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With All Due Respect:

Live from 3rd Base from The Sun, —in Paris, France … Let Mí guess, the fucking Artreides are on The Marquesina… Dune follows. It’s SymboliQ, off-Course.

I found the Tree, Donovan, sadly, ain’t no signal at Franck’s Park. So the chicken might be cold. Also pay no attention to the nitpick on the Marronnierie de Anne de Fran…cfort, if you are just joining us at La Corrida de Zimmerman, please note that Fenster the copy editor is at the ruedo, as usual the Paris Tourism Board (TeePiTiBi) is with the Juez de Plaza explaining that thee extra SEE on Frank is really nothing to sea/HEAR by reason that it only took 16 years for the horse chestnut to reach the 8 meter height that the sign reports*, the TPTB reckons that it will probably take about half that number to reach the other 8 meters that it needs in or°there to get a Ticket to Ride on that Midnite Train to the Konzentrationslager.

*~. Provided first that the Paris Tourism Board installed that symbolik sign on the year of the 75th timestamp of the Nation of ISRAEL.

https ://www .merriam-webster .com /dictionary /nitpick

³~. Le Dictionnaire des idées reçues suivi du Catalogue des idées chic.

CamarillaS’indigner en prononçant ce mot².
P. 56

And, Molly Jong-Fast at VANITY FAIR Republicans don’t want to see fetuses die, but they sure as fuck wanna see them babies, “Ne Dans La Rue”.


²~. Mot d’origine 🇪🇦 espagnol, la camarilla désignait une coterie dans l’entourage du roi. Introduit en France vers 1830. IL EST LE SYNONYME DE CLAN AU POUVOIR, defaction. In The Sentimental education, es el bien nombrado Regimbart, that who “Outs la Camarilla [en el gobierno de Guizot] of LOSING millions in L’Algérie 🇩🇿.”

Hummus Hogs. Falafel fags… any how, this fellow named Flubert, or maybe it was Flau-BERT wrote it best on his impersonation³ of this other guy who was porking a la tal Poisson, Eye forgot his Name but some speak highly of him because that nigger wrote The Encyclopedia.


It turns out, after only 75 years in the holie-land, JEWISH ORTHODOXY is the biggest WELFARE QUEEN RACKET on the block…and according to General Ehud Barak, they fuck like rabbits.

Eureka! … I mean, ¡URRACA!!! Ya Lo Tengo, Futuro Pelo en las medias de ANA Cabrera, Batman! That nigga porking La Pompa d’Or in the King’s court was that nigga Di de Rot, it used to be Denis Rottën 🏀 🐂, but Di decided to shorten the nomenclature when things got hot with the infamous clika de la rue de Rambouillet.

Marie-Ange Schiltz¹
Quotidien, sans domicile fixe (SDF),
avec domicile fixe (ADF)

I would prefer not to/I can’t get no place in society¹

¹~.Herman Melville, Bartleby, the Scrivener : A Story of Wall Street, New York, Londres, Simon & Schuster, 1997 (1853)… courtesy of:

https ://www .mainslibres .asso .fr


And, Natalie Piolé (my love) does your sexy-ass, like Flans?

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /les-1001-nuits-d-allegretto

Hear Mí out I am about to tell you the story that took place somewhere on the coastline of the Korean Peninsula, with that in mind, timeslots and sitcoms [sont] in°deter°minados » : in the Outer Limits of popular American culture between l’avant-scène on stage and the fiction of reality. Go ahead ROGER use that context on your next portrait of a French President, or a motherfucking bum, my nigga! I told you, that Los Beatles no son como los pintan.

Any how, Natalie my love, you know beforehand that I don’t select Le Parisien’s “déssertions” nor them “pommes de terre”, I just play the tune that the programming requests, and on to°theys platter, La Kerschovas decided to spend her morning-nooner en “Un Bazar”… ♫♫♫ Entre cuadros, camisetas, DISCOS y jeans.

Entonces, getting back to La Vecindad, that whole BARTLE-BY-The Way was also referenced by Shakes°Pi°Rito Santo en TELEVISA, Alejandro González Iñarritu by-the-way used to peddle the commercials that kept Ñoño fat like  the “barriga” de un newbie swabbie in The Navy, dijo un INDIO, a fireman, a police man and of course the motherfucking construction worker next to the fag in the motorcycle garb… Bolaños lo bautizó con el nombre the “Jaimito el cartero”… Melville’s passive-agressive zinger, “I would prefer KNOT Tú” is re-incarnated by Bolaños’ in the voice of Tangamandapio’s favorite ficticious son : quiero evitar la fatiga.

Any way, Natalie my darling here’s your KNEW CUCKOO below, La Chilindrina in Frida’s [broken] Frame. Across the Potomac, Tybalt is being all Latino with a Schlitz, that fag: https ://www .imdb .com /title /romeo + juliette /mediaviewer /tybalt Pabst Blue Ribbon! ¡CABRÓN! Pabst Blue Ribbon, period.

My Baby Keeps Farting on My Face

El Petate De Los Clochos… look it up.

Today Öüï found La Kerschovas on a majick petate flying over Milwaukee, Cheers 🍻!

When you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer“… over at “La Bagagerie” los gringos call it, being Schlitz out of Luck, in-deed.


Can you imagine a world without Mick Jagger (Feyd-Rautha)?

The fkn Canucks did. And dang’on it, Eye was really looking forward to seeing what muscian-actor was going to deliver the churro’s³ cherry in the role of the antagonist with the evil face², the money for nothing¹

https ://www .allocine .fr /diaporamas /cinema /diaporama- 18702653/

https ://dune .fandom .com /wiki /Feyd-Rautha_Harkonnen

³._ In the México of Churubusco Studios era (previous to Rockdrigo’s “Sobredosis de Cemento”, un churro was a term used to describe a film, and that is all that Eye is going to type [cast].

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /1985_Mexico_City_earthquake

²._ The dude from A Clockwork Orange would have worked best but by 1981 the fucker was to old for the MTV. Gordo (Sting), was picked for the role after Billy Idol declined the offer because he was auditioning for The Return of The Jedi, or something like that.

¹._ and Yer chicks fo’Free. Trou story, ask don Jodo, little Brontis was supposed to kill Mick… Instead, the Hollywood industry turned its back on Jodorowski’s submarineno wait! that’s YESTERDAY’s News…  Eye meant to say SHIP, —a ship, SIRENE, a ship— knot a submarine, either GÜEY, both the Ship and the Sub sank like LED… and Zeppelin, goes here.

@segoviaspixes (@SegoArma) / Twitter

Page 6 _ The U.K. Subs

Dear, WordPress “Happines Geniuses,” if you are not reading, I have a problem with my publishing ship. My BROWSER continues to be JAMMED on all (except this undisclosed location at the Villejuif Underground sublet squat) browsers. Öüï suspects foul play from the Paris Tourism Board and the Melle. Pitch Awards.

Anyhow our apologies to Mr. Alejandro Jodorowski because RIGHT ABOUT NOW, little ol’Eye was supposed to be in the middle of the  KNIFE IN THE BACK episode of a DUNE ride³ (1973 – 1977) denied*.

Australia is the concurrence – Aussi… and before i forget que se nos olvida: Viva México, cabrones.

³.} Dune (Alejandro Jodorowsky) — Wikipédia (
* “Cotejado… ».

Instead, i am left to CATCH up and review the Frida-Hayek diet-shroom churro called “BLISS” in where ISABEL or, rather, the “ugly world” version of a mad scientist that leaves his her “SOUL MATE” out-and-out in Beverly Ville (75020). It’s based on a TROU story.

After the break and, whenever the Paris Tourism Board allows the expat part of the U.S. in Paname, our Mexican ass is going to bring you the DARK side of Ringo STARR:

We All Live In a Biden Submarine, and Eye quotes:

A Biden Submarine

Please don’t shoot the Messenger, remember now, Austraila is the Enemy. Ask yourself, Madame Hidalgo:

Do you think that it is a coincidence that The Motor Bike of that fellow Johnny Holliday went up on the same day that the UK Subs demanded a “Contract” from « La Compañia ? »… C’mon—MANNNNN!!! Didn’t you watch the BON SCOTT interview? Scott lays it all out on the French and Eye quotes, “their rock and roll,” and he is not too kind with that other fellow from the Knights In Satan Service, from New York City… bunch of clowns who really hail from the Motor City.

@segoarma “we don’t need no hashtags”

El Campeón — Valérie, oh Valérie … Vaha-ah—le rie.

In Local News, Adrianne Elrod in the Role of the présidentesse de La Île-de-France (in full Candid regalia) announced just a few hours ago, 12 to be préssisse, that she is in the running of the Bulls on Parade in La France and all of its Colonies.

https ://www .pri .org /stories /2021-07-23 /world-remembers-singer-amy-winehouse-10th-anniversary-her-death

No, Mika tu’tequiBocas! Nunca te conocí en Paris Plagues—no-nos fuimos juntos a comer, paella, period

Con Luna Llena y Toda La Cosa, yes-que-sí, Roger, de Las Dunas, las de Octubre son las más bonitas, y si no le crees a Luc Frelong ask Adanowski, but whatever you do don’t ask Duncan Bridgman so pena de despertar a Eddie y ese güey es bien coco.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/03/25 /bibliografia/

… hijo de la Luna
no-no es Serio este cementerio

In WASHINGTON, we pose the QUESTION to the producers of The pre-morning Joe Show with Jonathan Lemire:

Breaking News: Dulcinea Wallace is auditioning for the role of the 3 Caballeros, Musketeers need not apply 💃🏼 Extra, Extra:

Where were Ewe, when Öüï got High?

File photo of Rachel Maddow as an Extra… it’s her guilty pleasure, next to torturing little fishes by the Banks of the River, Phoenix… 🎶 Because she can.

Sirs and/or Mesdames, did you come up with the Idea to Interview Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez P-C all by yourself, or are you Sons-ov-Bitches  looking for inspiration on my site, —it’s fine, have-at-it, and you don’t even have to pretend that you are not reading this with that Stupid Fuckn’ Smirk on your face. 🗯🗞.

🎶 Will you still feed Mí
will you still Knead Mí
Gwen Eye is Sixty Four, Hu!

Donc, i have been telling y’all that i don’t select the Signs-O’the-Times, i only direct you to your chamber, y pues valga la redundancia, don Pablo Bartomomé, la de usted está compuesta de un trabalenguas : doncella de hierro/vierge de fer

In Tokyo, French Président Emmanuel Macron replies: Bring it on bitch!

“Little Jupiter », as the French PrésidentE was affectionately baptized by BFM’er TV, after a Vulgar display of Symbols where str•tegi•cally placed on the Executive Picture of his “I love me wall” at The Élysée did not hesitate to walk into his Republican Stable and went ahead and Talked to George.

Yo No Me Llamo Javier!

For this occasion, Mr. Macron selected a Dark Horse to ride into battle, ISSY, there is a reason for it Dani CALIFORNIA. More on D.A.T. if Luc Frelon has the balls to grace the Jazz Hour mic tonight.

—_ S E N J U T S U _—

Quick update on Luc Frelon… Mr. Luc is on vacation. It’s the sacrosanct duty of every French citizen to take a 3-to-4—week vacation around the Colonies, and for the French, the World is their colony, Just like for rapists (Roman Polanski) and gangsters (TBD), France is their Perpetual SuperLatif Bleü Öyster Cült.

After the Break:

—Context on February 2017/2021.
—Det. Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle* was a fag.

* EDDIE Egan…

Intermezzo with Verbatim I (French articles)

Chapter 3 Basics:
The French Articles… LA, Le, and of course good’Ol LES, dear Paul.

In the Romance languages, the word « police » is a feminine word; with that as a place holder, please note that across the Pond de La Mancha (or ‘stain’) the Rosbifs place no distinction on that bitch (i am talking about police canines, of course, not THE law enforcement elements as a team) focusing instead on the gender-neutral DA (written as THE) .:. EAADE968-46A7-4C9C-BC1F-ADAAD7B20829 .:. Perhaps, this is why the fellow with the docket on his left arm walking next to Jupiter I (uno) was careful not to place the English “LA” in front of Gordon Sullivan. WITT this in M.I.N.D., i can’t tell you what Euskara article is used in front of the word « police », but given that the Basque language has no known roots, i am just going to leave it at that.

Deer, Katty Kay… who the heck is Prince Harry? Asked Chuck, his dad.

Judging from the musical introduction « Surplomb » of Mr. Attali’s 2011 Verbatim trilogy, “Evidemment” he must be referring to the lute playing (Police) STING in the ensamble completed by Copeland 🥁 and Summers 🎸(for the sake of Synchronicity), but still, or alas—MTV didn’t reveal Gordon Sullivan’s love for the lute until Yo MTV ωraps was becoming a thing of the past, and Rodney King was about to make the news; but yes, i must agree, back when Pierre-Michael Littbraski and Michel Platini were a thing in Andalucía (España, FIFA World Cup 1982) it was all just onε big “LE paradis blanc” and all the wars were cold .:. 7E7C696F-CEE3-41F8-846B-0A2FE360D44E 📻 You know what else was not on the scene, Mr. Attali? Ronald Reagan’s crack cocaine in El Ey, baby, that’s Watt(s) knot in Panam(e).

With that out of Cousin Joe’s system, we switch it over to some Frog named, Attali, —Jack! Who clearly has a complete disregard for English articles. And hear me out, Katty Kay, because i’m-ah-gonna put John Paul II (the Pope) on the back-burner to catch up with Gordon Sullivan (Police, according to Mr. Attali) because you didn’t think that i was going to unearth DUNE and knot explain why Gordon Sullivan, —killed Jodoroωski’s dream.

Verbatim I « surplomb » .:. 305A2293-DF19-4B5B-8DE9-D8B62A16B94E .:. Thirty years ago. It was another world. We were listening to Michel Berger and POLICE… We had no rap, no slam, no Alzheimer’s, no Internet, no cell phone, no AIDS, no disease of defeat in Vietnam and had just been humiliated in Iraq. Etcetera, etcetera, etc,…

And in Washington, Walter Isaacson is editing children, and code-breaking Nightmares with Hitler, true edit. Step by step like Toy Soldiers… [A]nd Claire McCass, are you being ironic on International Women’s They? Or are you a Dodger fan now?

But seriously, to all the women being trafficked for sex, or  tortured for their beliefs, or subjected to menial jobs, not to mention kidnapped and rendered to ShitHole countries (without mentioning any Flags), HAPPY women’s Day. You can be assured that in today’s First World and fully developed countries elitist cunts are thinking of you… especially if they happen to take advantage of their “essential worker” status.

“What she said,” said the child, your Honor (président de la Court).


Bibliografía* — Updated 23 july 2021

*  Obligatoire


Once upon a time in Ciudad Juárez, and near the Waterfront in L.A.

… de arranque,
los preparativos para la iniciar la solicitud para poder ingresar legalmente a Francia, en el 2011, le iban siguiendo la tregua a un juguete que desembarcaba [de algún contenedor] en un puerto al que los autóctonos del lugar*, simplemente le llaman Pedro [Código Postal: 90731],
y cuyo destinatario final se encontraba en alguna de las aldeas o pueblos desparramados entre los dominos del Sr. Eloy Vallina Laguera,
allá en los ejidos rocosos de la Sierra Tarahumara.

* los autóctonos del lugar son aquellos a los que don Octavio Paz denostó en la soledad de un laberinto… o algo así.

Por aquellos días, 2009-2010, los funcionarios de la Secretaría de Comercio Exterior andaban trazando los primeros borradores del Acuerdo Transpacífico de Cooperación Económica, mejor conocido por sus siglas en Inglés,
como “el TPP”, y pues eso requería que los subsecretarios, economicistas,  y achichincles cercanos a diferentes concejos de empresarios se estuvieran trasladando muy seguido [es decir, de vez en cuando] hasta Chile y El Perú
para escribir y endosar, entre “minirrondas¹“,
los primeros por menores
de esa asociación [el TPP] de cooperación económica.

Por aquellos días, previo al año del Bicentenario de la Independencia
de La Corona española de 1810,
y el del Centenario de la revuelta civil de 1910;
en la que por cierto, quedó como triunfador
el bisabuelo de Natalia Almada,
los enredos de la burocracia aduanera ya habían llegado a su tope,
casi todos los productos, tanto en el mercado formal de Walmart y Soriana,
así como en los tianguis y pulgas informales
llegaban desde el continente de Asia.


Y siendo, pues, que ya desde los tiempos de La Reforma
—no confundir con “El Reforma“, porque esa movida es otra cosa—
y que las asignaciones para dirigir (y vigilar) las aduanas mexicanas, pues,
siempre han sido de las más cotizadas como Hueso de Recompensa,
pues resultó que
los únicos que salieron ganando
en esas transacciones de importación,
durante en el “Año Patrio” del 2010,
cedieron (o se dieron) en este orden:
los fayuqueros
los aduanales
la Policía Federal, antes llamada Policía Federal de Caminos**
los jefes de plaza

…y por supuesto, pero no oficialmente:
— La Agencia estadounidense (americana) mejor conocida por sus siglas en Inglés, llámese pues The ATF***  [Di—Ehy—Ti—Effff… para los que consumen quesadillas sin queso], y los que gustan de los contenidos ligados al:
Rápido y Furioso.

TIMEO es la producción de un Circo en Francia [eso es verdad]… El timeo con el que se maneja la dinastía del PRI es todo un show allá en el ESTADO de MéXICO y en los rincones del ZACAZONAPÁN. Entonces, pues, los cuadritos de arriba son los cimientos de un TIMO PIRAMIDAL (PYRAMID SCHEME, para los que siguen a Rachel Maddow en el MSNBC; ella lo explicó mejor, pero en un contexto para Donald Trump)… [Context follows]… Uso justo de lo aleatorio del MonoAureo, El Reforma, Milenio, Televisa, y por supuesto: KickStarterde haber sabido.

** Policia creada originalmente, según los canales oficiales de la federación, por un ex-canciller [en Brasil] de Plutarco Elias Calles.
Véase como referencia el “ANEXO 2” Nº 747, “CODIGO” 95030025:
“Juguetes réplica de ARMAS DE FUEGO que tengan apariencia, forma y/o configuración, de las armas en las partidas 93.02 y 93.03, pero que no sean las armas comprendidas en la partida 93.04.
Etc, etc, etc,… 
diría a lo mejor Yul Brynner
en el papel de El Rey de Siam.



1. OEA; Sistema de Información sobre Comercio Exterior… Brindando información comercial a gobiernos y PYMEs. “Acuerdo de Asociación Transpacífico (TPP) – Australia, Brunei, Darussaiam, Canadá, Chile, EEUU, Japón, Malasia, México, Nva. Zelandia, Perú, Singapur y Viet Nam“.