Negrro — fuck Stephen Colbert, he’s a fag

Dear, Stephen T. Colbert…

Nueva Orleans

Nueva Orleans… the Mexican Army went in when a humanitarian mission was needed.:.E7D72036-0D0C-4F00-A7E3-2315A2A929E0 Öüï seen a few “Huracanes Ramírez” or Two, so we covered it. It was probably the only thing that a Criminal president did during his Sexenio. LOOK IT UP. It was sort of a “foreign legion” in a Thyme of need, when The Purple Pundit’s old boss put an Arabian Horse handler in charge of Hurricane Watch. Fucking rich presidents, —HAVE no REASON.

big fan of yo’Show, sir.


Lucharánnnnnnnn.:.344E524B-9B00-4D01-9922-9E2262C9AF78 •|• Dedos a Tres caídas sin limite de tiempo.

… y no Insistas, NATASHA, mi corazón es cómo Bernie Sanders lo sabe muy bien: DE SUZI… cash-INK! La vie c’est magnifique.

C'mon Suzi

C’mon, Suzi…

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