And, Katty Kay… Eye is an anti-Christ and i am an anti-¥unque yank

Eight men out:

Not to be outdone by the First 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris, the New York Yankees hired Louise Michel and set up their own Field of Dreams… cualquier parecido avec Le Parc des Princes à Saint Cloud, es obra del Espíritu Santo y de Antonio Banderas, off-course.

The fascist liens to Fox and (Chente’s) Friends, quinceañera’s édition… and, Reverend Al, allow Mí to flip your National Action to show the class on this Frontier Airlines Flight how the “up-side down cross” of King Diamond works on the Mexican Margarita* Political “network”:

Bilbao, 11/08/2021

https ://www .publico .es /politica /entramado-secta-yunque-mexico-campana-vox .html

⚒ National ANVIL Network ⚒

Los Nazis en México — Sincretismo sin Magic Mushrooms 🔩 Issy, doña Vilma… isn’t the Church at the Maub the “Métallo” equivalent of the 🇲🇽Santiago Abascal 🇪🇸 clan?  EL Yunque… orgullosamente parte de Los Tayados RAYADOS del Monterrey (ITESM en SCIENCES PO).

Q’rack that Whip!… and Blondie, out of The Rapture you can expect the arrival of The Man From MARS.

Anyhow, Reverend Al, worry not about my on-going cuchara in that there election where the “E” (that’s capital “eeh”) €$🎚ablish-ment ousted the very Left in Oh-Hi-Oh. I promise to get back to that beat, but right now, as The Biden Administration admonished The South of the border AMLO administration for calling-out the JOSÉ DÍAZ-BALART crowd in Little Havana, the Very-Extreme Right in Mexico (Acción Nacional) is about to make a move on El Paso’s “Voto Latino”… watch that space, because we are about to let this bird crash and burn.

But while we are still Airborne, (with a capital Ey, ese) we can’t let this little nugget from the very people that (valgan los Venn radiuses-es-esos) put Florence Cassez in jail in order to hype the image of the husband whose wife (former AN first lady) is mingling with FRANCO’ crowd in Spain.

Calderón fue el primer gobernante del mundo en comprar Pegasus

File Archive:

https ://www .reporteindigo .com /reporte /margarita-zavala-aparece-en-red-ultraderecha-con-el-yunque-tras-filtracion-de-wikileaks /amp/

And Katty Kay… i can’t promise the same thing that your new employer promises the producers of The Daily Show, or the pages of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-C. (D-NY) and which is to never bring you a story that other MEDIA has already covered. That, i cannot do, but I tell you what my commitment for the past seven years has been, and that is:

 To turn every story that our falls in our radar up-side down… shake it’s its content and look for those dang-on dangling participles that always seem to escape the beady little eyes of our most esteemed copy editor, Fenster (The Usual  Suspect).

8 Septembre 1944 — pg. 73 le débat Camus-Mauriac

ODÉON… where heros lie.

¡Viva Francia, —bola de putos!


I refuse to be “exceptional”, FUCK FLORIDA!!! And for once in my life, Mr. López has got a fucking point, unlike el infamous: ¡COMES Y TE VAS!

The All-Star Game 2021
Camus à Combat… was a fag, period

In local news, Winston Churchill is doing the Drunk Baby routine, and Chuckles de Gaulle is having a moment of Zen with the Philly Phanatic… and move over Buffon, Gianluigi just took over Saint-Cloud in the Sky… over on El Mundo de Le Monde’s exposé on Pio XII this is what Albert Camus wrote on the subject: les paroles du pape en faveur de la demo ne se soient pas fait entendre plus tôt.

NOTE to non-readers, if you thought that the maker of asegovia3 has been equating the events of the 1871 insurgent movement known as the Paris Commune, with the recent January 6th treasonous march on Washington, instigated no less by the 45th President of The United States of America, then EWE’s a fucking dumb-ass. These those i meant to write most recent (maga crowd) parallels are closer to PIO XII than PIVS Nonus.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Pope_Pius_IX

Articles and editorials from Albert Camus
Éditions Gallimard, 2002

Indeed, Mike Barnicle… you Son-ova-Vichy! There hasn’t been a Starting Pitcher since the “Great Bambino” who can hurl a baseball from the mound at an effective speed limit on an « upward mobility super highway¹ » and then as your sorry-Bostonian ass said, “put on á helmet and head to the plate,” and send François Mauriac’s Académie fastballs all the way to The Moon, baby! To The Moon, not just a few kilometers from the Ozone layer, —ya’Bum.

In Entertainment gossip and French touch innuendo Catherine De•neuve and George Bras•sens had a baby and the little fucker, Jean Manuel, was delivered on Old Segovia Rd… Willie Nelson turned out to be the dad.

Unless, Cousin Joe, UNLESS… you count LOUISE MICHEL’s double-duty at the start of the FIRST 150 ANNIVERSARY OF LA COMMUNE DE PARIS à Vincennes. Extra-extra motherfucker (pg. 179, 8 Septembre 1944— Le journalisme critique).

(an Angel-ino, to put it mildly… and pay no attention to the colors on this section on account that it is, The 2021 Camp Town Ladies All-Star Game from Colorado, it was supposed to be in Georgia, but fuck’em, it’s for the good of the order).

Here’s an Habanera for the ocasión…

¹.)- Chris Rea — Road to Hell

The password is: The monk bought lunch

A Colbert reportage [place holder for Amnesty International, PARIS] goes here:

Per your request, Mr. Pérez, the following is a segment D.A.T. Eye is going to call, —con el permiso de Roger— Roger and Mí 🌬DB17CE92-8BF4-4C0E-98E4-22E43EDFC479 💨 * Cowbell equals Context… and Tim Apple, you son of a bitch, —WHY? Why is there no cowbell emoji on your danG’on diVice? Eh! 🎨 Guess that Eye is going to have to draw you a picture.

BUT FO’ist, WAIT!!! Stop the Art Review‼️‼️‼️HOLY FUCK! Roger, not to be outdone by Nashville’s 4th of July celebratory celebration of some kind of ceremony, La Mairie de Paris is bringing out Les Plagues, ⛱  or something like that (all Whale skeleton, no umbrella when it rains)  by The Seine, take it from Jonah, he’s been around.

This is what Ewe might call, an ironic shade of logistics. It’s part of the infrastructure if you can go beyond High-Speed DSL amtracks from Peru, and Mr. Pérez, Eye knows that Ewe know what Mí is talking about.

Any how, Mr. Pérez, gonna jump to page Tú and for the rest of the week you SiR will be the centerpiece. You Are Going to Like the way you look, but if your ASS CALLED THE CODE RED, you are going to be brushed-off. D.A.T. i promise Mr. García, at the Mexican Consulate and The Bourse de Paris… where little’ol Eye sleeps… for now.

Live from the Rock and Roll Circus, it’s the most famous newspaper clip in Neil Young’s “free world »: J’Accuse…! Details after all this time remain murky in innuendo, but Öüï gets it.

Any how, ELISA JO… will you marry Mí? There’s one condition though, you must keep your promise to always walk on the sunny side of the Street, —even when it RAins.

… [B]ecause a picture without context is in the best scenario, pro•pa•ganda (punto y coma) and at the opposite end of the Spectrum, it is probably quite possibly nothing more than advertisement for the masses.

It’s the bottom of the Third, and Paris All-Star Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, remains at the mound, the score is not relevant this early in the game suffice to say that the Paris All-stars playing are down by more than three runs, Army Staff General, Alfred Dreyfus is first in the Bating Order and Alexis the “Tee” de Tocqueville follows and then you can expect to see the King’s confessor, The One and Only, Père Lachaise.

Over on the color channel, the all-khemists All-Stars are breaking the Color CYAN down (punto y tome) but in a good güey, Carroll. And, Willie Geist—across the street at Studio 3A in Babylon 2, it’s Hot Lips meets Major (representative in Pennsylvania) Houlahan.

Objects on mirror are closer than they appear 🚲🚲🚲🚲 Over at Le Tour de France, Marianne, not the France is considering making the VACCINE mandatory, not an option. And, Marcus Miller … Eye regret to inform you that a SCHEDULING CONFLICT will make it impossible for U.S. to meet you à Juan (pronounced ‘YuAn’) on account that i am due for a second shot of that Covid potion. Carry-on… Yo, SPIKE! SPIKE!!! SPIKE! Don’t make me get on an SNCF stow-away spot and Troll your Cannes-es_Ese. I have three day’s to spare.

And, Cousin Joe, IDE (pronounced like) I’d tell Ewe what, CyanIDE) the reason that historians call it the “roaring 20’s” is because “pan y circo” was already taken by the Umpire! PLAYBOL.


Side eye girls… To They_and Jason Johnson will like it too

— JUMP TO PAGE 21/5… for the fuckers at MSNBC D.A.T.’s May 21st, 1871.

It’s the top of the Longest-running first inning, but to Kasie Hunt’s credit it is knot her fault that PRESIDENT Joseph R. Biden would turn out to be such an AIPAC bitch, period—don’t stop ’till Ewe get enough.

It’s like when Indiana Jones shoots the intimidating Arab swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark ».


https ://www .inc .com /bill-murphy-jr /3-things-people-get-wrong-about-david-vs-goliath .html



You are Knot foolin’ any Biden, Mr. Sánchez… Eye knows that Ewe are the illegitimate son of Layla, and the aforementioned “intimidating Arab swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Deer, Richard Engle…. stick to the facts, skip Shakespeare, you sound like Chespirito. Issy, i—knot—Eye knows that the Wallace wants to turn all of her rolodex (if under 40, please google it) into an Eddie Gloude Junior, or a Neymar on the field for that matter (look up magic soccer spray remedy) but, Sir, please check them “kind of, sort ah” speculations for what follows in the Netanyahu re-election tool, or Hamas ability to figure out new ways to kill jews (there is no other way to put it), I mean it literally, BRIAN Williams.


The sermon between The Book of Mark and the bridge of ACTS, follows after Loss of Signal does her thing .:. SYNOPSIS: An American priest in Paris calls for a new way to look at things, hilarity ensues when Hitler on ICE hits the cylindrical  rotating billboards in front of hip Cafés, ese.

Anne Hidalgo is at the plate and she borrowed the single chain thurible (incense burner) used during the opening ceremony of The Ascension á Saint Eustache, where ‘an American priest in Paris” crossed the bridge between the Book of MARK and the ACTS of all to PETITION THE LORDE WITH PRAYER (repeat 3X) to send her pitch to COLBERT…

SitRep 1: Loss of Signal is in full-effect and BAM! Anne Hidalgo’s secret weapon against Colbert (at the plate) is her “boleadora“… Hidalgo’s throw is well-thymed and that sucker hits Colbert right in his face.

(Breaking the Known News)

Say D.A.R.E., how many horses in that there coupe?

Quick note to the Real Academia de mexicanismos and the ABUELITOS and the ABUELITAS of the LatinX community in San Antonio, Texas, “la boleadora” is not la señora que limpia las chanclas, but rather las BOLEADORAS argentinas, recurso que Hidalgo brought back from La Argentina, where the current Mayor got her goatswait Oaths, knot goats.

The Pitch:

Öüï catched the royal epitome of “The Big Lie” and the instigating pre-cursor of the Man in Leonardo Dicaprio mask, J. B. Colbert, as his entourage at Saint Eustache tapped his hearse to Announce his turn at the bat.

Colbert likes to walk to the plate in full Louie the XIV regalia and with the pompous props worthy of an Apollo Creed or, for lack of a better showboat, “Money” Floyd Mayweather Jr., (google Justin Beiber).

Hidalgo for her part, as the procession was about to begin, was spotted filling the tips of her non-pitching index finger from the tip of her hat (punto y coma) with what our Reflets du France correspondent say that it looked like rillettes du Mans, which Hidalgo then rubbed onto the synthetic softball forro (hide).

Hidalgo then pulled a leg-length chain from the aforementioned baseball cap which she then used to turn the softball into an honda, knot to be confused with a Honda, because that requires a special driving permit and the use of a helmet, knot a baseball cap.

Top of the FO’ist and Colbert steps to The Plate

Unlike Ari Melver’s fantasy Jet City Wee’men baseball team [for] our coverage of the first 150th Anniversary Softball Tournament of La Commune de Paris, Öüï base[s] the plays on Historicity and real characters of an already established universe. Whereas, Ari (that motherfucker) bases his plays on whatever is good for the gander, and of course, the motherfucking goose.

Et Cerf-panthère, the motherfucking groundhog took a peek outside from La Grotte et a vu un panneau qui disait : le mimétisme est la forme la plus sincère de la flatulence

¿Así de que, qué pedo con ese pedo?

LA OLALA OLALA, allí está. Fresh off a Mil-Spec Space–A flight from The Hanoi Hotel is none other than “The Maverick » and he is performing a shimmy dance to the call of The Supremes who asked the former Panamænin and Arizona Senator to entertain the empty stalls at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field á Vincennes… Charles de Batz de Castelmore d’Artagnan (that SumBitch) is of course, playing “bad cop” and just informed The Maverick that his shenanigans will not be tolerated while Mr. Colbert is at The Plate.
The Maverick, being The Maverick begins to strip and in this ESTablished UNIverse, The Good Senator can raise both ARMS above his shoulders.

… [A]nd Willie Geist, of course you all know that it was the Very Mexicans who went ahead and invented metachronal rhythm

Another advantage of knot reading our coverage of the most dynamic game in the vicinity of The French Olympic Siege à Vincennes is that our cast of characters are ridiculously fresh y excitantes.

After the break it’s, 9 Nasty WO’ids N°3: “la torita”… [A]nd Glady’s, could you please frame said “torita” in LatinX form?.

Take Colbert for example, he lies just in front of The Nelson Mandela Garden at a “well known” soup kitchen, heck! Eye just took a pee (right in front of Mr. Colbert) at one of the outhouses municipales, not the ones from Mr. D’orin… AND DEER LORDE JESUS!!! The loo’s are brand-spanking KLEAN (pronounced with a sea) and by brand-sparkin’ Klean, Eye means brighter than the whiteness of the Home Team uniform… (note to editors: Eye could have gone with pointy white bedsheets with elaborate crosses but that was already done on January the 6th of the year of our Lorde 2021.)

Norwegian would — Dear, Ambassador Power

Context on AI [place holder] follows… in the mean while Öüï hopes that the Unesco helmet is comprehensive enough to talk about how them huevos ortodoxos and that watermelon got on the photo widget of the “aiFon”.

Anyhow Cerf-panthère, never mind the sports section that follows, have a seat and disregard the “gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields” on your (Nº 3624) Friday National Edition, instead let’s focus on what the afro-sporting 36-year old woman on page 3 has to say about chance encounters with the Law and let’s overlap that scene with what the Mexican president is saying about diffamation.

🇬🇧 ⚽️ bayrak ⚽️ 🇬🇧

Yup… still holds the “silverware” that really matters.

Previously on, “The empire on which the sun never sets”… Henry Kissinger arranges la Copa Libertadores of 1973 (punto y coma) fast forward to 2021, ANTONY J. Blinken arranges the Armenian “G-word” question against all Turks and establishes that indeed, Australia is the Enemy.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2021/05/06 /us /politics /blinken-ukraine-russia .html

It’s the Top of the FO’ist and at the Plate is non other than the father of “The King of ROME », Anne Hidalgo is pitching a perfect game and President Macron just stole a horse… that madafucka!!!

Over at Centerfield, Willie Mays screams at the top of his 90-year old MENTHOL BnH’s smoking lungs:

HEY There _madafakas_ somebody has to explain to these Frogs that they are supposed to steal the BASES, not the horseys!!!

Let’s check the numbers before Öüï “Let it be”… 9FC36C8A-39D2-4EDD-8916-11FD4186DDBB 🥎 YUP!!! That fucking peace-loving Grunt is on sale A Gain! €3.99. Needles to say: operators are standing by.

… [A]nd Loss of Signal, we have to stop meeting this way, —why way out here in The Atlantic— with your: of course I still love you, in French.

Intermedio – Stats

13 Anne Hidalgo

Her favorite thing to do when she’s not hurling synthetic hide from the mound is to split apples right off the head of Mayor Bill De Blasio.

If you are just tuning in to a different channel on the stream then you might not be wondering why Georges Méliès gets to swing on the same inning without first going through the entire offensive roster, and the answer is PARCE QUE!!!

PARCE QUE, last month today Eye Told you that Méliès was going to put a Man on The Moon and Commander Michael Collins took it to a different level when in this version of the moon landing, the rest of the story goes like this:

For the record, Mayor De Blasio was caught by the KISS CAM at Vincennes blowing boo-shaped Menthol cigarette smoke kisses at Hidalgo, teasing the Socialist mayor with an Open Bar (very public HEAR YEA! Hear yea) for June the FO’ist.

The following must be read in an Andy Kaufman’s voice:
Look, Eye is knot putting into question the landing on the moon… [A]ll that Öüï is saying is that it is kind of peculiar the way that the coordinates orbited around the month of April… i mean, BORN in ROME (he’s as American as Commander John McCaine… that fucking Panamænian!!!) and as Italian as Big Pizza π…

Note To Alicia: I told you so… To the Moon, Alicia, to the moon… Eye bet you thought that this Song was about Pæsquet, eh… 🎶 Just because!!!

And now Ladies in Gemini, witt out and further (that motherfucker) a’do, here’s le père spirituel de tous les haters, PARSKÆUUUU!!!

Philippe Martinez is at the plate… the count is two and oh, will you look at LA Météo!

Martinez just got the Baseball as a second language tantrum out of his system and in comes the pitch— Martinez swings and that motherfucker is Out! It’s the middle of the FO’ist and first at bat is Georges Méliès.

Dear, Adam at The New York Times: LANGUISH this you sonovabitch! 🥎🥎🥎 It’s the top of the FO’ist and Anne Hidalgo is at the mound.

Öüï now returns to the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes where Anne Hidalgo is about to start the defense against the specter that makes up the Commune All Stars and then some.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Defensive_spectrum

Georges Méliès steps up to the plate where Emmanuel Macron is padded up just like the Michelin Man®️ and the empire’s umpire just screamed playball.

Méliès feeling perhaps like a precious Bambino points to the skies just as the International Space Station passes over the Île de Saint-Louis—Hidalgo sends the pitch and… HOLD MY FRENCH TACO!!! Méliès just pulled the greatest special effect of all time—Oh The Humanity— Méliès connects with Hidalgo’s heat but the instant replay will show how Méliès on-purpose (that motherfucker) turned the ball into a sort of kind of drum notation that dribbled into “a little Latin rhythm,” that the cannonball from Hidalgo likes to call the Bossa Nova—but it’s not really the Bossa Nova.

Leave it to Méliès to illustrate what a soc it to me looks like in reel time. Here’s the breakdown:

— Méliès catches the shortstop lost with his gaze somewhere in space and thought to himself that Ground Control was about to ‘soc it’ to Major Thom.

— Major Thomas Pesquet fell for the ol’Babe Ruth routine anticipating an aerial demonstration, ignoring with that decision the ground game.

— Méliès could not resist using the same schtick twice:

Page 09 — SOCIÉTÉ
Nº 23839; Le Parisien de 22/04/2021
You may thank The Météo for DAT!

Top of the FO’ist, runner on First and François Mitterrand is up next on the batting order but of all things on the forecast, here’s the moistest of #Em all: RAIN.

Page 28; ibid.
Éphéméride: Alex
La Lune: La Lune is a croissant[e] tonight.

Anyhow, Kasie HUNT, in Hilo, Hawaii, Saint Alexandre remains éphémère, but at the European Space Satellite Agency at Châtelet the Earth is already Circling the Sun with the Patron Saint of ARMOR in the USA, and if you don’t know who that Jack is, just know that Saint George is the first to put a black-eye on The Man on The Moon… yeah Buddy!