Any güey, mister Pérez⁸… this Bud’s fo’Ewe

That was then… In this section, the student will interpret the following elements: the time, the transition and the timeliness of the good Senator’s gaslighting comments for a very Dead, Buzzfeed crowd at the Unesco in 2016.

… Entonces, Señora Macron: 

And, Alicia Menéndez… Nevermind that kitty under Mara, focus on the base. Easy strokes, don’t force the bush... I mean, don’t force the brush.


This are certainly interesting times que nos tocó vivir, y por eso como el viejo decía, si los presidentes que valen la pena de pintar, se pintarán fácilmente, cualquiera los pintaría; o algo así. 

And since I can’t paint, nor can I draw I stick to the context on the sketch. Por ejemplo, Mme. Macron, on the one hand you have Samuel Paty’s nomenclature removed from the hill where he died on, and on the other you have a legislation proposal to smack the mug of the resident at l’Élysée at every city hall in France, as if he was some Cheap American Executive on a 14 juillet parade.

We Hart in Paris.

~. Sin embargo, don’t think that this post is about you, roger that, over…

But seriously… Does this mean that Morena-Coahuila can now enjoy diggin’ for coal without any hurdles from those rɪˈniːɡ,rɪˈneɪɡ, Eye say-reneging French reformators?


A tale of to 2 dichos, a new telenovela… “Los cerros de los novios de estudiantes piedras serán ».

In local news, Mister Macron’s “industrial recess” from The Agreed–Upon clauses to keep the Wallace biogeographical line from submerging Sunda (Bornéo and Sumatra) and Sahul (Australia y Latuya)  forever more, instantly triggered the Sanglier Sicko Hunters on both sides of them Pyrenean ridges into bear-killing mode. The recent mauling of a local French jogger 🏃🏼‍♀️ by a Slovanian bear (probably on Cocaine) only made things worse for them brownies.

Rest In Pyrénées .

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