Psycho Chicken update : The Atlantic Heist

After the Cornwall Address, an update on “Se volaron a Voltaire”.

But FO’ist! In Hilo Hawaii it’s 5 pm and in Boston it’s the 11 Hour of Thursday — in Paris it’s Vaccine Day Friday at a Place Where Evry body knows your name.

And aren’t we all bunch of lucky so-and-sos, Öüï gets to have a second dose, in four weeks.

ASÍ que, “eh, Puuuuuuthhhhoponte la vacuna así con la misma puta pasión con la que te pones La Verde, o mismo la camiseta de cualquier nación (regurguito) “Puuuuuuuthhhhho“.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/06/10 /cultura /para-mi-componer-tiene-mucho-de-juego-silvio-rodriguez/

With that in mind:

The American Embargo is the ORIGINAL “Havana syndrome”, punto y coma.

Dear, Courtney Kube, Q-vo? As in, ¿qué hubo con aquél pedo en La Havana? It’s only as confusing as figuring “The Alien” headlines from last week, ‘member them? —_!_— But seriously Nicolle Wallace, [you sexy mother… of a pre-tween boy] has the State Department CONSIDERED lifting the embargo on Cuba? Perhaps, the best doctors in the world can solve the issue of “The Havana Syndrome” and maybe, just MAYBE, figure out just what the in the Fuck is up with all them worthless Lightning Cables from *🍏 Apple Corp. 🍎* Anyhow, here’s Silvio’s take on IT!, and Pundit, if you don’t Know Mí by nowyou will never-ever know that artists are the last persons whose opinions Öüï values, but for Silvio, Eye will use an Exceptionalism Exception card:
“In the United States, anti-Castroism is an old business that finances RADIO and TELEVISION stations, programs, campaigns and artists who believe in it. I have no doubt that there are people paid to flood us [Cubans] with bad opinions.”

Dear, Representative Val Demings (FLA), congratulations on last night‘s announcement on The JoyAnne Reid Show, with that in mind. Here is what the world wants to know on this PROPOSITION:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/06/10 /mundo /critica-eurocamara-que-dialogo-ue-cuba-no-diera-resultado-positivo/

In local sports news from VINCENNES:

Up in the Sky! “Qu’est-ce que c’est ? »

1. Cocorico
2. Cock-a-Doodle Do
3. O, simplemente, Ki-qui Ri-Qui

And in Paris, the Prefecture de Police (yada yada yada) issued an alert to be on the lookout for a Chicken holding the “mini Mí” version of The Statue of Liberty inside of a bucket of KFC. The chief of The Police, a Gordo who goes by Sullivan relays that the he Saw Her (the statue) Standing There, at the corner opposite to La Gaité Lyrique, KATTY corner with Temple and Metro Line 3 (the green line). Special agent Groot is on the lead.

Note to editors:
Must i dot every fucking tee for y’all to see the crossing Eye?

Trou Story… in the 4th Dimension Jimbo became a horse race fan and that motherfucker just went ahead and “acquired” the famed SECRETARIAT from Peter who was strapped for cash and wanted to pay Paul, —that motherfucker.

Lorem IpSum: It would have done a lot of good to Erin Naire, in the role of a young Kasie Hunt if she had been paying a little bit more attention to the battle happening in ReeL TimE on The Dark Side of The Moon, —the Moon, Susana PUBeda! The Moon 🌙

[Cutline for a young Kasie Hunt goes here…]

In an effort to Show, Knot Tale, i like to remind the Way Too Early producers (those dumb Suns-of_bitches) that Eye gave you plenty of warning for the Eclipse that just reached its perfect juxtaposition on La Rue de La Lune… check the dentils on Colonialism, from Yesterday, —Knot To They.

Hoy no hubo impeachment — Call me mañana

Oh, Hey Halie Jackson, so Steph lost the coin toss, eh! Why is Katy Kur looking like a hitperson? Who’s the target?

Oh, fip… you shouldn’t have. You Sentimental bitch.

Any how, non-readers, if you think that i lost my marbles, you are knot far from my canicas, and because the only crime punishable by death in France is “la calumnia”, I can guarantee you Chuck Todd that the previous post was not one of those. Ask Brontis at the Prefecture de Paris (Book One; una comedia de enredos/a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum).

The previous post was a sort of kind of shorthand version of the past ten years in France, and here is the reason why, the first time around (Book One) i EXPLICITLY INFORMED the proper authorities (French Consulate in L.A., CA 2010; Paris prefecture 2012-2015) that before the start of the 2018 Mexican Presidential Race, THAT I COULD NOT, i repeat, could not begin writing anything about my research, FOR ONE REASON, and one reason only, it’s on the prefecture’s notes (provided that Bruno, the supervisor of Stephanie Meneau, is trained in de-briefing procedures), i did not want to influence the Mexican media with what i was finding out. Por Ejemplo, PRESIDENT MACRON, if you should want to run for a second term, your Mexican counter-part (if you beat Anne Hidalgo) might very well be Professor John Mill Ackerman’s wife.

Still to come:
Young Voltaire was a fag!
According to france
info 105.5 fm

I reckon.

Now this time around, Chuck Todd, if you factor in that the MONOPRIX/Police incident investigation will not be reviewed before MARCH 2021 (according to the Paris Tribunal) and since there is a 10-year clause for residence, well… you know, i might stick a little while longer (until the MAN permits) because i really-really really like and enjoy being a fucking pariah in Paris and wondering what in the fuck that feeling of dignity feels like (anymore), but for that i first need to establish, as stated before, a trail of who i was with, way back when Mexico was a special guest in France.

It’s nothing personal. Happy Valentine’s They.

Dear, President Macron… may i have a private Louvre tour?

Pleased to meet you .:. 2AFAF168-120B-44C4-99FB-28B1E8D79C53 🗿By the numbers, context follows for Mediapart.

Pretty please! Come on, Mr. Macron, you can explain it to doña Vilma Fuentes as a “riderexpenditure to the OCDE 60th Anniversary tribute to THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

« C’est un cadeau (du Louvre) à l’Humanité”, a déclaré l’ancien maire de l’Indiana, adding, « just like that fucking cathedral with Le Coq de Le Duc on top… long live La Concha de Catherine Deneuve!!! », period!

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-9050121 /National-Security-Advisor-taking-wife-romantic-tour-Europe-pandemic .html

In Local Motion News, French President Emmanuel Macron proposed a referendum (AMLO’s* favorite political tool) to declare the Environment (and the development of said environment) a French patent, donc, the public questionnaire seeks to place The Environment right next to The Humanity on Marianne’s read the Rules of the house —how to documents— version 5.0.

The political strategy arrives after Proposition 24¹ and, in TWUE* American fashion, The French marching Republicans (band) slipped a sneaky little overture on that same referendum asking of the Very French, if they would like to see FRENCH BASHING² become a punishable crime at The Opéra House between Garnier  y La Bastille.

* Pronounced with the French “hole” sound it’s « trou ! ».

Coïncidence? Only if you believe that the leader of the band’s name (ALICE, with or without Chains) is today’s Sainte du Jour on page 31 of 33 in Defendente Génolini’s Direct Matin on CNEWS with Felipe “el labrador” Labro.

In French Zodíaco news, Les voleurs de Voltaire jouissent toujours de l’anonymat de la criminalité, et n’est-ce pas ironique, Mayor Pete, that the statue robbers would censor the authorities by not issuing a ransom note‽ Indeed, Mayor Pete, WHO is going to speak on behalf of “el vuelo de Voltaire”, —en el 6eme?… Nobody, DAT’s WHO.


1_ The don’t Click the camera Snap button on the porc law.

And this is where Agent Angle comes into the picture, Leslie Jones, and here’s why:
one cannot just go uppity invoking Santa Catarina Deneuve without merit, because if the « clocher » is good enough for the cock, then it also good for “La Concha de Cecily Strong”, period… and point that Bitch WEST!

2_ French bashing is the equivalent of a good old fashion roast on the Comedy channel.

Previously on, Los Huevos de El General — Don’t forget to flush… what are you FRENCH!

Goooooooood morning Paris!


DECIDEJAZZ is in full Swing … en negritas ⚖️ CDBDD28B-E916-43B0-B0E0-751591A2F12A 🔭 And, love: isn’t it Ironic.
Sur la decision fixant le pays de destination:

11. En se bornant à soutenir que les minorités hispaniques SONT VICTIMES DE RACISM, ou qu’il déjà étè expose à des discriminations aux Etats-Unis en raison de ses origines mexicaines, M. Segovia n’établit qu’il risquerait d’être expose à des traitements inhumaines ou dégradants en cas de retour aux Etat-Unis. Le moyen tiré de la méconnaissance de l’article 3 de la YADA, Yada, yada convention européenne de sauvegarde des droits de l’homme (¡y de la mujer también… bola de putos!!!) et des libertés fondamentales doit être écarté.

Öüï reminds our non-reading audience that to celebrate tonight’s Mexican Revolution Eve, the governments of FRANCE*, The United States, and of course, México agreed that the best thing to do about El General Cienfuegos (💯🔥’s) was to just let him go back to the State of Toluca, where los Amigos de FRANCIA en México will prepare a feast for the returning General. VIVA EL TRIBUNAL ADMINISTRATIVO de París, and of course, QUE viva la French Civil Servant STEPHANIE MENOU and her supervisor Bruno of the 6th and 7th dépôt office at Cité… (75004)

* Why La France? Go check out our section of the brown Mexican military eagles at the 2015 Bastille Day Parade, and this book.

Meanwhile in California, Evry Body wants to be a Cat!

Planet Carmel by LA Mer

Planet Carmel by LA Mer[de].


On the menu:
— Steamed salmon with Asparagus (sans aspersions*) on white rice with choice of Molho de Caril and Harissa de Carthage.

Of course, the very french

Of course, the very french… 17A752C9-D71C-4BB4-A933-19AFA284DBB5 … [N]ever make collaborations… wait scratch that! The Very French never made Voltaire… or something like that.

… and Tom Nichols, “Zeppelin goes here!” , motherfucker.