TimeStamp: 13.20 in Central Siren Time

Hey, Taggy Matcher,
Time flies….
it’s 3 o’Clock in Central NATO Time.

Previously on a cablecast retransmission of C-Span3
vía asegovia3:
El recuerdo del 2 de octubre, que,
No Se Olvida”…

EL GRITO… Méjico 68
Starring, a young Bobby Deniro.

ISSY, a lo mejor para Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, el puño en alto de Smith y Carlos durante los juegos olímpicos de 1968 le vino como un buen zafo siendo que para él [y solo él], los problemas de los negros en “America”, era el problema de los negros de allá y no el de los rijosos en La Plaza de Las Tres  Culturas.

Right now, “right now is no time for Siesta”…
just in case Ewe are trying to Relax!
Jazz from Abroad is about to start
right after some Jumping Jacks in a flash… Bitch
or something like that.

TimeStamp: 18h03 CET
… coming up after we [the staff] Burn One:
It’s Misread Quotes from The Very Soul of América,
with Special guest, “el AmigoVicente Fox Quesada.

TimeStamp: 19 hundred hours in CET, it’s Fall back [cáete pa’tras] time. El horario de Verano is over—the fall is here.

In New York City, the Time is 6 o’Clock on the p.m. dial.

The Second Amendment
El Monopolio de La Violencia

In Pittsburgh, an unrestrained and deranged manifestation of the 2nd Amendment gunned down a Jewish congregation. People died. After the tragedy, the president of the United States hinted to his enemies —the press— that there is no God and that if YOU and your family go into a place of worship, You and your family should be armed. In cases where an unrestrained and deranged manifestation of the 2nd Amendment invites itself to gun people down, God has never been there, Trump hinted to the press.

Future Farmers of America join “tracks” with the Future Tankers of America… Season 4; Episode 31 at the Ed Sullivan Theater casi Esquina con CNN.

Mean while in Iowa, Trump hinted that he always wanted to be a farmer… in the same way that he wanted to be a soldier.

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