“Quién me presta una escalera³, para quitarle los clavos a?” Any one?

Roma es amoR

³~. La Saeta ↗️ de Serrat, en un hospital en Saint-Lo.


… para quitarle los clavos, a quién? Any one, Ratzinger? To remove the nails from whom? Benedict XVI? 👁️.

Tiempos de ROMA

Propiedad de los “nobles” del culto de Obrador [Pare de Sufrir… y ya dejé d’estar chingando a la marrana bigotona] coma frutas y verduras y vaya y chingue a su madre junto con su médico cirujano 🤕.

Los Amigos Invisibles — Open Letter to Ukraine

Stop masturbating.

Legionario lover… pedophile protector. Just the facts, Mika, and nothing but the facts.


Chapter X … COSA FÁCIL (dice el pinche gachupín de Obrador³)

Page 286…

This bitch did more for México than any CUNT with a paint brush 🖌️ ever did. Madame Kahlo should feel honored to be remembered after a true heroine.


La Jornada – Murió ‘Frida’, la perrita rescatista de la Marina

³~. O sea, el pinche español exiliado que trabaja para la administración del presidente de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, el licenciado (Bachelor’s Degree) Ándres Manuel López Obrador.

— Señor detective, aquí estan las muchachas —dijo la monja jovencita que lo había dejado en el cuarto. Tras ella, se adivinaban las sombras de las tres compañeras de Elena.
— ¿Podría hablar a solas con ellas un instante?
— La maestra de INGLÉS pide que sea rápido, porque están en clase.
— No se preocupe, sere breve.

Paco Ignacio Taibo II


All coverage about the Polish 💅🏻 missÎlle is a walk in the Park, Avocado Haass is knot 🪢 silly, Vladimir Putin can’t even handle Kiev, imagine if nato unleashed the Finns on that little freak.

Las Pulgas de Frida


Deer, Mika Brezezinski, happy independence they!

First, Serrat, and now LECH WALESA!!! JESUS fucking Christ! This is the exact reason why one should not desire to meet one’s own heroes.

En fin, Ratón Crispín 🐭, hágame usted el chingado favor, dicen las malas lenguas que el tal Belascoarán hasta, “le daba de comer a Las PaLoMas”. —¡A las Palomas!!!, Alicia Menéndez. A las pinches, palomas.

Issy… Algo Personal. The sad thing is that to correct the abhorrent behavior of the public servant’s (funcionarios) “children”, the parents will send them to France (Sciences Po, la Sorbonne perhaps, maybe the ESCP) to remove the ugly memory of the street sweeper.

Live from The Head of Hydrus³ – No Habrá Compadre Feliz

Well, you know where El Mediterráneo is at, but has Eye told you about la Côte Vermeille?

Over at the concessions stand, Matt Damon stars in, “Ha’ya Like Them Apples? ».

https ://www .lindependant .fr /2022/11/03 /-lexploitation-du-lithium-signale-sur-la-cote-vermeille-et-dans-la-massane-sera-difficile– 10778156 .php

If I told you where my bedroom was, on la rue ferrocarril nº15, Paco Taibo, padre, no el güey de la casita de la cultura de López Obrador, —no dormiría.

Li³ — Litros de a litio.

³~. Right eye looking SW just above Mandela’s Garden at Saint-Estuche… here is a Visual from the Google machine for Évry one who cannot, Eye say a-Gain, who CaNNot see all of Victoria’s Secret in Plain Sight:

I swear this place is full of Em#… Snakes.


And, in case you think that Öüï is chewing grass 🐂💩… here’s what it looks like lookin’ East:

I’m Looking Through You.

Folk hero and conspiracy theorist, David Icke, banned from Netherlands.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-europe– 63511142


Here’s a look from the Hip-Hop section of the Médiathèque de la Canopée la fontaine… directly below is where Madame Hidalgo and The Paris Tourism Board buried the headshot portrait of the Notorious RBG 👩🏻‍⚖️ :

Les lepeno – mélenchonitos de BELASCORÁN… “Fusílenlo, después averiguamos”, dijo mi general Doroteo.

change Tú, follows.

1 de noviembre… Hold my bag

Shayne PI…

La Bruja Maddow

S1 EP1: Bewitched

The success of The Juanito Guanabacoa Show, in Canada via Pérou, prompted the the “Netflix” to Tweet a spin-off of the Mexican 🌮 Secretary of Culture… or something like that, for a nice gringo audience.

Versión “doblada”…


Juanito Guanabacoa and his Canadian connection try to appropriate my talent, which they will then use at a silly-little faggety conference at chez Rouquie (MAL27 BLVD. Saint Germain-des-Press 

Jump 🦘 to PAGE tú:

Todos Tus Muertos



Good Mornings, Francia, how da’Fuck are you doing (🔥) on this Fine Fall-back weekend?

Over at the Poles positioning system of the F.I.A. at Concordia, Team Toro Rojo got fined like a Zillion Euros, but regardless of that, not a single fucking European SCENT will go towards this thing called, “The Bossa Nova” in the scalping of The Amazonia.

To Dr. Marsalis’ credit, he did use the word, “Meta-phore”:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/10/28 /deportes /red-bull-pagara-multa-de-7-mdd-por-incumplimiento-del-limite-de-costos/

With that in mind, la CORCHOLATA Roja is being piloted by Augusto Pinochet… no wait, scratch that mister Cohen³; Eye meant to write ✍🏻 El titular de la Secretaría de Gobernación, Adán Augusto López Hernández.

³~. FRENCH-canadian of, “HallelujahPare de SufrirBrazilian fame.

… in local news 📰, jump to Page Tú.


Adventures in Translation and interpretation — False Friends with Detective Héctor Belascoaran Shayne*

* Paco Ignacio Taibo II, capitán del Fondo de Cultura Económica.

¡Ahhh! R’za… Previously on, “Siren! Eye told you knot to fall for the « v » en “oir””, ¡pero noooo! You’re just gonna let your Trompas de Eustaquio feed your lying eyes, aren’t ya’! Neta, Paco, que por eso Tepito no puede tener good wholesome nursery rhymes.

A kind reminder

It’s subliminal [offcourse]. A kind reminder from the Foundation for Life .:. FA029C10-FB71-4802-8B1E-13BE5821F611 𓂑𓂒 Big or small it does not matter, before feeding time please bee sure to remove all transversal “accessories” from the teat cisterns of your mammary glands, because the only IRON going into “la cría” should be natural tasting and not the cheap aftermarket shavings from a smelter operation in Shanghai. 

Anyguey, don Paco, para ver “Gotas” por el canal de La Cultura en Chapultepec, el público bonito de /r/mexico (sin acento) lo invitan a usted y a “mother goose” a tomar asiento para disfrutar de su función, suya —of course— y del Pueblo Bueno, —también.

Imaginary Blurred Lines – Vertical Hazy Realities

27 de enero 2018
Sabbatical Day # 23

[Omnipresent Voice
Comicus speaks]

… con el permiso de don Paco I. Taibo II, el de su personaje en forma del detective privado Héctor Belascoran Shayne; y si menospreciar tampoco a el resto de “La Nomenclatura” de Morena, así que pues, don Paco, lo siguiente se raya en Spanglish con un poco de Castellano, but mostly it is scribbled en Anglais.

the following, Corazón,
is about a Veriform Appendix:

« `cus you’re a good [Caryatid] girl »

Had he known that the commitment level in that Civil Union pact applied only to him, he would have finished cooking that pot of frijoles and let her die a slow and painful death right then and there… neta que sí.

[Woman’s voice
Sarah Silverman introduces one of the staff’s First Favorite Jewish person]

Dear World,

Comicus needs no introduction, but just in case Preatorian guards are wondering why the One-and-Only Mel Brooks is dropping in [en este inconsecuente blog], well, it is because Jeff Goldblum is temporarily indisposed… and y’all know how Mel likes to take care of “The Fly” everytime that he comes down from one of his metamorphic “trips,” back into human form.

Anygüey, the staff continues to dwell in their yearly Sabbatical; we however [the drafted replacements], are doing the best to deliver “The Cross Media Tangents” that the staff commissioned Jeff and me to deliver to you all in the first place.

… however, please be advised that we [the drafted replacements] continue to experience Major Technical Difficulties in the form of: WE FUCKING LOST all of the staff’s remaining production equipment.

Thank goodness for Les bibliothèques de La Mairie de Paris Network, which has given us [the drafted replacements] two hours per day to fiddle around the AZERTY keyboards and their restricted interwebs… damn you “le serveur proxy.”

Sorry, Armando Álvarez, we, [the drafted replacements] wont be able to see you hosting “the” SNL tonight, or any time in the coming days… “Break a leg” and punch Colin Jost right in the fucking gut for us, Will’ya please?

[Voz omnipresente
de Comicus]

De todos modos “Che”: no te vayas, because AL REGRESAR…

It’s Weekend Edition
with your Host:

Philippe Labró

[Comicus continues with the narration]

Flashback to January 27th of 2011.

[Text on screen]

On a day like tomorrow, enero 28, of 2011, the Staff arrives to Paris.

 It was a rather quick and pleasant flight, less than nine or ten hours to depart from the runway at LAX and then exit from the baggage claim at CDG; of course, upon landing, rain was forecasted for the next five or seven days; the previous month was a cold one, apparently the staff had missed the biggest snowfall that covered the streets of Paris in quite a while, in any case the staff can’t remember the specific details of his arrival on account that in the past 400 days or so, all of those archives went up in smoke or were lost to Eastern European Gypsies on a public bench near La Gare de Lyon; now then, of the stuff made of papers not even the ashes remain and of the physical gadgets not a trace can be pegged.

Anygüey, it was 7 years ago tomorrow when a guy, a bloke,–un pinche vato valedor, pues– boarded a Big Ol’ Jet Airliner from France is in the Air… or something like that, and which flew from the City of Angels to the City of Lights. He did this in order to try and plot the Virtual Latitudes where “Legitimate Wrong doings,” as The Rachel Maddow Show soundbite likes to call ’em, are jetsomed onto virtual rivers of impunity where institutionalized criminality, as the staff straight-up likes to tag ’em, flows downstreamalways downstream– just like shit always flows from the highest places in power to the lowest forms of denominators on the chain of command or of concerns; in this particular river of sorrow, the jetsom thrown away by a disastrous judicial system engages on an morbid dance with the Flotsom that in this particular river stream takes on the Form and the Shape of “ABUSE OF POWER, CORRUPTION, FAILURE OF PRISON SYSTEM, PERMANNENT ILLEGALITY (informal business practices) FOR THE REGULAR CITIZEN, AND PERMANENT PRIVILEGES FOR THE UNTOUCHABLE OLYGARCS.” (Aviso para don Paco: las mayúsculas fueron adquiridas en préstamo de su libro “NO HABRÁ FINAL FELIZ: La Serie Completa de Héctor Belascoarán Shayne; pg. xiv del prefacio de esa obra. Gracias. y se utilizan con fines educacionales y nada más, para que no la vaya usted a hacer de Pex, ¿’ta bien wey?).

[Voz de mujer
Sarah Silverman doblada al Espagnol]

Ni modo, hasta aquì llegamos por el día de hoy; una disculpa por no poder subir dibujitos y fotos… dicho de otra manera: ya se nos acabó el veinte en la biblioteca. Ciao.


Veriform Appendix

The Role of a CARYATID:

A caryatid is a type of column, in the form of a Woman, [ invented by the French, of course and ], found in temples of ancient Greeks. It’s a good term for heroines who are institution builders of their worlds – women who support and maintain the Status Quo. These bitchesperdon, perdon, va de nuez, these heroines like order and functionality [ once they climb to the top, before that happens they are « believers » not fucking pragmatists ]. You can see a CARYATID in your bitchay, ay, ay… sorry; you can see a CARYATID in your heroine when she is eagerly trying to prove herself [constantly] on the job, by being a loyal wife [not always], running her own business and generally doing her own bit for The Establishment. (Pg. 62). This particular paragraph on this most inconsequential blog is a fair use of media. Bold lettering; strikethroughs; and underscores are the emphasis of the makers of this most inconsequential blog.

Source for the CARYATIDs:

Jacey, H., “The Woman in The Story: creating memorable female characters“. 2010, published by: Michael Weise Productions.