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Happiest girl in the graveyard refers to Nina’s version of this melody.
https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Love_Me_or_Leave_Me_(canci%C3%B3n_de_1928)

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Le Parisien

Où placer son argent en 2022…

nitrus oxide, of course.

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In Tonga, (near Bikini Atol) Avi Velshi just passed some gas. Blame it on the Oaths that Mika’s horse KURWA, stole from Avi’s luchbox. The event was captured by the Webb Space Telescope, and digitalized for posterity and beyond.

But FO’ist! People in Alabama want to know if Molière was the Jon Stewart of his time? … hear Mí out, FRANCK, provided that the French had invented comedie in the first Arrondisement. Semolina Pilchard followed the trail left behind by Mr. Poquelin and the snoop brings us this report.

Eye fckn knew it!

— Yes, sadly, Molière was the Daily Show of his comedy central station.
And considering what Bassem Youssef reflected on his likeness to the Jon Stewart, [if Jon Stewart had walked a mile like an Egyptian in 2011] of course… IT!, all adds up, Colbert is behind this, “The Report” on The Daily Show was just a mascarade, Colbert orchestrated Évry thing. IT!, all adds up, with Witt

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15/16th… French recipes with Rosa Parks, Issy, her farts smell of Green Onion Soup and she moved to the XIX barrio, Ese.

Javier Bardem is the perfect Cuban, Tiffany, just like Ritchie Valens is the perfect Filipino {and Selena is from the Bronx}. Heck! Dario Moreno is from Canada! Ask Avi Velshi, Avi is a closeted Young Turk from Istanbul on the msnbc’s.




Previously on The Havana Syndrome… Just-in-Time Fury for Versailles, via la “13e Lettre” de Le Monde

Happy 78th  Birthday to Mike Barnicle, that motherfucker, he makes Willliam Shatner (Capt. Kirk, 90) look like a 49’er…

Anyhow, before we switch, IT!, over to Le M del Mundo de Le Monde, Öüï is going to see WHAT in THE FUCK Cerf-panthère is talking about APRES MIDI in her 20minutes slot:

Nouveau signe, le cerf-panthère devient le SERPENT de terre.

Cerf-panthère PAS AVANT MIDI

Columbus genocide They eve

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N° 3667
20 minutes (Grand Paris)

Lunes 11 de octubre 2021

L’inhumation de Colbert…
Only the LEGS of the Slave Trader are stored inside of the burial shrine of the man WHO MADE FRANCE GREAT back then… All Those Years ago. And BENEVOLE PHARMACIST, ‘member how I told you that I don’t select the news of the THEY and about how EYE only threads the needle on this French Quilt?
Well, if you ever research what CAR TALK on the ARCHIVES of National Public Radio in Washington, D.C., then you will probably be able to attach a patch for HAPPY DAYS (TV Series) and American Graffiti (The Movie), Ron Howard was the STAR in both, anyhow the BLACK PLYMOUTH on Le M Mag is CHRONOLOGICALLY ACURATE with what the fictional characters in American Graffiti would drive in the 1970’s, the HOT RODS in American Graffiti BTW are set in CENTRAL CALIFORNIA in the 1950’s right before the INDOCHINA leftovers from VIETNAM, so Öüï reckons that by the TIME that President Nixon was on the SCENE the Conservative faction of RONALD REAGAN was driving UNMARKED Vehicles like the one representing Jean-Baptiste Colbert’s final resting place at the Church of Saint Eustache in Paris, a un lado de La pinche Westfield Mall.

DEER Cerf-panthère je suis comme Thomas, voir c’est croire, manifeste-toi, je ne crois pas un seul iota de cette Magdalena y menos del pinche CHUY.


Cerf-panthère PAS AVANT MIDI

Message au conducteur de train « perturbé » par une question, qui nous a contactés lundi : oui, le cerf-panthère existe. Ouvrez l’œil.

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N° 3668
20 minutes (Grand Paris)

Miércoles 13 de octubre 2021

And, Melle. Pitch (ad award) meet The Benevolent Pharmacist changing the world one Carrot at a time, and Melle. Pitch, i know that you probably think that i am talking about golden Karats here (punto y coma) why with you being from the Madison Avenue Doctrine world at L’avenue Montaigne (part of the Paris Golden Triangle) and Mí, that handsome dude, always playing with the double-triple… an dare Eye say, Fourth meaning beyond the War of The WORDS, your staff probably thinks that them Carrots are some sort of Golden Parachute, but no, like the “better tomato” envisioned by Van Halen in Cabo San Lucas, sometimes a carrot is just a carrot and a Tomato will always be KETCH-up!

And as, IT! Happens… i’m with Prof. Gloude Jr. on this one: Two Things Can Be True At The Same Time. And if PHARMACIES in San Francisco are closing at 17h because people are stealing tooth paste from the Anti-Dentite section of the drug dispensaires, then SAN FRANCISCO should stop passing out the Candy. It’s TROU!!! Por Ejemplo, Denis Soula:

You can play “Dueling Banjos” and Deliver Support for RAPE and, —Murder… check the log… go ahead play the guy holding the CAT who looks like the perp in the POLICE report. C’mon Denis, stoke the fire, see Mí light Your fire! You son of a bitch.

International Man of Mystery Avi Velshi presents: the Reel Faber book of Nuestro Cinito baja californiano

On location at Chez Chato’s en Vaux-Le-Vicomte

https ://www .sinembargo .mx /05-08-2021 /4010855

SILENZIO! Esto es otro contexto a lo que un tal José Luis García Agraz (director) dice sobre una época en México cuando no se necesitaba el revolver de Goebbles para sacar de la jugada con un revólver a cualquier crítica en un circulo del poder ejecutivo netamente nepo-deportista. Por ejemplo doña Vilma, trascendió en la pagina 159* del Faber book de Jason Wood, que con el uso de la ley, o a veces con simplemente hacer enojar a la hermana del presidente de la República y con tan solo eso, ya estuvo que se te acabo la carreraAnd, Reverend Sharp 🎣 Thon, picture yourself in a float on a River but as a BIG OL’ honorary Mexican Asterisk because Mr. García Argaz’ response to Jason Wood in Wawa Land, Reverend Al, was in the context of “el sexenio” del ex Presidente Vicente Fox Q., while the unsolicited response from yours truly, Reverend Al, is simply juxtaposing The nepotism of WHAT A SECOND DONALD TRUMP MANDATE WOULD LOOK LIKE (not shouting, just CapiTalIzing), like a front shield panorama that would look a lot like a José López Portillo throne. America sin acento, ALICIA MENENDEZ, saw nothing the first time around. For the next U.S. presidential race, I would personally recommend to the democratic committee for the post of the latinX Outreach program representative, any family member of  the Marcelo Ebrard C. clan. i write this on account that Marcelo will not be able to fuck up that post like he did for María Teresa Kumar on account that he is going to be ruining his run for president of Mexico, —himself. Marcelo’s recent El Paso, Texas visit (last week) was THE UNOFFICIAL START OF THE remesas pandering campaign fromhis paisanos” in The U.S. of A.

* Chapter 8, The State of Things
The FB of Mexican Cinéma
Jason Wood (2006) LONDON.

The audacity of the Very French at the Colbert Hôtel!
To film the historically hollywoodized version of Mr. Dumas-es-es
unofficial take on the taking of the patrimony of one po’bastard who went by the prisoner number : 64389000∼∼… at the very Castle where the story of that prisoner was hatched… The ROMAN busts of Lyndon Banes Johnson are a dead give_away.

Yum yum bumble bee bumble bee Tuna
Eye like bum bum bumble bee Tuna
Yum yum bumble bee bumble bee Tuna
Eye like Sandwich made with Bumble Bee®
Now with VAQUITA de MAR chunks… 

y por supuesto, una tuna en cada bote de atún del Abejorro agradecido… (not zángano).

Efeméride… sufragio efectivo, o algún contexto comme ça. It was the final leg in November of 1967 when President Lyndo’ Baines Juanes (LBJ) decided to make a short pit-stop in ROMA to visit the Pope, President Lyndo was coming from Australia. There was a wake there that was held in honor the Prime Minister there. On the way back to  to ⚡️D.C., President Lyndo’ danced with a broken hearted First Lady Imelda Marcos…. etc., etc., etc.


🎶 I wish Eye Knew how it Feels to be Fr… with Susana Poveda 🇪🇸

_Cont’d from:

Insofar with our exclusive interview with Roger Pérez, el artista has revealed the concept behind Cian Eyes, and how Mr. Pérez got to France, however; one thing that Mr. Pérez has not made clear _-*!*-_ BACBD6BE-95A1-4673-85DF-D23F920D6884 🎵 ¿Quién pondrá fin a mi diario—al caer, la última hoja en mi* Calenda•rio. JMS… (Si la muerte pisa mi huerto).

* El destino quiso que fuera yo, Sr. Bartolome sin las casas, siendo que los lunes es mi permanencia y por eso, los martes amanece el lugar con música en la entrada.

🎵Well i‘ve never been to Spain
But I kinda like the music

Three doG Knight

And, Mr. Bartolome, once you cross that UMBRAL you don’t Have to Worry about “the curse” of Babylon. Why just listen to The American Priest in Paris, because if Mr. Pérez was not hyperbolizing on the Soundtrack for last Thursday’s portrait session at Saint Estauche, then HIGHWAY TO HELL, yes, the same Highway to Hell that brought you Hells Bells, was blaring from the ENTRAÑAS of the Lord of Vandières and Cernay’s final resting place.

Sin Embargo, if you are not a regular none reader of this blog then YOU PROBABLY MISSED our exclusive coverage of, An American sermon on Ascension Day, at the end of May, then YES!, EWE would be forgiven because you would have no way of knowing that it was our very friend without the “D” (aka) an American Priest in Paris who invited Bon Scott and the Young’s to do a set at the Church of Commerce à Les Halles. JUST THE FACTS, and yes AFP—you may source that with the Church’s log.

For the record, —if you are in on the joke— there is a reason on my log for this obituary, which i reckon is going to rub some people in the wrong way. Without Mr. Bartolome’s “input” on a February morning, there would not be a trail of paperwork from Emmäus–to–Medicines San Frontiers–to–Amnesty International (Paris).

Ladies in Gemini, meet my Old Horse, Rocinante sans plomb.

Full Circle. Destino Manifiesto al revés… a developing lunar cycle. |Foto por Armando Segovia. “This is not a free cultural license”; al contrario. Existe una atribución 4.0 de CreativeCommons: CC/By/NC/SA. || copy-left.

Today, Rocinante Sans Plomo is a hearse, and Öüï is carrying a very special edition load to Hell, Welcome Pablo. Relax… i know this little bar in Austin that i know que te va a gustar.

De cualquier manera don Pablo Bartolome, you where parked on my number (33) which ( punctuation aside) is directly at 180° from The Guardian at the door that never opens, nº 15, —off course.




Asi con ese estilo, lamentablemente inconfundible, WHO needs a plot… las fábulas de don Poquelin y tata Colbert

… Lorem ipSum and gilded trades with an assortments of French ‘devoirs’ 📐 follow

“It’s symbolic, of course », but the answer is always HOUSES OF THE HOLY. And if you’ve never been to Spain, then you know that at PASO DEL NORTE is where the the Child Separation program followed, in any case this is Last Week To They

In local news, District 3 of the 1er Arrt. trickled only a minuscule number of voters as opposed to the shoppers gracing the most recent return of the Samaritan’s elaborate Guilded Metro stop.

In Cleveland, Ali Vittali let her hair down, Ali is covering the Glam Rock scene with The New York Times, Peter Baker, who is framing the Scene in full Stryper regalia, and if you know who these Glamorous Monkees are then you know that Peter Baker is in full-Stripe-Spandex looking like a Zebra just like Senator Sinema, allá por “La Panamericana*

*.)_ OUT-fucking-STANDING! it seems that the ViP’s entourage to La Chingada en Guatemala finally read between the sheets… Wait that’s the wrong set of K’s… finally read between THE LINES, knot the sheets.

You might recall that Öüï pulled little Manu Chao’s ears for not paying attention during the Caminos y Puentes section of the class, where Eye told the class about the two Trajectories of La Carretera Panamericana… long route made Short, Little Manu Chao got extra-credit for explaining that he needed to add a New “panamericana” to make, IT!, rhyme WITT the San Diego… padre_s–es–Ese! ⚾️

Short people are known to gather here. The ratio of big people to short people on any school day is completely coincidental on voting They in, day. 📏 A Fr.Bleu* preliminary reports from All of The Short People joints RELAY that Adrianne ElRod is running circles on the Triple Threat allegiance of the Greens. 📐 Trou fact, a little short Frog named Poquelin (artistic name Molè ire… or something like that) invented the first Ballet Comedie there on a rush when Little “Molière” forgot to do his HOMEWORK the Night Before.

*.{ A Type of cheese:

https ://www .francebleu .fr /infos /elections /elections-regionales-et-departementales-en-ile-de-france-taux-de-participation-en-legere-hausse-a– 1624806873

…ISSY, Camus was a fag! 🏳️‍🌈 and Öüï find Sisyphus outside The Stonewall with Lindsey Reiser who is wearing Jean’s Jeans. Over at Studio 3A of the Rainbow Room, Alex Witt was heard saying that Lindsey could get used to all of the ruckus if need be, any how, Hilarity (with a Capital hache) ensues when GROOT walks into the Bar on “Leaving Las Vegas” Karaoke Night and heads over To New Orleans where Susana Poveda is feeling like a Cajun Ing’un Queen… SINGING, Hey🌶 Ho-Alina

Eye Am Groot! People who know, know that this place is Tranquility Base. Look it up, Madame Hidalgo’s tourism monkees think that they have an exceptional imagination, they don’t, it’s actually pretty damn over-rated… And ELVIS sports an afro in the after-life.

… Öüï’ll Scream-ah for 🍦, Ewe 🗣, Öüï all 🗣 Ma’ for Eye 🗣 Ma’4🍧 https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /certains-l-aiment-fip/les-musiques-de-la-nouvelle-orleans

In Hilo, Hawaii, the needle in the sand ⏳ is about about to sweep the 11th hour, and in Paris it’s the 10 o’Clock hour and it appears that the Orleans ⚜️ version of Adrianne Elrod (V. Pecrésse) is leading in the top 40’some percent of yesterday’s Regional vote at La RATP (punto y coma) Steve-Oh and the “Neapolitan” duo of Alexis and Elise are left-out holding a 🍰. Let’s see what happens next.

Side eye girls… To They_and Jason Johnson will like it too

— JUMP TO PAGE 21/5… for the fuckers at MSNBC D.A.T.’s May 21st, 1871.

It’s the top of the Longest-running first inning, but to Kasie Hunt’s credit it is knot her fault that PRESIDENT Joseph R. Biden would turn out to be such an AIPAC bitch, period—don’t stop ’till Ewe get enough.

It’s like when Indiana Jones shoots the intimidating Arab swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark ».


https ://www .inc .com /bill-murphy-jr /3-things-people-get-wrong-about-david-vs-goliath .html



You are Knot foolin’ any Biden, Mr. Sánchez… Eye knows that Ewe are the illegitimate son of Layla, and the aforementioned “intimidating Arab swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Deer, Richard Engle…. stick to the facts, skip Shakespeare, you sound like Chespirito. Issy, i—knot—Eye knows that the Wallace wants to turn all of her rolodex (if under 40, please google it) into an Eddie Gloude Junior, or a Neymar on the field for that matter (look up magic soccer spray remedy) but, Sir, please check them “kind of, sort ah” speculations for what follows in the Netanyahu re-election tool, or Hamas ability to figure out new ways to kill jews (there is no other way to put it), I mean it literally, BRIAN Williams.


The sermon between The Book of Mark and the bridge of ACTS, follows after Loss of Signal does her thing .:. SYNOPSIS: An American priest in Paris calls for a new way to look at things, hilarity ensues when Hitler on ICE hits the cylindrical  rotating billboards in front of hip Cafés, ese.

Anne Hidalgo is at the plate and she borrowed the single chain thurible (incense burner) used during the opening ceremony of The Ascension á Saint Eustache, where ‘an American priest in Paris” crossed the bridge between the Book of MARK and the ACTS of all to PETITION THE LORDE WITH PRAYER (repeat 3X) to send her pitch to COLBERT…

SitRep 1: Loss of Signal is in full-effect and BAM! Anne Hidalgo’s secret weapon against Colbert (at the plate) is her “boleadora“… Hidalgo’s throw is well-thymed and that sucker hits Colbert right in his face.

(Breaking the Known News)

Say D.A.R.E., how many horses in that there coupe?

Quick note to the Real Academia de mexicanismos and the ABUELITOS and the ABUELITAS of the LatinX community in San Antonio, Texas, “la boleadora” is not la señora que limpia las chanclas, but rather las BOLEADORAS argentinas, recurso que Hidalgo brought back from La Argentina, where the current Mayor got her goatswait Oaths, knot goats.

The Pitch:

Öüï catched the royal epitome of “The Big Lie” and the instigating pre-cursor of the Man in Leonardo Dicaprio mask, J. B. Colbert, as his entourage at Saint Eustache tapped his hearse to Announce his turn at the bat.

Colbert likes to walk to the plate in full Louie the XIV regalia and with the pompous props worthy of an Apollo Creed or, for lack of a better showboat, “Money” Floyd Mayweather Jr., (google Justin Beiber).

Hidalgo for her part, as the procession was about to begin, was spotted filling the tips of her non-pitching index finger from the tip of her hat (punto y coma) with what our Reflets du France correspondent say that it looked like rillettes du Mans, which Hidalgo then rubbed onto the synthetic softball forro (hide).

Hidalgo then pulled a leg-length chain from the aforementioned baseball cap which she then used to turn the softball into an honda, knot to be confused with a Honda, because that requires a special driving permit and the use of a helmet, knot a baseball cap.