Las Tangas de Frida: Bring me the Cue

Sobredosis de erudición 
El fin del Été is here.

From LA Redacción:
DEERLY non readers … I Δ🖤 announced in a New York Minute that the grief was Knot about Kier Simmons’ loss…

Canción secuestrada, no hubo tiempo de litigar. En otras paradojas, un perro es atropellado en el périph… “pass the peas”, page Tú, follows from the the Edge of my dashboard. 

Pare de sufrir 🇧🇷  †

Go ahead, say my name Rene Perez J., “y para que no se te olvide mi apellido”, aquí te dejo una Granada de La Sierra Nevada en California… because I’ve never been to Spain 💃🏻.


🎶 Well, you’ve HO’id about burned bridges… It’s not one of those, this is Maria’s temporary bridge in Rene’s “Isla del Encanto”, bajo l’Ombre de GOYA. Today is the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of Hurricane Maria. 💨

But first, in Hilo, Hawaii —It’s Your Birthday 🎉… and Alex Wagner cannot let Mí, tell a LIE 🤥:

Eye ♟️ does not select the paradoxes, like Mongo (Blazing Saddles), Eye is “only pawn… in game of life”.

The other “chivo” being Capricorn ♑, coincidentally, the “passing” Astros on the Zodiac right now are the ones that delineate Virgo, which La Mairie de Paris is going to show you in just a few at the U.N. General Assembly in Babylon Tú.

And while the frame below might seem a little callous Eye can assure you that the absurdity of the Bélier ♈ below is founded in truth. Por ejemplo, Alix Wag, Aries, like the peace that that there sleeping baby is selling (Mocedades) is the first of two “chivos” in the fiction of the horóscopos de Durango 🦂 of Cerf-panthère.

Big Brother is Watching, —Ewe!

Gravity is real, brevity stops it. Icarus used WAX to face the SUN, Icarus flight was brief, Gravity put a stop to veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski (Cuarón, 2013). Kowalski was in the middle of fixing the Hubble Space Telescope 🔭 when Cuarón’s NEPHEW’S film aficionado and collaborator (Pablo Gleason) threw a Monkee Wrench on the mission. It’s ironic because at THE TIME, don Alfonso’s nephew was headed out to The Desierto in between el Mar de Cortés and Rosarito Beach to cut a film 🎥 about nothing. The conversation took place in October of 2013, at Km. 1 in La Îlle de La Cité (75004) and Jonás Cuarón cousin’s film at El Desierto was released in the year that the Coq fell from the Flechè de Eugène Viollet-le-Duc.


Our hearts and prayers are With Puerto Rico.


El Charrito Pemex and L’ami Y’a bon productions presents:

Ciao 🥖 Cacao
and other assorted slogans.

Ciao Cacao con manouche vegetariano… Alicia Menéndez comes courtesy of The Maze Runner and The Death Cure.


“no de dos patas o de dos piernas, sino metálica”.


Vicente Fox Q.
Presidente Constiticional de los EEUUMM

The year is 2006 and across The Atlantic and beyond La Sierra Nevada  (there is no “sierra morena” in Mexico, that was all propaganda from Mel Brooks in Paris) en Mazatlán las lavadoras de “patas prietas color de llanta” ain’t got a veladora 🪔 to shine on the colonial experience as part of a nutritious breakfast.

“… pero si alguien lo interpretó así, alguna mujer de quienes me están viendo, le pido disculpas, pero amplísimas, amplísimas, con el tema de las lavadoras”


Nayarit for Size. Me dijeron que no.

Juanito Guanabacoa of course, mora con Aguascalientes en Playback, desde Nayarit. Según Juanito Guanabacoa, Nayarit quere Decir en CORO: HIJO DE DIOS ENTRE EL SOL Y EL CIELO, ES DECIR, FREDDY, Mercury.

And not live, as Juanito Guanavacoa had promised last week, but he did manage, however, to put himself on the side of the artists, con compromiso con La Préfecture de Paris. Ciao 🥐 Cacao… Musical Guest: Las piernas de tu mamá, Godoy, con i griega of course.


La Razón por la que el resto del mundo odia a La República Francesa.

Símbolo Autóctono de la policía judicial de la época de Oro de La Guayabera Blanca y los guantes negros, el Papá FRANCISCO reporta desde Québec Alberta Cánada.

Wednesday is independence they… Tuesday you vote or DIE, and Monday? Monday i’m in Love With Ewe and of course, Zeppelin Goes Here.

Residente, el Jamiroquai de Ayotzinapa.

Ya me cansé…. https ://www .bfmtv .com /international /amerique-latine /mexique /etudiants-disparus-au-mexique-l-ex-procureur-general-arrete-64-policiers-et-militaires-recherches _AD-202208200022.html

The incarnation of Tomás de Torquemada if France would have awarded him a Radio Slot on rfpp… and since Juanito GUANABACOA started today “calentada” with un TAJO en Argentina, let me, Armando Serrano-Prieto, show you what Argentina looks like without a ‘water bearer’:


https ://www .nuevatribuna .es /articulo /cultura—ocio /politica-hidraulica-franquismo /20220712084502200495 .html

Un tajo en Durango es un canal hecho a pico y pala y que se nutre de una presa, Juanito Guanabacoa, no una tajada de la prefectura de François Hollande.

Find out, but if-and-only-if Eye doesn’t fall ‘asleep in the next tumbona de las playas de París. Updated after the Paraná River fires, en La Argentina.

But first, JUSTICE!, at the Katie Phang Show is a relevant Thang, and here is why, in The prosecutorial U S. of A., the only thing that matters is what side you are on.

Aire acondicionado with Évry postre.

Sixty six essays and then some, now Öüï knows how many Knots it takes to tie-down the USSR

Secrets in Plain Sight  

It’s like The Spanish Inquisition, but in Cyrillic.


Greek in Cyrillic

Banania for size

Context para Pepito’s biscuits

This is why Jupiter wants the Lithium, stamina wise it’s a Gas Giant… puro pedo, pues. And, Major Thom, Eye knew that you were compensating for fip. fr during your excursion to the ISS… what’s that you got there under them panels of yours,?


You ain’t nuttin’ but a Puff fish.