In Krispy Knews… WATTabbottisms?

Tuesday’s Gone (Free-Form Wednesday follows)

Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn is at the mound and it’s insane and uncanny at the same time just how much the batter at the plate looks a lot like Charlie Sheen.

https ://www .npr .org /2023/08/08 /1191679261 /ohio-election-results-issue1-abortion-state-constitution-amendment-ballot-voters

Over at Guardians 🪶 territory, The Cleveland Indians just scalped the CARITAS crowd in MAGA-evangelist island.


Deer, Amb.J-P Asvazadourian, in Paris, France, the Kat’s already been skinned, chewed and, spitted-out on Second base, in Hilo, Hawaii, however, your most very best excellent pussy cat Diego is being all phunny with the 12-year old ardillita de Nuts the squirrel 🐿️.

Los Aristopedophiles, based on the debased story of “Don Gato y su pandilla” y “Los kittens de Siamese Sánchez”…

It’s only 22 days until the next Blue Moon in the Sky Gig and 138 24-hour periods until Christmas and in to theys Krispy Knews (Ho, Ho, Jo!), American Dogs got fat and went the way of Rome. And across Ventimiglia Hills and over la Promenade des Rosbifs…

Any how, on today’s editon of Mika’s Shawl, Mika went over Menton and Monaco and found the Cap d’Ail the perfect place to go over Cousin Joe’s big noggin and she invited (all by her lonesome) Governor Krispy into the Rockefeller set. The routine played like an Abbott and Costello sketch, and in the spirit of a Christmas countdown discount on a lay-a-way plan, Cousin Joe opened up the piggy bank and splurged on the treats.

Across The Atlantic, the new Public Broadcast Service moderator for Washington Weekly can’t be bothered on the Morjo Show when asked to explain how the Republican Party got to it’s current MAGA cult conditioning format relaying that bucket of AMERICANA over to former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton… Secretary Clinton for her part blamed it on Eleanor Rigby’s so-called lonely peoples, but father McKenzie could not confirm Ms. Rigby’s involvement with “The Loners”, in response to Secretry Clinton’s comments, Father McKenzie brought up the WATTabbottism of the “Hillary’s Honduran holiday” in 2009 when “Billy’s wife” failed to call a SPADE a COUP and instead called a CLUB a KIDNAPPING in “pura vida³” mode.

³~. Costa Rica & Usbek

And Hillary R.C., I blame Rachel Maddow’s “Hamburgers in Paradise” at 3 a.m. in the morning (no less) and Joe Scarborough’s Unesco’s connection at Buzzfeed dot France for all the loneliness of the month of August in Paris, France. But that’s on the préfecture de police catalogue, at ODeon place.

Context on “Oh, hi Oh!” follows… Abort, abort, abort…


Over at Progressive Field in Columbus guardians 🪶 territoires abortion is on the ballot 🗳️ box. And in Paris, I take my milk with café cargado con miel… cafecito is on Saturday mornings car°tunes with Miami’s favorite Korean, Katy Phangs.

But seriously… who let Costello in, —Fredo Corleone?

The loneliest Trinity residents.


Previously on, her farts smelt of Oñions 🧅

Synopsis: Kris Kryspy is running for sainthood en Tegucigalpa.

By-the-güey, hoy no hubo IMER noticias, but that is ok because mister Nájar don’t CARE when his correspondents are in BELÉM, BRAZIL. It’s the last summit on world climate before the ALIENS that ZANE ZELINSKY warned the world about back in 1995 and 1996 take over the world… thanks, OBAMA! 

WaWa Segment from LA Canopée, et vualá!

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