“… por las trompas de Eustaquio » — Tiempo de Híbridos

The End of Été:

Dead Head Sticker on Republican Teens…

A little voice inside my head said, « don’t look back  you can never look back » .


Sweet Dreams Are Made of This – Douce Réverie… Cousin Joe caught the COVID at a LONDON PUB… “Oh, The Humanity!

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and Denisa Kerschova just kissed all the gosses goodnight; it’s 11 am in CET, and The GO’ill de Niza is trying to cover the steps of Amnesty International and a certain Monk in France.

In this Nightmare, Alice Cooper, commissions Denisa Kerschova to play the role of  Major T. J. “KingKong and Lisa Ekdhal sips two barrels of simmered PINTO BEANS juice and develops the VOICE of General George C. Scott and stars as General Buck Turgidson, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

If only the Paris Tourism Board had the fucking imagination.

Lo que ví

2001 — the opening scene.

Entonces ¿en qué estaba?

¡Ah, ya se! La foto del 2001 es de una odisea espacial. Hace algunos días con el motivo del regreso a los changarros de Francia, el conjunto de cumbias de Radio France Musique que sigue después de la hora de (Natty Le Pio) se aventó un cover de la rola de la BO (Bande Originale) de esa cinta³ de Kubrick en France.

³~.Sequel: 2010: The Year We Make Contact

Öüï INTERRUPTS Denisa Kerschova’s night-time-sleeping session for kids to BRANCH once again to our REGULAR transmission following the Queen’s passing… Elizabeth had way to many Pinto Ponies, I mean pinto beans before she laid to sleep… Major T. J. “King” Kong, the B-52 bomber’s commander and pilot in Strangelove’s War welcomes Regina into the next stage in Evolution.

PREVIOUSLY on, “Right Now, the most important thing happening in Santiago de Chile 🇨🇱 is The Queen’s Speech on Truss, »

https ://asegovia3 .com /2022/09/06/y-para-muestra-un-patron/

Hoy, precisamente Gemini ♊ had an “outdoor” viewing event of the opening scene “The dawn of man” the next stage in evolution which, as viewed from this angle, isautomatic for the apes“.


Automatic for the apes. Un film del pariente de un compadre del sobrino del amigo del pueblo bueno, un chango que se llama Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

P.S. I Love You, but Seriously, Eye is SIRIUS, and DIANA, i have your fucking arrow 💘 … « La délicate Lisa Ekdhal revisite les tubes de la pop » (radiofrance . fr)

Nada que ver con Nice and the Cloakroom with James, Mister Taylor.

La délicate Lisa Ekdhal revisite les tubes de la pop (radiofrance.fr)

Entonces, Natty Le Pio, ¿en qué nave andaba? I now that it was a SPECIAL California Edition, Meanstreak… the French turned it into a Marauder. Ask, Princesse Tam Tam, she learned all the Chords; wake her ass up if you have to.

Ladies in Gemini : Kevin “the green nosed” Bacon

Blackbird… This is no time for siesta… Katie Benner is at The Gates:

Fairy tales can come true…

And, Natty Le Pio…
Eye trust that Ewe are knot reading this, but if Ewe is reading this section of 🦌 Sonora, en 🦌 Escocia,  then Eye trust that Ewe will pay no attention to that White broad, she’s known to sleep with Enanitos Verdes, formally from HERMOSILLO, entre el Mar de Cortés y la sierra de tu Madre Occidental en Chihuahua.

Sonora con escala 📐 en Edimburgo 🦌, what a Racket 🎾


For Mexican Festivities purposes, Cortés is the start of “la conquista” y Chihuahua en donde Hidalgo perdió su cabeza de torero aficionado… CARMENCITA se fue, “Amores Lejanos”.

Whistle while you WO’ik

Of course Lord Luce, you know that El Sacerdote Rupestre de San Eustaquio de Falopio, Municipio de Las Panochas del Silencio, had already set 📐 the table, here’s last week’s REPORT of The Hubble space telescope:

🧑🏼‍🎤 Let’s Dance.


LO QUE VI… Dead Crown en Paz.

A Lad of Chavela


En contexto para, Paz Corona (París, 3e). El pasado 29 de agosto, SoFy Velasco at RFPP 106.3 FM turned Eduardo Galeano into a Toulousain, which precipitated this blog to turn Carlos Gardel into a Rana uruguaya.

Acapulco… this is no time for Siesta 🎾 What A Racket!!! Doña Licha II.

Y para muestra, —un patrón… and if you wait, there’s camel toe at The End 🏎️

Right Now, the most important thing happening in Santiago de Chile 🇨🇱 is the Queen’s Speech on Truss.

It’s a Hybrid ®️™️, in Mexico, that model is called “The Mapache”.

WE INTERRUPT this transition on accont of the Queen’s death after Lizz Truss shook hands with a frailed Elizabeth; TIMEDELAYED EARTHQUAKE follows, jump to 21/09/2022 to branch onto the next step in EVOLUTION: The Dawn of Apes.

Executive privilege … How does it feel, September Eleven 2001, sin celery, El once de septiembre 1973.

Of course, one must be French to make papas fritas en La SorbonneAves de Paso en el Instituto De Estudios Superiores de Alain Rouquie en América la–tina, follows.

Say It Ain’t So, “machete amellado”, say it ain’t so. Pujitos PÚCHEROS Luna is laughing his ass all the Way to NARCOS on Netflix. Courtesy of La Mano de Bernardo Gómez en Cinéma Les Deux Amigos en Saint Germain-des–Prés.


And GÖ’ill deNiza… EWE ain’t seen nothing, JET!

Vivos los queremos porque muerto, lo levantaron.

With musical guest, Víctor Jara… las jaras en lotería son FLECHAS. Ask FREDDY CATS in Montreuil-sous-Bois, he is the Authority of what passes for Mexican in October.

With musical guest, don ClariNetas Soprano.

Los Mustangs sin Gas…
Yup! That’s Jean-Luc at the wheel… it’s all about the Aluminum!

Submitted for your approval, Denisa Kerschova puts on the turban d’fakir and she proceeds to charm a Cobra… driving enthusiast listening to the Whitesnake cover of Golden Ratio’s, Earring, “Radar Love », can’t resist but to step on the gas ⛽

So, a revolution, eh?
Would you like that in 33 1/3, 45, or old-fashion 78 rpm’s? Magnetic 📼 Memorex ®️ is knot an option.

“Special delivery for Mango,”… The Saturn Episode³

³~.  Breaking Bad. SE 4, EP 11

La partition et l’engagement
From “A They In The Life”:
If the sun don’t come you get a tan From standing in the English rain.

Previously on BREAKING BAT y CAN:
Dicen que el chile es bueno para la memoria…”, México Para Chile.

Cabine Sauna for the ISS…

The Saturn is KNOT what you think episode. Off-course and in order to synch-in, or rather, freq. hop your way onto this channel you must know the Key of Saturn, for details ask the lizard people on the David Icke spectrum.


Not to be outdone by Artemis-es commode, The International Space Station asked Alfonso Cuarón to deliver a sauna to the International Space Station.

After the break:
It’s better call Saúl Hernández and his number Won hit ⚾,
“El Diablito ».


Batteries not included y, que chingue a su madre Eugenio Dervéz y sus dévoluciones.


The instructions are to install the cabin where Commander Pesquet used to listen to the Beach Boys as he circled a square… or something like that 🐰

Ya se me olvidó el tema… any how, México para Chile y chile para Juanito Guanabacoa

Breaking Bat y Can

Seasoning: 4; Old EP: Ate

Ta’ Pelona… Have a seat, señor Gallina. 🦗🦗🦗🦗


Hoy, as promised, no hubo SoFy Velasco en rfpp… Los 🦗 Bitchos 🦗 de 🦗 Juárez 🦗 follows, 🤠 Yee-haw!

Mientras tanto ayer en el 3éme del Tercero y porqué no decirlo; del Tercer Milenio in The Blue 🔵 planet.

Peace Crown llegó en un caballo volador.


… Una de vaqueros contra GERONIMO en rfpp 106.3 de fm, de arranque ahorita en el 19⁰ de la rue Botzaris en rfpp, Juanito Guanavacoa va a “negrear” a un Negro, así son los Judiciales de Vicente Fox. Chocolate Jesus is the opening act.

¡Qué feo hablan!
Bananarama en la mano de Amandititita for size.



Season 3, EP 9 : Kafkaesque

Lavadoras Vulgares de Liverpool presenta: I’ll Put A Drive Thru on The Dark Side of The Moon… de allí, HASTA la VEGA en el panteón de Veracruz

https ://www .clarin .com /internacional /abuela-pidio-ultimo-deseo-morir-monumento-pene-acompanar-tumba_0 _ysBE2Um6D9.html

footnotes from The Top:

Puros cuentos con fines culturados, o algo así… lo más seguro es de que por ESO los lapiceros son buenos, y a la goma con los crayones 🖍️, punto.

2016… mes de todas las Madres
Musical guest: Jesús Flores de Lys
Tema musical: Veneno para tu madre

In local News, The Olympic de Marseille assigns new Captain at the College del Bat y Can.

https ://www .euronews .com /2022/08/27 /popefrancis-creates-20-new-cardinals-who-may-choose-hissuccessor

“This trust that the Pope has placed in me is a great honour, which commits me and obliges me even more in my mission in the service of Christ.”

Jean-Marc Aveline, Archbishop of Marseille


charged with interreligious dialogue between the cartels.

In entertainment happenings, hoy no hubo Juanito GUANABACOA en rfpp (106.3 de su internet de la Ville de Jan) Öüï only had las Meninas!!! Narrated by SoFy Velasco 🤹🏻‍♀️ y los chaparros del Topo Chico, with special guests: los enanitos toreros de Marciano Cantero.

Juanito GUANABACOA y María Félix had a baby, SoFy baptized the creature “Juana Galla”… En RFPP, Eduardo Hughes Galeano moved to Paris, mister HUGE Galeano, it turns out, according to SoFy Velasco, era una Partícula del Olympique Marseille ⚽ … Oh, La Humanité! Se acabó La Magía y ya Se Chuparón la venas Dry… ‘inches canadienses mamones.

Sponsored by Lavadoras vulgares de Liverpool.

Coming up, SoFy blows up The World Trade Center and Revisits Pinochet this coming September 11 on Aquí Somos y Allá t’Espero… A Qué Horas Sales al Pan?