Eye saved Willie Geist — And Mika Don’t Care

Over at The Rainbow Lounge, Está FANIA Rhules, she just invented a new alphabet and the letter AITCH just got promoted to number Eleven.

🌬️ 5 d’Enero 2023…

I’ve Seen That Movie, AUSSIE… En París, FRANCIA, ya es el Día de La Rosca, pero en HILO, HAWAII, allá en Hilo, sigue siendo el CREPÚSCULO del 6 d’Enero, SIN ALOHA, and Alex WaWa… Please relay to Ali Vitali that the 9th letter in CASTELLANO, es decir, la ache, is always MUDA, unless the THIRD-letter (SEE) precedes, it!, Period



A fellow member at The place Where Évry body knows your name had this thought a few, Theys, ago:

Can’t We All Just Get a Bike?… with a bag of bazooka 🌬️ bubble 💨 gum in the 🧺.

User 1:

1781American Revolutionary War: Richmond, Virginia, is burned by British naval forces led by former American general 🇺🇸 Benedict Arnold 🇬🇧.

— An intelligent person is someone who surrounds himself with stupid people who will do the work and he will be the one who takes the credit, the gifts or the money.

1822 – The government of Central America (🍌 ANCHURIA 🍌) votes for total annexation to the First Mexican Empire.

~. In this particular user’s universe women don’t have or deserve a place in the hierarchical structure.

El intel y, gente. — AND in WASHINGTON, D.C. today is NATIONAL BIRD THEY, and to celebrate, an opportunist WARhol, helps a black bird help Campbell’s 🥫 Soup stock. Profitez, motherfuckers, profitez.

User 2:
—What you are describing, my friend, is an ‘opportunist’, and not necessarily an intelligent person.


This is Why Eye, hates the ‘Sixties’ and Eric Clapton, but especially Campbell’s 🥫 Soup.

HEIL Hydro 🧬 genes 🧬!!!

LoREM ipSUM Groundhog They


MARA 📰 GAY: anybody can bring up SONNY BONO, but Eye keeps reminding you bums at the Babylon II Times, show your connections to THE BACON, “Babe”.

By the time The Sun Comes Up, dhu, dhu, dhu 🌬️🍌 Shequi Tita.

Do your homework, bitches:

—1994 – Tip O’Neill, American lawyer and politician, 55th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (b. 1912)

A¹, B², C³, CH, D⁵, E⁶, F⁷, G, H⁹ 

~. Eye ⛷️ Got 🌲 Ewe 💀, Cher.

—1998 – Sonny Bono, American singer-songwriter, producer, actor, and politician (b. 1935)

And, Alicia Menéndez… Eye is SIRIUS and Ewe, of all calle (🙊) ocho Marielitas (🦇) de La House that Bacardi built knows that en 🇪🇸 Castellano 🇪🇸, the letter 💃🏻 aitch 💃🏻  is number NINE, number NINE, number nine ♾️


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