09h15 — Radio 📻 Magallanes September 11, 1973

Víctoria… la más puta de Babilonia.


Grand Re-Opening: The New Sarah Bernhardt Teatro del Pueblo.

If you wonder why the commemoration of Salvador Allende’s murder in FRANCE, by a faction of Chileans in France are scheduled to take place at a place called “THE AMMUNITON FACTORY” or “THE AMMUNITON DEPOT, look no further than RAY CHARLES performance on the 20th of October at the PALAIS des SPORT, three days after the PARIS MASSACRE OF 1961.

https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v=jUxiTdRTPMg
(Why the French Police are so Brutal)

In my short experience in FRANCE, I propose that it is because of the short-span memory of sycophantic bureaucrats and the EUPHEMISMS that these “public servants” rely on in order to make the IGNOMINIOUS into a QUASI-LEGAL scheme that provides closure for the FRENCH… but not the victims.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Chileans_in_France

That’s Gold, Jerry! Gold.


París, Francia (AS3) 2023 __ Once it became clear that Pinochet’s navy had seized control of Valparaiso at 0600 hours, President Salvador Allende entered The MONEDA Palace at 07h30, Henry Kissinger, at the time, the U.S. Secretary of State, was entrenched with a CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST at The Situation Room where he was monitoring³ the Army’s 🪖 eventual surrounding at 🕘 of Mr. Allende’s last stand; at 09h15 President Allende transmitted his “farewell address” to The Free World 🌎🌍🌏.


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In local news, the City of Paris is show casing “los logros” from that dreadfully profitable™️ fire at Notre Dame de ParISIS by having a bunch of zombie-like performers (all benevolently volunteers) interpret how The Living Dead groove 🌡️ en La Canicule (32,° in the shade 🌞). The event, centers around the four Sphinx-es-es that adorn Victoria’s column en La Plaza de Los Dos Teatros del Pueblo.

*~. Last night’s homemade garden salad was courtesy of a marauding group of Casablanca fellows who make it A sport to distribute care–packages to the homeless like me.

https ://www .wordreference. com /enar /thank%20you%20kindly

Week 33º — page tú, Fo’ Nein!

In local news, Hip-hop is moo’vin owN Up!

Later on Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron will address the French on the failed Police/Security Training of the Afghans by the Eisenhower Farewell Address contracting crowd… cualquier parecido con La Gendarmería de su antecesor, François Hollande (en YuCANtan) is a figment of my imagination.

Over at “Les Figaro Weekend
N°23 944 Première édition
samedi 14 – dimanche 15
The very French think that The Taliban « étudiants en religion », are defying “l’Amérique”…
—and Eye is nothing more than spitballing here Sirene Claire—
because what the Very French seem to disregard like [you know], Buffon disregarded that motherfucking fly-on-the wall…
[A]gain, Sirene, i’m just brainstorming here, eh, so don’t shoot the editorialist²

Over at The Rainbow Room Lounge on top of the peacock coop, Andrea Mitchell (Oct. 30, ♏️’46) is killing all of THE HITS of Mary J. Blige’s 1992 debut album , “What’s the 411?” —_*!*_— ² “Aux portes de Kaboul, les talibans défient l’Amérique »key word here to focus on is the Frenchdéfientuse of the 3rd person plural del presente. You know, as in: the taliban did not wait for the future (el mañana o el fin de las 72 horas para la evacuación de las embajadas con mujeres promiscuas, por decir) to paint-over any form of advertisement that depicts their property, —you know— woman, in a WESTERNLY fashion. In other words, Mr. Adrien Jaulmes (page 6 and 7 of the International section of the above mentioned Figaro del fin de semana de L’Assomption de Marie, 2021) to them, to those « students in religion », Ewe and Eye are the same, regardless of how many advancements in the past 20 years The Taliban has made in the field of diplomacy; they are not visiting Paris because they are already talking to Qtar. Would you like Mí to circle them tangents FO’ youse?

Following the fifth consecutive anti-vax manifestations [some of which are moonlighting as unofficial French Presidential SOAP BOXES¹] the Paris Tourism and Music, and Arts and Culture, and all that Jazz committee is taking over La Plaza de los Dos Teatros del Pueblo en Châtelet. The event celebrates the Assumption of Mary—Maryquite Contrary.

¹ https ://www .bfmtv .com /societe /extension-du-pass-sanitaire-la-manifestation-organisee-par-florian-philippot-a-paris-s-apprete-a-partir _VN-202108140122.html

Unbeknownst or, as French people say, “en cachette” for the average player, the 411 around the block is that today’s “ASSUMPTION” will be one filled with AFGHAN-Grade mélancolie after the Règie de les Plages de Paris learned that Mary J. Blige (CAPRICORN ♑️ 1971) would not be part of the inductees invited to THE ASSUMPTION into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

And knot to ruffle any feathers, but the U.S. Census 2021 confirms what Liz Ricketts (ibid.) was relaying just a few Theys ago [when Rachel Maddow moved the lines] that indeed, Dead White Peoples clothes are rising in thrift shops across the U.S. The decline of Whitey is prompting crazy Okies from Santa Barbara California to hop on the crazy train.

••• gonna go get some tacos… bee right back.

Up and down or Simple circle, Niño Luc?



Macron répond à BFM Tv Live:

“Un bras de fer!”

and Mr. Rodrigues goes:

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets?

And Anna Cabana goes: a latin “i”.

Mean, while The Steven Report, does the Colbert at the Ed Sullivan (beatle) stage, the transmitter in Paris remains active. The only change to report on that square are the super SOPA de letras earth charges injected into the Underground. Pinches Parisians, however, walk la plaza como si no pásara nada.

La Segnal:5f578f73-fb7a-4cbb-a938-1ad31beb5333 —_*!*_—  La Plaza de los dos teatros del pueblo. Projet PAU.

Breaking the News — 22.00 hrs. Central NATO Times

Theatre de La Villa, París.

96adacc8-e845-4879-ab09-9b0d32e72418 —_*!*_— La Plaza de los dos teatros del pueblo. Project DAU.

Either we [the staff] have entered the Realm, where Öüï just don’t belong, or someone is getting a big fête de départ.

4 Non Blonds walk into a Steve Harvey show:ea95c275-54f3-4b88-9394-cead5ba270c5… And Pussy Riot goes: Girl, don’t Cry Now.

It’s 22 hundred hours in Central Siren Time and it appears that the Signal has been sent. The source of at least one of several beams can be confirmed to be streaming out of the Eastern-facing tower of the Châtelet Theater.

Across the square, en el Teatro del Pueblo, los rusos tienen ocupado el escenario. Por afuera, uno Aun no se sabe lo que uno de los vvgkupueda significar