Dear, Ari Melver… let’s quit in a fit break

Aussie, youse doing great; and on D.A.T. note: Ari, Sir, don’t be a Dick! 

Suicide Solution

Come to think of it!
Clorox®️ is fine,
but Antifreeze is quicker! .::. F6A53811-FE89-4CC3-912B-BFF9A8505076 🎟 It’s symbolic … sarcastic of course.

… and Live from Paname, it’s Weekend Edition, SEATTLE TRIBUTE.

Tequila is better than bleach

At the time, it was madrugada en Hilo Hawaii .::. D016AEC9-D1B2-4FB6-ABA6-2063FD34A0A9 ☣️ esto es una serenata al revés. Stay indoors mariachi. Agave for health—say no to LySol.

🎵 Memoria, memoria
Memoria, memoria
Come doused in mud, soaked in bleach
As I want you to be
As a trend, as a friend
As an old
Memoria, memoria
Memoria, memoria
¡Ay, viejas feas!
“Y como dicen los franchutes de la sierra”

“Y como dicen los franchutes de la sierra” .::. F45FF191-0CD9-43A2-A89A-E5974EEBD0DD 🏄🏽‍♂️ « LES MARACAS LUI DONNENT LA TUNA AL THON DE ATÚN ».
ENASALADA DE LOCOS… no necesariamente mexicana, pero sí, eso sí, INFLUENCIADA por LECHUGA, Héctor. —_•!•_— LUCHA DE INDEPENDENCIA por el Campeonato Mundial de Lucha Libre. Por el título vacante de DEVALUADOS PESOS : Las Flores de Toloache vS.  Los Franchutes de La Sierra.

¡Qué chulas están! 
Any güey, Negrita, we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] made it to Rialto with Thyme to spare, now Aussie, pay attention you–trippy–motherfucker–you and pay no attention to Ari Melber, as mention by the prettiest Amazon on the SNL scene (Catherine Deneuve) Ari has HEINZ written over that occasional beard that he likes to sport every once on a Friday Fright night, and he “needs a little pat on the back in order to be able to perform,” so pay no attention to The BEAT’s ragginess in real-time last night in Gotham’s time. And, besides Aussie, you’d be forgiven for not knowing that in Ari Melver’s esquire role in The Emerald City, he is trynig to get a Shotgun off of the hook in a Lithium charge.
Listen, Shugah, if youse not reading this little lick in a Jimmy Hendrix voice, youse probably a square from Olympia, but worry not baby, it’s one thing to learn how to play like a Voodoo Child, it’s quite another to Chop them motherfucking castles (down) From The Hip, you hear‽ Musicians call it a “signature sound”, una firma or BYLINE in newspeak, pues, ¡güey!.
C'mon now!

C’mon now .::. F02A4687-DC6A-4DD5-9C22-7945577B1393 🌒 Meet over at Green River Community College… we’ll figure out what Third Grade Maths is all about.

Any güey, Negrita color de llanta; check it out, precious, öüï will meet you on the other end of SAN DIMAS at HWY 66 and then shoot past Pasadena in order to shoot up on D.A.T. D.A.R.E I–5 all the way to the other end of it! In Aberdeen, to see About A Girl… see you D.A.R.E., and don’t be Square.

Dear, Ari Melber, esquire — That’s a hell of a mic that you’re wearing

Indeed, counselor. Indeed, it goes real well with the line of questions.

Dear, Rachel Maddow

Dear, Rachel Maddow .::. B2430385-1274-46D6-B014-37810699DBD0 🦌 If Former congressman Charles Joseph Scarborough (the 3rd) asked you to be the vice-president running mate to Joe Biden, would you accept?
Don’t answer me, don’t break the silence
Don’t let me win
Don’t answer me, stay on your island
Don’t let me in

the FOist thing, counselor, please give our regards to DONNIE Deutsch, the amicable face of the Donald John Trump Fifth Avenue posse will be spared (come MAY They) from the most–unfortunate task of having to speak with Michael Cohen in that there Club Fed jail.

Ehhhhh, whatcha cooking, Doc?

Ehhhhh, whatcha cooking, Doc? .::. D76D9F43-8202-4C16-BC2F-7FEA0F3972CC 🐇

With that out of the way, mr. Melber, and to quote the greatest blues player of all time, “youse a cotton pickin’ picker”, that’s fo’sure. Here’s why, motherfucker:

https ://www .msnbc .com /msnbc/watch /sen-amy-klobuchar-calls-for-a-national-strategy-on-testing -82183237778… NOTE TO ED:

The link above ⬆️ is only part of Ari Melber’s line of questioning ⬇️ below, you’ll get the rest of the context.

Why? Ari Melber.  Why would you put a mid-West miner’s daughter on the spot, ON THE SPOT (motherfucker) with the question that none in that there BLUE–lit building was allowed to ask about mr. Biden’s latest accuser, —Before Bernie ceded the race!. The Nerve of you cotton pickin’ pickers. My guess is that given your Heinz family ties you probably want D.A.T. “little pat in the back” just like that cute “Catsup” bottle said on the Lord Lorne Saturday Night Show, to get you to perform, eh?

Previously on Carolina Mary — Wash your hands

The Whole Kimchi Enchilada with a side of Qabili Palau.

When Wax monoliths melt

When Wax monoliths melt with Ari Melber .:. PAPA DON’T TAKE NO MESS, and if you are down with The Rev, you know what this means.

Anygüey, Wax Model Moore:

HOY NO HUBO Jazz, but whatever happens, please relay to Cousin Joe that neither El Niño Luc (version) of an Ugly Mexican in Nueva York, or his more incognito (doppelgänger) here in Paris at fip Central Station (Aussi) should “retire” during the course of this most non–consequential Work-in-Progress blog.

Tráfico de influenza

Tráfico de Influenza .:. 3BA7A38D-43D8-495A-AF73-85D05E331E0B 🗣 KORNACKI: You WANT mí on D.A.T. Wall — You NEED Mí On D.A.T. Wall.

As a Matter–of–Fact, Morning Mika, öüï would like to see D.O.S. Two (beasts) “Dancing Cheek to Cheek” from See-two-Shining See. In the mean time John Oliver, “You Dit It!” You, you, you! Heck, you Australian–looking handsome Rosbif fella!!! We [the staff] had not realized that you had the ‘Bullfighter’ genie in you; you must be from Gibraltar.

El Próximo Toro le corresponde al Mando

Nice “Indulto”* on that toro from la ganadería de los Griffin, “matador”, NOICE Indulto with “El Toro Hardball”.

That Clipboard needs Mí

That Clipboard needs a dash of Mí .:. ACE99C07-96D4-451B-9642-903FFFCE8655  _—•!•—_ Coming up in The Programming LIVE from Panama Beach… avenue, in Austin Texas, —City Limits : hasta La Victoria, siempre.

… [D]itch the “Whataburger“, it’s got ‘gen•TRI•fication in it’s its ‘hamburgers in paradise’ hamburger helper®️ DNA/ADN, and besides, any self-respecting Midnight Ryder knows that SONIC is the In–n–Out of the Southwest, y Raquelito, please inform Chuck D, of the following:

Fuck Tommy Lee Jones and The Men in Black, Eye is —motherfucker— The Black in Men, coming to an At-The Drive Inn in Mars, or some Órbita 106.7 (2005) like D.A.T..