“… por las trompas de Eustaquio » — Tiempo de Híbridos

The End of Été:

Dead Head Sticker on Republican Teens…

A little voice inside my head said, « don’t look back  you can never look back » .


Sweet Dreams Are Made of This – Douce Réverie… Cousin Joe caught the COVID at a LONDON PUB… “Oh, The Humanity!

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and Denisa Kerschova just kissed all the gosses goodnight; it’s 11 am in CET, and The GO’ill de Niza is trying to cover the steps of Amnesty International and a certain Monk in France.

In this Nightmare, Alice Cooper, commissions Denisa Kerschova to play the role of  Major T. J. “KingKong and Lisa Ekdhal sips two barrels of simmered PINTO BEANS juice and develops the VOICE of General George C. Scott and stars as General Buck Turgidson, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

If only the Paris Tourism Board had the fucking imagination.

Lo que ví

2001 — the opening scene.

Entonces ¿en qué estaba?

¡Ah, ya se! La foto del 2001 es de una odisea espacial. Hace algunos días con el motivo del regreso a los changarros de Francia, el conjunto de cumbias de Radio France Musique que sigue después de la hora de (Natty Le Pio) se aventó un cover de la rola de la BO (Bande Originale) de esa cinta³ de Kubrick en France.

³~.Sequel: 2010: The Year We Make Contact

Öüï INTERRUPTS Denisa Kerschova’s night-time-sleeping session for kids to BRANCH once again to our REGULAR transmission following the Queen’s passing… Elizabeth had way to many Pinto Ponies, I mean pinto beans before she laid to sleep… Major T. J. “King” Kong, the B-52 bomber’s commander and pilot in Strangelove’s War welcomes Regina into the next stage in Evolution.

PREVIOUSLY on, “Right Now, the most important thing happening in Santiago de Chile 🇨🇱 is The Queen’s Speech on Truss, »

https ://asegovia3 .com /2022/09/06/y-para-muestra-un-patron/

Hoy, precisamente Gemini ♊ had an “outdoor” viewing event of the opening scene “The dawn of man” the next stage in evolution which, as viewed from this angle, isautomatic for the apes“.


Automatic for the apes. Un film del pariente de un compadre del sobrino del amigo del pueblo bueno, un chango que se llama Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

P.S. I Love You, but Seriously, Eye is SIRIUS, and DIANA, i have your fucking arrow 💘 … « La délicate Lisa Ekdhal revisite les tubes de la pop » (radiofrance . fr)

Nada que ver con Nice and the Cloakroom with James, Mister Taylor.

La délicate Lisa Ekdhal revisite les tubes de la pop (radiofrance.fr)

Entonces, Natty Le Pio, ¿en qué nave andaba? I now that it was a SPECIAL California Edition, Meanstreak… the French turned it into a Marauder. Ask, Princesse Tam Tam, she learned all the Chords; wake her ass up if you have to.

Those Were The They’s, my friend — Let IT!, be (3x)

And in the role of Mother Mary, Katie Phang…

Arquetípicos Arquitectos:

https ://www .bfmtv .com /international asie/russie /mikhail-gorbatchev-dernier-dirigeant-de-l-urss-est-mort_AN-202208300732 .html

Leoncio Ornella at the MAL 217 es testigo, pero yo no sé si sea de Jehová 🎷

Anyhow, Let It Be, in Mexico the little league is about to get dumber than an ERROR, ON ACCOUNT THAT MATHS SCIENcE and also Spanish, will no longer be thought in some communities, mostly where “el Pueblo bueno” lives.


“Two plus two equals five” (2 + 2 = 5)… Wrong: 4 = 5 ∴ 4 + 5 = Number 9, Number 9, Number 9…


From the Télérama: in France the problem with Maths is THE ELITIST nature of the Education Tourism Boards.

Öüï is going to switch gears from baseball and switch, IT!, over to La Lucha Libre (75005), it’s the battle of the Kay’s en Japonés {or} maybe it’s Chino, Thailandés, “I don’t know, I don’t know… tum-tum-tum”, all Eye knows is that that cacophony is Knot Tagalum.

And, Katty Kay… youse the Referee, —love.

Now, Eye knows that there would be nothing sexier than to have the 2 pundits in full Tropicana regalia from El Ey in 1984, but Öüï is going to go for Funny here, so, close your jeepers after you finish these Lines and picture the K’s in Full Inflatable doll 🎎 SUMO regalia.

So, without any further to do, too doo, tú dulcemente, LADIES IN Gemini ♊. Never mind the national anthems and wipe your ass with your National Flag, which ever drape it might be. “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble™”.

Juanito de Cancún worked here… And, Rachel Maddow, before you jump to conclusions, please be advised that there is MOOre to The Picture, than meets the SELF, es decir FLACA, aside from the GREATEST reference of ALL time, Alex Wagner’s research Monkees would still have to coordinate The Astros in The Southeastern Plane of Consequences.

Fighting out of the Orlando corner, she blows out of the Little Havana Crew with a record, and a law degree. Her secret weapon is a daily truck load of Kimchi that exhales waiting for her opponent to inhale. Fueled with industrial grade Kegogi Cheese 🍜 ramen Katie Thang is prepared to inflate the distance.

In Case Ewe is wondering, hoy no hubo Jazz