Vrai King Bat y Can

Finnish Bombs yo te Quiero infinito
Yo ti’QuiEro–oh mi Corazön.

In local news, la =Ñ= en La Prefécture de Police, un tal Laurent, got a warm and bloody rentré Welcome at the Kiosko de Châtelet, and all that this fool will note is that the red lines running down a skinny pale b-boy’s spine was a sight to be cleaned.


HEI! 🇫🇮

Time now, La Sorbonne is having it’s its homecoming ceremony and The Clooney is off limits.

Only fo’FoolZ, Dan.

Only a Fool Would Say D.A.T., period! 🇺🇸

En París, Francia, it’s the First They of The Rest of Your Préfecture 📐 🇬🇧 and over at Pearl 🛩️ Harbor 💥 it’s Primetime, —off-course.

👑 🦇 y 🐕

It came to pass, that The Holy See in ROMA could no longer solve their financial obligations, CaNaDa 🇨🇦 was playing the role of Pontius Pilotos and in Argentina Cristiana Kirchner no cantaba tan mal las rancheras en el IHEAL de Saint-Germain des Prës, y por eso —a Lo mejor, je ne sé, Paz– por eso / esa razón don Bergoglio 🇦🇷 turned the Virgen de Guadalupe Chapel at Notre Dame de Paris, into a METH Factoría.

Previously on Bulls One Parade: Turkey is below the Horizon, Peacock aussi.


Over at The Chuy Scarborough Show, Victoria Escobar is at the Plate

And, Mr. Pinault-Hayek, please stand-by for Sun Tzu point 7.33 (Maneuvering on an uphill) Knives Out!!!

In any self-Respecting republic, little are, it would be a matter of public record; in Paris-Texas it is a matter of… what’s the Word? What’s the worD¿*… Ask, Los Amigos de México en Francia… i’m retiring.

Juanito Lemire reports:

But FO’ist! We switch, IT!, over to the Règie at the Plages de Paris where Godzilla and King Kong are scrambling over The Scene of The Seine (punto y coma) hilarity ensues when Hydra shows up and 3 of the five heads on that dragon split from the beast to intervene on behalf of Kong who, BTW Madame Hidalgo, was minding his own fucking business listening to Mott (the Wet) Hopple.

And, former BBC Washington Correspondent now, Ozzy Media Editor, Katty Kay, we’d like to give the Régie a shout-out now that his graffiti crew finally called one 24 hours before the an event in front of them before it happened. With this in mind, we now return to Pablo’s Studio on top of a KFC at La Place de l’Italie.

[flashback] Hey, Jonathan Capeheart… ‘member When THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS rolled out the red carpet on them Talibans?

One can’t literally make the Godfather up.

TEXAS needs to be dismantled and then returned to Mexico. Texas, like short people have 🎶 no reason to live.

Don Corleone: Tom, I advised Michael. I never thought you were a bad Consigliari. I thought Santino was a bad Don, rest in peace. Michael has all my confidence as do you. But there are reasons why you must have nothing to do with what’s going to happen.

Santino: Whatcha go to college? To get stupid? You’re really stupid!

And with this FINAL segment Salma Hayek, Öüï hopes that the staff can clear-out, separate, archive, and most importantly, Madame CESCA Giggles-Rigole, differentiate between events and their context; and Mika Brezezinski, perhaps it would help to use the anology of today’s Morning Chuy Show regarding the Republicans having their “hippie” moment, with a look like Sid Viscious (to the tune of Benny 🕊 Hinn) or some Punk like that.

For the record, Carolina, some McDo’s (not all) back in 2018 tried the same reactionary reaction with the WordPress “server”, eventually the Web provider ceased or desisted from cock blocking the site.

Entonces Kitty Softpaws… The JOpez POrtillo statement, directed en aquél entonces al dueño de la revista en dónde el reportero de radiofrance internacional, Raphaël Moran, labora también es en referencia a la movida del ahora sí, AVI VELSHI, del méndigo Switch y del puto RoUtEr-er_er.

Aguascalientes TV26 y France24, en colaboración con el canal Once y DW TV, presenta a Salma-Pinault Collection of holes in The Albert Hall jockey hat of La Bourse de Comerse a Les Halles, casi esquina con el Louvre.

In local news, it’s The Godfather part II, VF* con subtitulos en Espagnol.

Santino: Say, what do you think of the nerve of them japs, them slanty-eyed bastards, eh? Dropping bombs on our own backyard on Pop’s birthday here.

Page 15: Inmensa desilución por el JUDOKA  Teddy Riner

Fredo Corleone: They didn’t know it was Pop’s birthday.


https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/11/27 /black-friday-come-get-your-nigger-lessons/

EN CONTEXTO for The ARTIST at La Place de l’Italie:

Issy, i understand why the word processor of choice for this most non-consequential blog would be blocked after Two or Three weeks of linking on to your WiFi Mr. Pinault-Hayek; sin embargo, Pablo Gleason, i am taking it one floor, at-a-fucking time. And i am going to get to that motherfucking top, NOT for fame, but to bring you a Kinder, more Gentler, —Hitler.

Necessary for this segment, Monsieur le Règie is:
What Sun Tzu said on Chapter 7.
sections 33 and 34

So, if you have been living, visiting or touristing (like a Chilean National in three-months intervals at a time with an Exit in between… ¡así hasta yo!) then you know that opposite to the Rue de Lobau (33 Hôtel de Ville) right next to El Malecón del Hôtel de Ville está la entrada a un puente peatonal (pont piétonnier if youse French) que desciende al local de mis amigos at Tartines en Seine (free advertising for Pomona, California man) y por su puesto al espacio que la Ciudad de París le dedicó a un tal Federico García Lorca (FGL).


Entonces pues, if youse flip the direction on that bridge, then from the FGL square point of reference, El Malecón del Hôtel de Ville is at an uphill so with this information in mind, little ol’Eye was in the process of rolling my sleeping bag just below the center of the aforementioned (susmentionné) footbridge, and as previously mentioned, i was listening to Mott The Hopple on a loop, — on a loop!!! Cousin Joe! On a Loop! — and out of nowhere with clear sky above here comes un chingazo de agua… or so i thought in the instant, it was actually apple juice with Jack Daniels. Hey, this people, the French, they mix beer and tequila in a bottle, so there’s that.

As i looked up (had my headphones on) i saw this young Corsican (he screamed it at me, that’s how i know that he was Corse) trying to empty his plastic-filled bottle on me, as i looked up at the little fucker.

Naturally, being a dick myself i was not about to let this little Corsican fucker be all elitist and shit, it’s not as if that son of bitch was marking his territory like the bobo with the ukelele who told his girlfriend to take a leak next to me (true story), after all, he is one of the locals, he is entitled to shit if he pleases to on all of lesser beings who dare to get close to his domain, but the Corsican prince? Fuck him.

Session at the Mairie de Paris computer is about to expire and so i will pick this up from another section of the City… please stand-by for more annotations of Sun Tzu en tiempos de hambre, Rita Escobar. Time now is 16h22 in CET.

… and We Are Back: it’s High Noon in Hilo Hawaii, and You Are Going To Like The Way You Look. Even if you HAVE to go with the flow and hate me, “i guarantee it.”

LMC*: Los naipes de Isela Vega** y los abuelitos de Ch. G.*** meet Don Palabras^

Quick recap… earlier on the references of this scroll (rollo) i highlighted Gerard Depardieu’s Mexican production of “La Chèvre”, and if you’ve ever heard of a guy by the name of Kevin Bacon, then you have probably read or heard about “The 6 degrees of yada, yada, yada”, right? WELL, hunny bunny, it’s not one of those, Isela Vega was more than just ARBAL‘s (Jorge Luke) “affair”, but you can read all about that–somewhere else, in this section she is forever MISS MARCH… yeah, Buddy.

Victoria, according to the Nordic (wink-wink) part of La Argentina… of course, as Evry body knows, Victoria without wings holds a laurel wreath not a fucking sword, but hey, it was the “crazy 20’s” and Hitler on Ice was all the rage… and, Nicolle Wallace, i could have walked to capture that snapshot, but i thought that for once, just once i might be Canadian, —get it? It’s like RAIN on your wedding day, or a free ride once you are already there.

https ://www .abc .es /play /cine /noticias /abci-muere-isela-vega-gran-actriz-mexicana-y-primera-latina-posar-para-playboy-202103102029_noticia .html

Right now, however, i am going to continue with Las Fuentes de doña Vilma y el muchacho feo, de la rue Verneuil, o sea el hijo de los abuelitos de Charlotte Gainsbourg, period!

https ://mobile .twitter .com /lajornadaonline /status /1369797718206521344

*** Ch. G. = Charlotte Gainsbourg
^ Don Palabras ≠ the one writing this blog

En fin, dicen que preguntando se llega a Viena, un antro d’esos donde sirven pulque y otras bebidas exóticas sin Bacardi 🦇… and if you are just joining our exclusive coverage of The 150 Year Anniversary La Commune de Paris Softball Tournament at the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, you might be wondering who that is covering Second Base, well Rugby fan, that’s none other than Joseph Napoléon The Third, and over at the plate Marine Le Pen is 4th in the batting order, so far in the line-up we’ve got, — Mayor Higalgo, President Macron, CGT Union Leader Philippe (sin tilde) Martinez, and Extreme Right Rep Marine Le Pen… fielding the PITCH-er’s Mound is Louise Michel, and on second base is Napoléon III. 🌬 For those seeking directions to get to Serge Gainsbourg Street, the plaque in brass is the starting point, NEXT TO IT, is el Rey de Bastos, but we’ll leave that for another segment of our exclusive Softball Tournament celebrating the “Communards” of La Butte Aux Cailles.

“De París a Valencia”, o algo así 🔁.

Now before we switch it over to our Amigos valencianos en La rue “Aie Confiance” casi esquina con Le Petit Cluny, be advised that i, Armando Segovia, do not select the first coating of any fondo, let alone someone else’s drafts.

DICHOsos los poetas pobres
D’ell@s será El Reino de Los Suelos… 448E66F3-15B8-4712-B96B-DF2DBD778B63 🎷

Now the reason i write this is for no other reason than to touch base with The Elements of Style of Mr. S. & W. mentioned yesterday when i cleared what might have/could/perhaps be interpreted as a redundancy in the already saturated Covid-19 update for the Hex de France.

Asi que con colores o SIN, Blah, blah, blah = Palabras, palabras, palabras (for the record, armando no es otra cosa que un Verbo en acción, dicho de otra manera don Pichi y don Avo, lo que se conoce como un GERUNDIO, punto!)… o como dice Rachel Maddow: Wacha lo que hacen no lo que dicen.

🗣 Cierto día Don Palabras
Me contó una extraña historia
De cómo nacen las cosas
Cada vez que uno las nombra (eh) 🎷🎷🎷

Mexican–American Trilogy — Brisket, bananas, and rhum


Ladies in Gemini, please be ad•viced, D.A.T. congruent with our Long-Thyme Running Segment dedicated to “Los Hilos de Sasha”, we now join con•centric circles with Hilo, Hawaii, WHICH (motherfuckers) shares the same hour (on different TiME Zones) on the clock; rendering that old summation of fragments D.A.T. state the following: dear, Rachel Maddow…

Previously on Aguascalientes TV

Previously on Aguascalientes TV (Canal 26) .::. 🏇🏼🧶🧵🐎 Los hilos de Sasha y las tangas de Sharon… only —por AGS TV.

Even a Broken Clock Is  Right  Correct Twice a Day

Livres TimeLife[r] presents:

It's Two For One

It’s Two For One Cocktail Hour over at Chi–Chi’s Cantina®️ .:. F2B900D8-D03D-4753-ABA1-043D1D4B6E51 🇲🇽🇺🇸 Indeed, Mr. Haass, In•Deed: The World Waits For No One… pass the Corn Tortillas, Willie Geist—and don’t be stingy with that Red Salsa bowl. —_•!•_— For the record: The French edition of this Time–Life collection is from 1970, the original “américaine” not English edition* is from 1968… 🎶 Spanish in High School and Junior College, yada-yada-yada.

La Cuisine Latino–Américaine, with your host, Sgt. Elvis Aaron Presley… from ‘the ghetto,’ —of Corse.

But FOist, while Nicolle Wallace was sleeping… Keir Simmons, is was speaking in Rosbif to a Yankee crowd, in the words of Ray “Bones” Barboni, “didn’t you invent the language”, and as that happened, some bitch in North Korea just blew up the Soju Lounge. Oh, the humanity.

Previously on

Previously on… D.A.R.E is a bitch on that sand .:. C7F7B6E0-69B3-4808-89DB-D8A13306766C 🇰🇷🇺🇸🇰🇵 The bitch went back in time.


* 1970, at the time, Mexico still had “territories” and , because the staff of this most non-consequential blog exist, we can therefore relay to l’Académie Rabelais and the « Old Luarousse gastronomique » that at the time, The Mexican State did not send immigrants to its neighbor to the North, dicho de otra manera Mika Brzezinski, as long as the Mexican consulates in the United States of Americaand its territoriesdid not R.E.G.I.S.T.E.R. the undocumented Mexican population there was no Mexican diaspora because of lack of opportunities in the Happiest Impoverished Place on ‘Diosito’s’ Green Flat Earth.


Tacos al Carbón

“Tendremos que acostumbrarnos a administrar la abundancia”, JoLoPo en tiempos anteriores a las R.E.M.E.S.A.S. y los sueños líquidos del oro negro. México Siglo Veinte… narrado por los Franchutes, inspirados en los Yanks.

L’influence du lunch américaine se faisant sentir chaque année davantage, le déjeuner tel que nous venons de le décrire est réservé de plus en plus souvent aux réceptions officielles. La tradition de goûter copieux tend également à disparaître. Pour apaiser les fringales qui se manifestent dans le courant de la journée, les Mexicaines font appel aux marchands en plein vent qui vendent des tacos, des tamales, des sandwiches, des bonbons, des fruits épluchés et des jus de fruits. Certains éventaires sont équipés des rôtissoires où des poulets tourner sans arrêt sur les broches à côte de portions de porc ou tranches de lard. Les clients se présentent à toute heure du jour. Dans les bureaux, la plupart des employés gardent des provisions dans leurs tiroirs. Le Mexique est, certes, un pays relativement pauvre, mais pas au point dempêcher ses habitants de grignoter à longueur de journée.

“De las Lunas, las de octubre son...” .::.

“De las Lunas, las de octubre son…” .::. A5D37322-103B-4A49-9CFD-D50CAA1FDDF1 🌚🌘🌗🌕🌓🌒🌑 🌅 for one hundred dollars, and a Daily Double.

ISSY, Seth Meyers, please relay to Lorde Lorne and The Crew at Morning Joe, que “en octubre” hijos de DAVY CROCKETT, —tenia que ser.

7/10 —2016… Public Service Announcement… Indio CA.

Issy, [en Español quiere decir, y si…]

Lo que aquí se plasma es un Uso Justo de los Medios.

“Sancho brought a message from the Fat Man ¹
“You [never] even call me by my Name ²”
mostly because
Polo³Polo ran the social studies program
[back] in the 8th grade.

Foto por Armando Segovia. SegoviasPixes (2011-2016). CopyLeft… Creative Commons… coma frutas y verduras, y si puede pues, —coja.

Foto capturada por Armando Segovia. SegoviasPixes (2011-2016). CopyLeft… Creative Commons… coma frutas y verduras, y si puede; pues, —coja.

Por aquellos días Elizabeth Aguilar le preguntaba a Sasha Montenegro si México entraba al GATT, o si el GATT entraba a México.

No se pierda:
Los hilos de Sasha y las tangas de Sharononly, por A.G.S. TV

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