heavy Petting Zoo

Got Cock?

Country Music at The Cracker Barrel se baila en Two-Step, while in the corrida se llama Paso Doble.

Once again, the only way that you can beat the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is if you:

– Cheat
— Beat me while i sleep
— Or if you use the MONARCH effect.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki/ Get_Out

Now about that rooster on the NOFX reference above the Jordan Peele “conspiracy” reference, last night before anybody who follows La Jornada knew what today’s front page lower-left square of that tabloid would look like, i was explaining (upon request) to a lópez-obradorista (not a morenista, according to that Mexican in France), that for some reason for the past 4-years or so, i’ve began to notice that whatever i write about WILL, or rather has manifested in the NEWS AROUND THE WORLD in one form or another, and it usually happens within 72 hours.

Take “Pete” the rooster², i saw that Civil War mascot on the reference right about the time that The Bull was slaughtered just a few weeks ago (Apocalypse Now, sacrifice scene), and Willie Geist, lo and behold, Cousin Joe just couldn’t help delivering the rated “G” elements of My Nightmare, for your delight. If there is a “trigger” you best hope that “El Patrón” doesn’t find out, because Paris will have a new lake.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/02/12/

In other news, last night fallece el papá de los pollitos, Chick Corea left the Animal Farm. R.I.P.

🎵 … [T]o get Her on The Sand 🎶

… o en El Ruedo; improvisados need Knot apply.


And, Willie Geist: it’s Pewe, as in “Pepe Le Pew”.

El próximo toro le corresponde a:

Jupiter, and here is why, That God DAMNED BULL has done IT!, again. People WHO Know, know that Jupiter is a fucking thief. This time around, not content with one, that motherfucker took all of the women that Truffaut liked, y por si fuera poco, el muy Cabrón (así con mayúsculas) se voló a “La Sirena de Mississippi”.

🎺 Page 405, Dictionnaire Des Onomatopées; 2ed. PUF, 2003

El Mundo es una montera, maja:

Mhuuuu* 🗣🎶 EWE Cow.


https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Montera

🎶 En un Pase de Fermín, se encerraba enRRedaba—una Chiquilla, esa Chiquilla’es La Pundita—Ardilla, Ardilla.

Ladies in Gemini: ¡Pedro Navajas!


No usaras el nombre de “El Che” en Vano

Page 3, Nº 12120 Libération

Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again .::. 6C1BF1D2-6AC9-4867-AC9A-F8FBA3DD99EB 💨 BIG BERTHA follows… the only “tag” that matters for Donald John Trump’s tweets is on his coat’s lapel.


… [A]nd in Marseille, « Raoult is a Che Guevara at our place », aseguran los marselleses y las marsellesas de Marsella, ciudad porteña como la “Heroica” Veracruz y capital mundial de La Legión Extranjera del ejercito francés en ultramar, y en donde el fútbol se lleva en la piel, literalmente. Según la nota, el Profe Raoult ya es más popular que John Lennon y Los Beatles (forget Jesus) en la segunda metrópolis (13000) en Francia después de Paname (75000) y por eso es lógico que las manifestaciones de apoyo (que digo apoyo—de amor) por el investigador inmunológico corran a cargo de “Los Super Winners”, tal vez la barra de hinchas mas grande y desmadrosa del EQUIPO DE FÚTBOL FRANCÉS mas americano en El Mediterráneo: The Olympians de Marseilleinteresting factoid for Willie Geist from the Pasteur Institute in Paris is D.A.T. the current owner of the BLUE CROSS flag that the “Super Winners” wave to support the renegade doctor in the old Port City of Marseille used to hold the KEYS to a little STADIUM at the top of CHAVEZ RAVINE, in Los Ángeles, Californiaand that fucker is a despicable Bostonian,  —probably a stinky Red “Socks” fan.

Yup... Willie Geist is Louis Pasteur

Yup… Willie Geist is Louis Pasteur .::. 37E0E5B0-4D01-464C-9833-B83DE1421957 ⚗️ Willie is a time traveler, and he hates l’Olympique de Marseille (punto y coma) Willie is a fervent Qatar supporter.

https:// fr .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Frank_McCourt_ (homme_d%27affaires)

Page 14, teaser:
Les Américaines remontent au ciel
22h30 CET — postponed

Dear, Tlaloc

Dear, Tlaloc… please relay to Bertha to clear the Sky… Bertha is being a bitch. Launch is NIXed; next window into orbit on Saturday afternoon.

… Jump back to PAGE 1 ➡️

Question directed to the “apparent” Democratic party candidate:

Sir, if elected, will you prosecute your opponent, President Donald John Trump for a long list of negligence, and corruption?


Four more deaths!

Four more deaths! Four more deaths! Four more deaths! .::. 8375C4F7-32F2-42BE-BC13-97FBCDBA6B76 🔚

Will you behave in the same fashion, as the current Mexican president who pardoned the behavior and long–track record of corruption of politicians in his cabinet, including one with ties to the torturing and murder of a D.E.A. Agent in the mid–1980’s?

… por ejemplo, Mr. Biden, meet: ¡BROZO!

¡BROZOOOOO! con una Chin–Gada.

¿BROZO, en dónde estás cabrón? ¡BROZO!

And just like his neighbor to the North, who at the beginning of his first year in office made a statement of unity, which he did not keep, el presidente de Brozo made a very insightful declaration that every Mexican citizen (except el wüapito*, Carlitos Loret de Mola) knew, and which now he cannot see, and/or know about .::. 7589499D-919F-4ED2-B56F-D73BAE8C0A69 🚂✈️⚾️ ¡PLAYBOL!!! —_•!•_— https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /gcjjps /el_presidenteo_es_cómplice_o_se_hace_de_la_vista/

* Washington Post columnist, W.H.O. coincidentally collaborated with a KNOWN  Minister of The Interior (Secretaia de Gobernación) that used his position of power to WORK with Drug Traffickers and kidnappers like La Banda de Florence Cassez.

Mira, pinche Brozo, antes de que te ponga unas cachetadas, —¡por payaso, q’eres!— cabrón, Eye FOist have to address Garret Haike W.H.O. is speaking (without his Mortal Kombat mask) at The Hill.

Garrett!!! GARRETT! To quote Matilda’s Favorite son, “Show some respect,” Andrea Mitchell is working 24 for Mr. Fed and you show up to work out of uniform. C’mon, Garrett, get with the Program.

It's Mexican Independence They!!!

And over at the Redneck Riviera, it’s Mexican Independence Day! .::. E0B5EAB2-FDCF-4F12-A642-7B34C3BE4467 ⛱🏖🤧🚑🏥⚰️🦠🚬

Y de paso, méndigo cachetón, Eye is going to Ketch-up! Get it? With an observance from Yesterday May3, anyhow, Licenciado (con mayúscula, porque aunque su camarada Vero no lo crea, nos cae bien… pinche botijón) today on May4 we observe the Rise of Mayan king Bird Jaguar IV Also Known As “Willie Geist*” of Yaxchilan in modern-day Chiapas, which used to be GUATEMALA, before Porfirio Díaz assumed the presidential trone, also known as “la silla presidencial”… así que para responder la pregunta de Ricardo Arjona, en su rola “Si el Norte fuera el Sur”, se me hace, pinche Brozo que Sam Houston nos quedaría del tamaño de uno de los rocanroleros y paisanos de Carlos Loret de Mola: Los Baby’s.

* Because Willie Geist is more human than human, of course.

She’s Back!!! — and she brought the “Hitch-22”

Over at The Ozarks… A most despicable Bostonian is summoned to Saint Louis, Missourrah.

“Stay classy, San Diego”

“Stay classy, San Diego” Cousin Joe just reattached Los Hilos del Campbell’s Soup to the Mighty Mighty Coffee mug of the one and only Ron Burgundy .::. C6A16BA9-5C44-4166-8A48-C568188CD99D 4️⃣ 📺 Over at WHSL Saint Louis source for the best Lucha Libre in the planet, Dr. Frankfurter (Mike Barnicle) and Nurse Karni (as herself) are summoned by the Kansas City mafia to “put a fix” on Frank’s Jr., sausage handle.

Willie Geist, in the role of Frank Cosgrove, Jr., nearly killed her, but then it cost him (Willie Geist) his fucking pecker after Crazy Claire, in the role of Darlene Snell, blasted it off with a 12–gauge blast “a quema crotch”. Anygüey, it’s been like three dog–years ago since Elise Jordan was seen on the other side of the screen. 

Musical guest: One Minute to midnight…
The Cure

The Cure, you ask? .::. 210AA909-A5E7-4162-9D48-22A814C0C3A7 🦠🔬It’s PLAY FOUR to THEY, at HOME, of course! Motherfuckers.

Brown Hair Woman as pictured by an Albino Bluesman

Dear, Avi Velshi… you are not alone. It’s just D.A.T. Eye is not set for the opening round between Romulous and Remus; right now, Shannon Pettypiece is doing the “Card Girl” honorary inside-perimeter of “el” pancracio and Eddie Gloud, Jr., is set to referee this fight —Dedos A Tres Caídas, sin limite de Tiempo.

Coming Up: Thanksgiving Watch

The countdown just crossed the 12 o’Clock mid-day edition of EL Heraldo de CHIHUA g ü i t a… Alex Trebek and Agent Angle morph into Francis Bacon because it’s TIME to [surprise!!!] Play Jeopardy: DESIERTO edition.

[Morphing is now in progress…] Uso justo de los newSStands.

[Morphing is now in progress…] Uso justo de los newSStands. Foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes (2011—2016). Creative Commons—te regalo una captura de nuestro FreeJack ride.

EN FRANCIA, a sabiendas de que EN MéXICO la periodista CARMEN ARISTEGUI fue fustigada legalmente por una corte mexicana, el staff entiende que hacer paralelos entre LAS RAICES DEL POPULISMO AMERICANO y las de los movimientos socio-politicos—y—culturales de las comunidades mexicanas en Paris, pues son pura coincidencia, y nada más. A continuación el recorte, que abajo de esta obra en curso sigue, nos cuenta la historia del Ratón Vaquero; la del Primo del Torero, y luego la de MORENA-Francia y los Yo-soy_132-academicos-con_hashTags-en_EL REFORMA DE PARIS…. Saludos a las Asociaciónes Paco Bosques y a también a la de Gilberto Calderón. ATTE: un californio.

Lucha en Relevos Australianos

El Raton Vaquero, El Primo del Torero, y el colectivo: MoReNa-Francia y los Yo-soy_132-academicos-con_hashTags-en_El Reforma de París. […breath, Rachel_breath]



Hello Moto… te invito un Whisky Escocés allí mero en un Pub Irlandés, si tú gustas puede ser ese que se encuentra a un costado del Circo Eléctrico, directamente enfrente del Jardín de don Sergio Gainsbourg… [Metro, Porte des Lilas.]. | Uso justo de todos los medios… y de un reloj.

Hello Moto… te invito un Whisky Escocés allí mero en un Pub Irlandés, si tú gustas puede ser ese que se encuentra a un costado del Circo Eléctrico, directamente enfrente del Jardín de don Sergio Gainsbourg… [Metro, Porte des Lilas.]. | Uso justo de todos los medios… y de un reloj.

Good morning.  Earlier in the transmission the second half of the 3 a.m. rounds of “the” CSPAN-like related news, was in effect. CSPAN [of course] is the acronym in New Mexico for Cable Shows and Punditry in American News.

[internet fluff and fillers follow]

In Europe, it’s 68 days before the next Turkey-day judge is sworn into office. Journalist, protestors, civil right leaders and this blog wait for Naomi Klein to make the morning shows. Please invite Paul Krugman to sit next to her…
in the meantime, Agent Angle is next. [note to self… Richard Engel is just doing his job, and in 2016 reporting is not a Crime; in 2017—who knows.]

[Context should follow] Fair Use of all Media.

[Context should follow] Fair Use of all Media… and by BOLD, of course we mean Aljazeera; Shout-out to Willie Geist!!!

[Note to self… remind Cousin Joe that there was a time when some experts (at General Electric) got all giddy when they heard Bernie Sanders introduced as “The jUNIOR sENATOR fROM Vermont”… [context should follow. In the meantime the staff remains sited on a dirt floor —band aid supplies ran-out a_Long-Long-Long_Time-aGO].

[Note to SELF]:
around the world, breaking the news to Americans
usually arrives at the 0300 hours,
regardless of Parallels…
and oh_By-the_Wey:
Did the STAFF happened to mention
that we are Fans of “Ramones” everywhere?