La festa dei tricolori — La felicità è un caldo fucile d’assalto

Happy Birthday, CHARLIE HEBDO… You are not at la rue de Las Tres Puertas¹⁰ en La Maub del antiguo BoBar de Vilma Fuentes, anymore. As a matter of fact, Charlie, right now your editorial board moved to a remote work expat playground in 🇲🇽 México 🇲🇽 called Comala.

1986Juan Rulfo, Mexican author, screenwriter, and photographer (b. 1917)

It Won’t Be Longer… 🇮🇱 Land grabs, homophobia, radicalized police 🇮🇱  brought to you by the Promise made by a sadistic and capricious Burning 🔥 🇮🇱 🔥 Bush to a guy who was willing to kill his FIRSTBORN.


¹⁰~. Le no 10 cette rue a longtemps été le siège de Hara-Kiri et Charlie Hebdo 

Of course, nobody remembers that anymore, as a matter of Phact, you may ask Vilma Fuentes at Actes Sud, the publisher there at Actes Sud, Françoise Nyssen won’t allow me to ✍🏻 WRITE ✍🏻 a lie, she also used to run the Culture Shack at FrancheCulture at la rue de La Banque before Ministresses ROSELYNE Bachelot whipped La Ópera National de La Franche into a Wild West Saloon, complete with it’s own version of “The Teutonic Titwillow”, a lark who went by the stage name of, “L’Alouette Alésienne ».

👻 1912Charles Addams, American cartoonist, created The Addams Family (d. 1988)


To celebrate the bloodshed, the Calvados Sunset Jazz Club at la Place Saint-Opportune (París, Centre) is offering “tombolas nocturnales” during their candle-light club parties…

If you insist “A.I.”, If you insist, and IF in fact you are really «artificial », like the Very French… Eye sees your “EDDIE” rip-off of IRON MAIDEN and Eye re-interprets “AMERICA’$ Oldest Ally” during the 2ème Expédition du Mexique.


_initiation ceremonies “à la bougie” really, a trivial note, it is with these ceremonies that el club de Los Amigos de México en Francia have been initiating thier operatives around the World, but especially at Botzaris, en la rue de La Solidarité.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /franceinter /des-concerts-a-la-bougie-et-ecolos-lances-par-un-club-de-jazz-parisien -3297315

White Smoke at CAPITOL RECORDS LTD. _—_—- 1954 – Georgetown-IBM experiment: The first public demonstration of a machine translation system is held in New York at the head office of IBM.


1610Galileo Galilei makes his first INTERMISSION while observing the four Galilean moons: Ganymede, Callisto, [y] Io [en] Europa.

Anyhow, on a They like today, Galileo Galilei identified the 4 (full) Moons of a little latin style called THE BOSSA No Va… but it’s KNOT really the Bossa Nova, anyhow… although the 7th They of the first Gregorian calendar month etched the discovery of the above-mentioned moons, Galileo identified only on the 7th and the other Too, on the following day they, which AS Évry “chavo” at the PUEBLA PAVILLION on top of la rue de Bolívar knows, falls on the 🎱🕣. Eye did not select the numbERology, I am simply pointing out that the ‘running of the bulls’ is now in session.

Now, with this being La Fiesta del Tricolor (copión) 🇮🇹 d’Italie 🇮🇹, I am going to switch, IT!, to one of the founding members of El Club de Los Amigos de México en Francia, MIGUEL MIRAMÓN whose wondering soul is celebrating at the Eastern section of a client-state of 🇫🇷 France called 🇮🇹 Trieste 🇮🇹.

1768 – 🇨🇵 Joseph Bonaparte🇨🇵 , 🇮🇹 Italian king 🇮🇹 (d. 1844)

 —1797Mariano Paredes, 🇲🇽 Mexican general and 16th president 🇲🇽 (1845-1846) (d. 1849)

I swear, no fucking imagination… a Sans-Papiers “detective”… Let Mí guess, the fucking job doesn’t PAY or is “En Lo Negro” ? así como dicen los franceses en La Francia.



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