And starring as Dora The explorer: Pundita Bonita

Never mind The Bollocks, BREXIT has left The Onion.

And starring as La Negra*


*~. 🇦🇷 Mercedes Sosa interpreting El canto de 🇬🇹Rigoberta Menchu:

1876: The U.S. recommends all native tribes to evacuate themselves to the land assigned to them by the Washington commanders.

🃏 — we now return to our Strip Texas Hold’Em# Poker Stars 🤩.


Mientras tanto en 🇬🇹 Guatemala, white phosphorus is better than pyres, and this is where 🇵🇪 Dora 🇺🇸 meets “Condorito”, whose spirit recently left the Dallas Metropolitan Zoo on under 🙈  mysterious 🙊 circumstances, hilarity 🐒 ensues when a quirky Colomboesque* type with a pair of solid ❤️ hearts ❤️walks into The Fountain at the Rockefeller/Comcast Rainbow Lounge.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2023 /01/22 /us /dallas-zoo-vulture-dead .html

*~. Of, “The Never Ending Story”, “Just One More Thing”, Falk 🕵️.

1980:  Guatemala City …several political dissidents and indigenous peasants storm and take control of the 🇪🇸 Spanish embassy to protest against the genocidal treatment that the local natives called 🗿 The Mayas are going through.

Just some good ‘ol boys…

🗿~. Actual “Maya” stoner head according to the PANCHO VILLA CODEX.

At noon the Guatemalan police enter the embassy and proceed to burn the indigenous locals with white phosphorus. 36 die inside of the SPANISH embassy.

1922 : la police 🇪🇸 espagnole disposera de 💨 gaz asphyxiants, 🐕‍🦺 de chiens, de 📯 sifflets et de ♣️ gourdins métalliques faciles à utiliser.

Two people survive, one being the 🇪🇸embajador Máximo Cajal López (1935-2014) and the 🇬🇹 peasant Gregorio Iujá-Shoná (who will be kidnapped from his hospital bed on the same night and TORTURED by a Guatemalan version of Juanito Guanabacoa, until GREGORIO dies).

https ://asegovia3 .com /2018/08/24 /coming-up-dead-elvis/

Cover letter, o como dicen los franceces-es-es, Motivational Mémoire for the job of janitor³ at Futuro Media.

Con la ausente participation de Amanditititita²… Día 🇪🇸 e en la ñ del Instituto Cervantes y el ayuntamiento del Distrito Federal en los 🇲🇽 EEUUMM.


³~. As a pre-cursor to the so-called “dreamer” generation in France (2011-now) i can attest that one must be FRENCH to get a job in media (anywhere in the Globe)… and there’s a reason for that.


Hold a bachelor’s degree in FrancoPhonies studies from the HEROIC University of Veracruz ☄️.

¹~. 💥 2013 –in 🇲🇽 Mexico City an explosion occurs in the ⛽ PEMEX 💸 Executive 🐭 Tower , leaving a total ☠️ 36 dead and 🤕 100 wounded.

Just the facts – Dora, are you now, or have you ever been a “terraka” del Sendero de Lumière en Saint—Germaine-des-Press de la rue Guillaume ?


elDorado¹ de 🦁 Sciencespo 🦊, featuring 🇲🇽 Alejandro Poiré as Harrison Phord in the role of an archeologist at the Bibliothèque public d’infomercials (sans social media) Georges Pompidou; musical guest, ALICE COOPER.

1977 – en París se inaugura el Centro Pompidou… ¿en dónde está la biblioteca?

Dear, Antonia and Janice, the answer to the opening question of your Dora l’Exploradora popularity contest is always, Frida. Not J.Lo, not. Not Dora, — it’s Frida 💅, period…

In this section of the plan Öüï covers a review of a Latinx “oldie but goodie” from the same WASP executives at Nickelodeon  that brought you Jimmy Neutron and, … [pause] … —BLEU Clues!!! 🐶.

Only a fool would say that, Dan… solo un tonton diría eso, Dora.

2020 🇬🇧 The United Kingdom’s membership within the 🇪🇺 European Union ceases in accordance with Article 50, after 47 years of being a member state.


… and in Paris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez moved to la Maison de La Radio

Flash bulletin!

From Wikipedia:

In the 15th century, Durango got engaged in the wider War of the Bands, with various conflicts involving the Ibarguen, Zaldibar and Unzueta families. During this period, tower houses belonging to different clans were erected, such as the ones of Arandoño, Asteiza, Etxebarria, Lariz, Monago, and Otalora. Henry III (1393) and Henry IV (1457), the Castilian Kings, were both received in Durango, as well as Queen Isabel of Castile [“The Catholic“] (1483), who enticed Durango and the Lordship of Biscay to her cause in exchange for ratifying their laws and institutions, i.e. she swore the fueros, and favourable trade conditions. According to the municipal records, both monarchs took shelter in the Lariz Tower.

No Jacket Required…
Quick Change for The Wicked

Starring SANCHO PANZA en La Mancha de Benito Benoît de la Insula de Boulogne-sur-Mer, Avi Velsho³ guest stars as El Señor Gobernador de Brel.

³~. Avi Velshi cameos as Dario Moreno, interpreting Velsho.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /etonnez-moi-benoit /avec-jean-claude-calon -7704176


Paris, Franche_ 14 Jan. 2023. Inspired in part by Su-Su-SuStudio de la hija de Phil Collins en París, Queens Congresswoman and squad leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez🇵🇷, moved to París.

The grand finale to the congresswoman’s fugue from Babylon Two and over to Babylon One, or the drop that flooded the Long Island Iced Tea, was the arrival of los Santos, over to The Hill, not far a güey (by the way) from Penn Ewe in Del Aware.

Black Blemish or Actual Agency? Let’s ask MARBLE GARGLES, the Evil one of the McDowell’s on the Groundhog Show on a Happy Moon edition of the Dario Moreno set.

Upon arrival, Ocasio-Cortez🇵🇷 figured out that she had seen this movie, 🇦🇺 Aussie, except for the angle from where Ali Velshi, —yes Symone, the same Ali Velshi who sends his “banned book” guests to another dimension at the Rainbow Lounge, banished sort of speak 🙊, to a proprietary podcast place called “pavor 🦚 real”, get it while you can.

To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ 🇨🇺 surprise, THE PARIS TOURISM BOARD arranged to have the “avant premier” of Babylon III, in theaters at Babylon I, on SUNDAY, as opposed to the ordinary-established opening They, on Wednesday, however, the following They on Thursday Évrybody, including Buttes-Chaumont and the rest of La Franche will be engaged in the Opening They of “NATIONAL SPORTS DAY” in the Fifth Republic, and so, Madame Elisabeth issued a 49.3 on the “avant premier” of Babylon III, starring Aquiles, el más talón de la farandula del SHOW DE JUANITO GUANAVACOA.

In 20minutes… Eye shits you KNOT, Nº 3798 of last Week to they on La Pausa of page 14 de Cerfpanthére 🦂, and yes Katie Phang, that alacrán Dare, scared the shit out of PAGE too, Keith Moon was the culprit, always with his pranks.

How I Learned To Love The Marmottes de Barcelonnette, Franche.