Sieg Heil — Hasta La Víctoria Siempre… con MADRIGAL

Nothing imaginary about this FABLE.

Ask your HIStory prof., KeyWord FRANC MASON de la rue CADET. HYPOCRITES de La République 🇨🇵.

Breaking Bat y Can  

Mi BANDA El Mexicano, “¡Meza, Meza, Meza’l que más aplauda!”
BOLA DE PUTOS… It’s ALWAYS “Samedi” en Vincennes.


³~. http ://www .mexicoaparis .com /fiesta-mexicana-2022/


samedi, Samedi, SAMEDI.


Note to editors, the “mexicoàparis” link is not SECURE because it is missing an « ESE »… y para muestra, un pinche BOTÓN:

Put A Bug On It!

Mexicanos en Rancia. “The Trane! Mr. O’Rourke, The Trane!!!”… Only on Fantasy Island.


Season V 🇨🇵; Episode Tú 🇲🇽

This is a Spécial Édition of Allegretto JUNIOR, live from TAMAULIPAS, and Öüï begins with a Franco-German (Gaul-Teutonic) Huapango titled:


But, FO’ist, The U.K. Subs menu for the THEY:

¿Qué Saco?

¿Qué Saco?… Bugs, and if you eat The Wabbit, of course Ewe knows, that IT!, —means GWAR!!!

https ://www .theguardian .com /environment /2022 /sep /02 /let-them-eat-bugsuk-urges-hunger-stricken-african-nations-to-farm-insects

Mi Banda El Mexicano – ahora con greñas


Previously at Le Château de Vincennes, Métro Line Won (The Yellow 🟡 Line) “Leonardo DiCaprio” was getting a special Quiet Riot–style Iron Mascara, from LóReal en LEVALLOIS-Perret (92044)

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