“Get off of my plaza” — Janvier 1965, page 7 of El Mundo de Le Monde

But FO’ist!!!

Entitled cat. Breaking update: Mr. Novak will be performing down Victoria’s way.

DJOKO GETS A MEXICAN VISA to look at Kangaroos and possibly a fair share of syphilitic Koalas.
No word yet if Mr. Novak will be able to swing his racket Downunder.

Successeur de M. Lopez Mateos à l’Internationale socialiste de Veracruz

[Nereidas suena como fondo]
https ://www .sortiraparis .com /actualites /a-paris /articles /210710-crue-de-la-seine-paris-en-vigilance-jaune

X marks the spot… shoot to kill.

Le président Diaz Ordaz mettra l’accent sur l’expansion économique du Mexique, or how i learned to love el PRI in the role of el MOvimiento  de REnegados NAcionales

In recent news, congratulations to “La Vieja del Sapo productions” who just secured a juicy contract with la Bibliothèque publique d’infomercials à Beaubourg.

Marilyn the misfit… well, you have already heard about Frida’s troubled relation with the American, “surgeon sons of bitches²“… but Eye is willing to bet that THE FRANCE-AMÉRIQUE are unaware that Frida Kahlo was a fervent ANTIDENTITE!!! Öüï can attest that her grill was just as fucked up as those 8 Spinal Chop-Chop Tap operations that she went through. Spinal Tap, man! Spinal Tap.

².~https ://www .karger .com /article /fulltext /91136

    1. Kettenmann A: Frida Kahlo. Köln, Taschen, 2003.

https ://www .pinterest .jp /pin/449585975274380433

“La Frida”, as she is known in La Colonia ROMA, secured a security guard position with the Centre Pompidou after a judge in Mexico ruled that the heirs of the FRIDA KAHLO ESTATE can profit from the COPYRIGHT mug shot of Salma Hayek.

True to form, FRIDA wasted no time to plug* her Tam-Tam™ tangas, all while delivering a sucker punch to the American Ambassador’s neighbor at rue Gabriel:

*.~ to take the opportunity to advertise and/or self-promote an idea, a statement or a lowdown dirty ass mattress they sale

Obligatory mask in your ass³

… and She Was, the little creature she was.

³.~ Ewe literally can’t write this shit up.

LMC*: Los naipes de Isela Vega** y los abuelitos de Charlotte Gainsbourg

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /523 /reader /reader .html#!preferred /0 /package /523 /pub /410 /page/15

* LMC = Las Más Cabronas
** Naipes = Playing Card of The Spanish Shuffle, (to shuffle is to barajear).

First signs of a progress, i guess. .:. AED6EF5B-8A11-4BFC-A0F9-092A5F57D21A .:. De cualquier forma, i now continue with Yesterday’s ketch-up of Last Week To They but KNOT before checking out the process over on rue Serpent (75006) where our Amigos valencianos began the first draft of el fondo layered two weeks ago, now if you are just KNOT tuning in to this silent groove you might think that this post is about PICHIAVO, which happens to be the duo spraying the board. And lemme’tell y’all that as SEYB and MANYAK are my witnesses-ese in the 93100 (Montreuil) TEN YEARS AGO to-the-tee i was covering their Apocalyptic vision on a 50 meter wall. So relax, this is not about the artists—it’s about the motherfucking process and the local events that are re-interpreted through the éphémère in Saint-Michel (75006), which up until the end of last week was about “el chisme de una Nereida a Neptuno”, hereafter referred to as: NaN, period!

In Local news, Paris hospitals began sending the excess covid-19 medical^ patients to other hospitals within the Departmental structure network of the Hexagone… meanwhile at La Seine, Poseidon allowed for the first scenic boats to do the rounds. I am not a doctor, but you get the fucking idea, Katty Kay.

^ because there also happens to be covid-19 morgue departures, so no, medical patients is not redundant in this context Mr. STRUNK & WHITE… it’s just my style.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /The_Elements_of_Style

Context in the process continues to develop, and the good thing about this blog is that los Amigos de Valencia no leen como este rollo unfolds… yeah, Buddy.

— Continued from Sunday, March 14, 2021…

Previously on the early morning edition of franceinfo, a card-carrying member of the spectacles guild in Paris was bitching about his Culture Minister not showing up to a conference to discuss strategies for the SURVIVAL OF THAT GUILD, in the words of that exasperated union representative, paraphrased of course:

“The Minister (Roselyne Bachelot) is everywhere (punto y coma) she is on RTL, she is on TFI, on BFM (tv), she is on rfi—but not in the meeting where all of the live event workforce is discussing the challenges imposed by the pandemic on us »…  for a more accurate re-interpretation of this rendition please head over to the franceinfo web area and search for the 8 o’Clock podcast from Sunday, March 14th 2021.

https ://www .france24 .com /en /france /20210311 –france-alarmed-by-despicable-death-of-teenage-girl-who-drowned-in-seine

Don’t be shocked after the fact, especially if what i overheard along the FM waves is true. And don’t blame the media and the violent content in some of its many formats, that scapeGOAT has been served before, and it did not digest well.

Across the Seine, in Argenteuil, franceinfo reported the sighting of one of the 50 river muses that Neptune relies on for information in that domain, sadly for the theme of the Amigos valencianos à Saint–Michel, the news are not good ones.  Please don’t shoot the Messenger, and my name is not Harambe, —caramba!