Ruby Tuesday… used to be Freeman in Georgia

Mary Mary, it’s Madness 🕴️

Well…. I did tell y’all that Them Majas were INSANE!!!

💃🏿 18 💃🏿

Salma Paraguas awaits Australia or England at the 2023 FIFA World Cup… “let’s get Physical”, Olivia, get that 🦐 out of yer’ Barbie because here come Katty Kay’s “lion-esas”.

En las EfEmérides de Julio ConWuerkas:

 —Día del Cinito Mexicano, Pepe “el toro” era el padrote de “Las Poquianchis”, el actor dirigía sus operaciones desde la Dirección de Tránsito, hoy en día, el esquadrón de la movilidad. Eso es neta, Ernest.

Last year to they:

https ://mexico .as .com /tikitakas/dia-nacional-del-cine-mexicano-origen- y-por-que-se-celebra-hoy-15-de-agosto

Tuesday’s Off.


La Mano Pachona de Bernardo Gómez in collaboration with Los Amigos de Georgina Moreno en Francia, and mexicana de télévision:

El Partido Colorado de Peña en Paraguay.


If I tell you I’ll have to kill you. So instead, the producers would like to revisit la Carte Vitale (c. 2012) de la agencia amarilla del Seguro Social en Aulnay-sous-Bois, casi esquina con Salvador Allende y Charles De Gaulle 🛫, and conduct a comparative analysis with a thing Öüï likes to call “Catch-22³y los Hijos de Manuel Valls en Bobigny (Picasso’s place).

³~. Conflict of interest, con los organizadores de El Cinito Mexicano en Lilas, just a spit-a-güey from Le Cirque Électrique du 20eme… allí nomás cruzando la rue Borrègo.


En la radio 📻 pública de López Obrador en la Colonia Azteca de Samalayuca también cabe Paraguay, y hoy por ser día de la Asunción, Santiago, te comento que ni Molino³ crypt en la iglesia de Father James en Châtelet lo podría trian°gul°ar° mejor:

I like to Leave in a.m., Erika.

³~. Poquelin’s crypt, dit Molière.



El Bodeguero — Toma Chocolate Paga Lo Que Debes

Cha cha, —boom!

Never mind Alexis here comes Le Monde de Sismondi en La Hermana República de El YucatánBuenos Días, Yucatán. Bomba.

Stéphane reste seul sur le trottoir. Avec l’ami3, le compagnon, il perd le délicat équilibre financier qu’ils avaient échafaudé. La dure loi de l’économie s’impose. Assis à même le sol, il inventorie dépenses et ressources. Et compte et recompte, chaque poste est détaillé à l’euro près. C’est possible, mais c’est ric-rac. Passent les mois, Stéphane revient, il a gardé le studio, il « travaille » plus souvent. Ce matin, il est déjà au boulot. Je m’étonne – il fait froid. Il préfère les jours froids aux jours humides, le samedi est un bon plan. Il a des projets, il va être prochainement hospitalisé trois jours pour des examens, il parle de scanner puis ira passer une semaine avec sa fille en Bretagne. Elle a 30 ans et habite au Mans.
Quotidien, sans domicile fixe (SDF),
avec domicile fixe (ADF)
Schiltz, p. 181; ¶ 2.

¡Viejas Feas!!! Con Julio Wüereka follows, foto del árbol reflejado por: Saeed Khan (afp) Auckland… El Día en Imágenes; 2023/12/08.

— Now last Eye checked, Le Mans (Mans en Francés) is not really part of the Nantes vibe, which is about to be edited by the Great State of Florida in the sense that in the JULIO GUEREKA (codigo negro) Code Switching of los libros de texto gratuito los esclavos eran los “angelitos” que al pintor se le olvidó pintar.

https ://gallica .bnf .fr /essentiels /anthologie /code-noir / louisianacolony

…note to editors, never mind the revolution run-on {and} the exit witt democracy. I don’t have the luxury of being a Cousin Joe “employee” from the IVY League in Nantucket.

Ahora regresamos con Marie-Ange Schiltz’~es-es

Oh, boy… where’s North? 🖐🏻 🎶 Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb Ear-Ann, —PANAMA 🎸.

La página number 181, ¶aragra¶h tú.

Joe’s employees reveal something WE ALL KNEW 🤯 ALREADY.


And, Cousin Joe, I don’t know what you are you going to talk about mañana, but what Eva your Nantucket minion punditry talks about to-they, Eye knows that it’s Mexican Heritage Weekend at Dodger Stadium, and a very dark blue Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, to welcome Asian Heritage Fortune Cookie Day.

Hey there, Jacques, youse gonna need a bigger Tati®️ for that Would D.A.R.E.

⚒️🛠️⚒️ Springtime for Deutsch: Das Boot 👢

Jack who? Never ho’id of that bum, this here is a white glove affaire, Clemente Clamato requires a conformist translation of all foreign nomenclatures, see that fellow over there? That’s Jacques, Jack! He used to be Santiago.

Draw a line under, IT!… and never mind that Camel puffer: Donnie Deutsch.

For context on the above-mentioned camel-puffer go to the month of mayo, here:

Ich Bin EIN bolus Berliner …
These prizes [Prix de Traduction 2023] salute the linguistic exercise from one language to another, as well as its consistency with the original text. The pleasure of reading in French¹ will be appreciated in view of the displacement that is a translation. In the case of a rare langage³, a consultative reading from an expert may be requested².

The Nile is a river, denial on the other hand is like that fickle bitch, The Summer Wind

³~. Such as la bendita ‘lengua’ de Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, dit Molière.

²~. https ://www .penclub .fr /activitespermanentes /les-prix-de-la-traduction/

¹~. Knot-to-mention the torture of wondering why in the fuck some letters of la bendita Alliance Française are never to be spoken of, in casual conversation. Ask Daumesnil, that po’Basterd’s nomenclature sounds like the Irish-american German negation of a dome, where the “NIL” part is not a river in Northern Africa, but rather the nominal noun nothingness of NICHT… 

Ahora cúentame una de Cucos minimalistes. And, Piano GO’ill, “Cuco” es el diminutivo de Refugio.


the adjective form of zero, —for NULL, period!

Note to editors:
Please be advised that our Translation “STRUGGLE” for the bendito P.E.N. Club de France will be shifting gear into “a rare language” from the the U.S. Southwest and the North of México, it’s not “Spanglish” and you should not call it CALO, it’s something else, but Eye is not going to tell you the name of said lingo right now… just know that for the most part, the rules still apply even if the dimensions are distorted and sometimes even perverted, but that’s just the French angle here, knot ours. Por ejemplo, Marié-Ange Schiltz:


https ://www .theguardian .com  /2023/jun/19 /orcas-are-attacking-boats-the-marine-revolution-has-begun

The Who? I can’t explain, ask Melville (1851’s 🐋 classic) but stay away from Mt. Kilimanjaro, because Mika likes to sow her Wild Oaths there.

https ://successionsource .tumblr .com /post /endiness-so-looking-forward-to-dinner-yeah

Spanish does not have an auxiliary form of the conditional. The mood and/or manner is marked in the verb conjugation.

Saddle Up!


Ahhh… Prairie Shit!³

³~. Slim Pickens

After the break 💔 it’s Blazing Saddles… a re-boot 🤠… not those “🛠️🛠️🛠️ boots”, Donnie Deutsch, you son-of-a-bitch! These boots 🥾 it’s the Kraft, pass the mustard.


Deer, LORDE!!! … Get off that Horse, Kerschovas

In Paris, Denisa Kerschovas went Mid-Evil on Tim (not That One, Burton):

Uneaten cupcakes with the Batman logo could still be seen on the ground inside police tape hours after the shooting.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP)… I told y’all that it would be in Burton’s style, –ask Hombres G.


An starring as El Hingenioso Idalgo, in Le Mans de La Mancha (urbana), Denisa Kerschovas… back then they just call Em# sacks, Jeffrey.


Happiness is a warm gun 🙃

This of course if you are new to this diatribe, is an INTER°MISSION for a Memorial in Texas and a reminder that with the support of ELON MUSK, the Brooklyn Bridge can be the beautiful bridge to a better CHINESE DEMOCRACY on both sides of the ATLANTIC… heck, we’ll have that Ken Burns motherfucker shoot a pretentious documentary for the Sacre Beaubourg, as the good people on the MorJo Show catch-up to our YESTERDAY triangulation with FLORENCE en la LUNA of ARTS et MÉTIERS (Métro Line 3 and 11) during our one-güey communication ex-change with Satan’s lover, the one and only, Senator Claire McCaskill³… look it up, it’s under the tag, “Lucifer”

And oh, the impetus of Susana Poveda@ fip dot Mingus Mangos Mandas para Mando, who knot to be outdone by the Disneyland Tokio 🗼, she rolled out her word Kamasutra on-air.

Eye will tell Ewe this, though … Audio with Musk smells like a demagogic possession “BATMAN”… are you gonna eat that cup cake?

³~. https ://www .nytimes .com /2023/05/24 /nyregion /brooklyn-bridge140years.html

Originally posted on 21/09/21… pleased to meet you, hope Ewe guessed my métier in Arts. It’s a High School Diploma from the University of Texas at El Paso. Goooooo, Miners.

And, Susana PUBeda… NO INSISTAS!!! Mí Cucharón belongs to Natalie Piole… hang on, NAT_A_LIE… gotta’ juxtapose the motherfucking humanity on the Knews. Hang on, womaN, i’m coming.

School shooter asks for mercy from life sentence; teacher, principal want him to stay in prison, period!

Jeffrey Collins
May 23, 2023

https ://apnews .com /article /townville-school-shooting-jesse-osborne


To the memory of France…

BANZAÏ… “Heaven?” Not quite Deer , Knot Quite 🎺

Open Jazz en plaza sésamo.

In local motion news, the guy who just had a stroke on in front of the Cerf🇨🇵god church will not let me lie, (at least not for now, someday we will all lie down… unless Heisenberg gets you before la Pelona pela dientes does) Juanito Guanabacoa just tap-danced his way to Saint Eustache to dance to stomp, as promised, “El Ahrabé Tapatio” on top of CoyseVOX and Tuby masterpiece next to la sacristie.

El Mariachi de Paris, Hélio was there too! Heck, he broke the Eau de Toiletté to benedict the Frog’s legs inside of that there ‘Stuché.

[m]adrigal, not to be confused with MADRIGUERA, because that is where Juanito Guanavacoa lays, according to la RAE, not la RIA.

1. m. Métrica. Poema breve, generalmente de tema amoroso, en que se combinan versos de siete y de once sílabas.

Any hoot! With Labor THEY out of the güey, Heavenly Baby, ‘Alien & Alien’ reminded morena-francia that: somewhere in France, Eye is still around.


From The PRODUCERS of BLAZING SADDLES… comes the story of morena-francia, narrated by The American Priest in Les Halles, There’s a VENADO at the top of that grave 🪦, and LIKE the tomb for GENERAL Obregon’s arm, the Crypt of COLBERT has nothing more than a leg 🦵, and Eye Shit Ewe not, Eye just caught Colbert pissing near la place d’Italie (75013).


¡🔊 MEZA, MEZA, MESS AL Que más aplauda!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Comes the story of a New Mexico, in France… Équinoxe follows con Mi Banda Los Pescados.

But FO’IST!!! Öüï switch it over to the Third Reich on FOX where The Teutonic Titwillow is in Duck, South Carolina, and she don’t care 💅🏻


Hey cowboy is that a Ten-Gallon tank? Or are you just happy to See Mí. GOooooooo Dodgers!


Today, i will dance on your Grave. Sin Celery, “The Man I’m The Iron Mask”, featuring Hércules at the end of the Trail of Leo DiCaprio’s movie Castle 🏰 in Melun, casi esquina con Malesherbes.

BANG YOUR HEAD (Metal Health)

🎼 Bang your head
Wake the dead
We’re all metal mad
It’s all you have
So bang your head
And raise the dead, oh yeah
Metal health
It drives you mad, mad, mad, mad
Bang your head.


Toledo, city in Spain; Toledo, city in Oh-Hi_Oh; Toll–ido… ask Beto O’Rourke en El Chuco! El Toledo está al fondo a La Derecha! ese.

Nota a don Calderón… De ninguna manera, señor mocho

Don Calderón, la pieza teatral se llama:

Starring : HÉCTOR LECHUGA, LEONORINDA OCHOA… MUSICAL GUEST: LOS BABIES… And, señor Calderón, de gracias a Dios que no me fijé que el profe era “POLtier” y no Poitier.

ADIÓS GUAYABERA MÍA… no se haga usted pendejo. Viejo Mamón!

— Si necesita usted un BANCO DE AHORROS… ($eñor Delgado) confíe en El Halconazo de SERFIN.

Katastroff… Starring Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, dit Molino.

— En Hilo, Hawaii, son [ya] las Nueve de la noche.