Eye say Do Ewe SPIKA my language?

My dear, fellas, here’s the sequence for context, say Cheese 🧀  Mighty Mouse.

Who’s Siciliano now?


The events and characters depicted in this [blog] are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Now Mighty Mouse, my dear Fellas …

Time 😎 , “you need me on that wall », Mr. Nichols, my name is Macario, and please don’t touch my Turkey 🦃 .

The FO’ist Rhule of the MorJo Sho’ Fight Club is that Y’er sorry ass is not to mix Apples with Oranges, because Öüï is an SFR traveler…

… in HALE~Bopp We Trust 🔔 ☄️

Walk like an Egyptian on an mechanical escalator (sans piss) as if it was a MaRiMba.

And Cousin Joe, never mind the Minority Leader and menstrual periods, Earth is a planet Rhuled by the rhythm of The Moon. THE MOON!!! But most importantly do you know what those Monkees are doing to them TO’itolls?

Any how, this entire sequence is not even about the AiDF employees and their vulgar display of vanity, believing for an Île-de-France minute that the picture snapped at la rue de Verrerie was about them. The gall of them fellas, eh!

I sincerely wonder if those two fellas would have reacted in the same way if a white tourist walking out of Saint-Merri would have snapped a picture of the second-hand garment store in front of them, I honestly think that the fella on FRAME 1, the one who is getting ready to receive the wood beam which he will cross into a “T” on FRAME 2, before he looks in my direction, on FRAME 3, and eventually lead, seconds later, into the incident with the two BLACK fellas in front of the all-you-can-eat (3-plate limit) buffet, THAT fella, I do believe that he would not have said a motherfucking thing, ese.

In all actuality this sequence is a thing I’d like to call, Arbitrary Solidarity and Other Assorted Cult-like Behavior.

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