El proceso de una metamorfosis en Francia… Y que chingue a su madre Raphaël Moran y rfi

It’s back to National Sports They, starring “La Rentrée y La Polaka”.


And, David French, fuck you and Donnie Deutsch, —también, and here is why:

“I’ll have the Avocado Roll Anguille with kimchi jjigae on the side, extra spicy, por favor.

Well… Öüï now knows who gave koalas thier syphilitic signature, eh! It was Éléonore’s escapades to the Pacific “Chinese” Theater in Hollywood’s China Town.


— Who, who actually listens to The Sounds of White Noise other than Anthrax junkies? Who Donnie Deutsch? Who?

Heck, Donnie Deutsch, you son of a bitch! If you had listened to Jonathan Quayle Higgins III, you’d known that Louis Pasteur obliterated a.m. static noise, all those years ago. You son of a bitch!

https ://www .imdb .com /title /howard-johnson /characters

God Damned Sushi is a Cult money maker for the Moonies! You eat sushi and you support a CULT, Donnie Deutsch§… you can’t subparagraph the CULTS on the Morning Mika Show, you BASTERD!!!

https ://www .theknowledge .com /2021/11/19 /the-moonies-made-america-love-sushi/

And one more paragraph, Donnie Deutsch, you motherfucker!!! When you eat sushi you also support the 2nd Ammendment freaks on the Fly Fishing Tournament of Rednecks §§§

Call Me “JUSTIN” mister TRUMP

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Kook-jin_Moon

Tattoo That on your EWE, and on Eleanor Roosevelt’s Bulldyke’s forearm!


A fresh WASHINGTON TIMES logo on that stupid billboard that your mirror-image identifies as a forehead, —you son of a bitch!


Any how, David French from the NYT, now that mister Madisonian Avenue Deutsch is out of the guey, here is why you and the promoters of Jim Caviezel’s latest conspiracy fiction (The NYT movie review) can go fuck yourselves:

but mostly because you look like a Smurf™️, David French. Are you sure that your headphones are not from the Republic of Brussels! Van Damme, It!.

When Newton throws you an apple, you produce The Beatles, silly.


* Sorry if I misspelt your name Rafael, el más puto de Los Ángeles junto con su apóstol Pablo 🍀.

But first, Local News 📰

Thanks For Going ARMY


Aussie, thanks, Obamas. The both of Ewes.

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