The New American Century: Powell part 2

[voz de hombre…
que digo de hombre, Voz de una leyenda:
Larry Merchant]

This is not a Fish… And the Stars in Central Europe Time are not visible right now—they are out, just not visible right now, and Uranus is blocked by the Sun.

It used to be that it would only take one misguided flare, one garbbled signal, or the Kentucky Windage misaligned at the War Rooms to have a no re-take version of Dr. Folamour – or as Kubrick intended to call this Chicago Boy version of mutually assured distruction: Doctor Strangelove.

But now, in the age of Trump, it could be that on a rush or a nationalist whim, a Slim Pickens character straight out of the Red Neck Riviera might very well get the Golden Corral opportunity to ride either a « Fat Man » or « Little Boy » all the way down to the original China Town.

Two months ago the preoccupation was that Kim Jong was gonna get ill with the warfare, but fast-forward to post tax day, and China get’s all Freaky getting ready to roll.

Our guess is that the perfect Stormy Situation in Washington is just another chapter to add to the hypothesis of War according to Sun Tzu.

In the mean time wait one… because if Your Spectrum allows it, The Lyrids Meteor Shower is at ITS PEAK. You Hear me! At Its PEAK.

TimeStamp: 20h23 in Central Europe Currency time.

Up next is the Dépêche Mode Undercard:

¡Arre pues! que en México hay circo … hay debate: QUETZALCOATL va presentar un Debate Hoy! Más informe, on PAGE THREE after the bout… Mientras tanto en El País (de  España) los gráficos mandan señales mixtas plasmando una bota pizando una placa de La Ciudad de México, “BIEN HECHO ESPAÑA” ‘… porqué, España, porqué “¿bien hecho?… FRANCAMENTE,  “El PAÍS”, únicamente “bien hecho” si lo que implica tu puto mensaje en forma de puta estampa a un lado de tu covertura de AMLO es el legado de don Francisco Franco… ¿misión cumplida?

Mini Digresión:

… Philadelphia, 2008, back then the Philly CheesesteAkes and hoagies were still a bit racists, just like the motorcycle cops; well to be fair not all of’em —but i was there!!!— i saw it, felt it, and couldn’t do a God Damn thing about it. One day, Gustavo walks in, like any other Día into the press room, he was calmly disturbed, he’s like a turtle, like Diego Rivera, but with smaller balls, still —my friend Gustavo is a good Element— anygüey, el puto walked in and told me about the interview that he was developing. It was about fear mongering and immigration. That morning he told me, he that had to compete with the local FOX News, or the NBC, or the CBS anchors who framed their interviews next to enterprises that take care of vermin, if Ewe been to Paris, and been a curious observer you know what a fuck we [the staff] are talking about, we are talking about exterminators—Shops that kill rodents and pest… their message, es decir (Raquelito) the message from the TV producers was crystal clear, just not blatently Marked.  It was there for all to see: The Good Ol’boys wanted “brown” out of town. It was Philadelphia 2008 —and i was there. armando segovia.

… gotta go—gotta go “Kiss The (purple) Sky” and have some rice now, that’s one thing that the system will never take away from me (the Sky, that is—they can go ahead and keep the rice) even if i’m in a cell or beneath the earth… Ewe see it’s all about the Spectrum that you ride in, and not La Onda that Ewe are in, neta que sí; TimeStamp: 21h45 in Central Europe Time.

al regresar: The Undercard, and right after that the Main Card: Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld are War Criminals… so Mika, DO STICK AROUND and say Helo, Helo to the Big Kat!

…in the Mean Time, Hydra, a Seven Light Years snake is currently stretching from the Iron Lady, due West and ready to Lick the brasilian bikini Waxing Moon on top of La Seine —right now… and that’s no lie, Ni tampoco una exageración, amigo Gustavo… y para muestra un botón:

Seven Light Years… con cabeza libre, now sit down and enjoy the Circus/Debate/Show de México–México–Ra—Ra—RA!

We now shift the controls to the night and a new week (we —the staff— never thought that we’d make it this far)  , right now it’s 23h45 on a Sunday in Central Siren Time.