…[A]nd Juanita Bonita, Eye did tell y’all about that “Hidden Stash¹”

ISSY, Juanita Bonita:

Dear, John Mill Ackerman (Ph.D.): hasta con re-integro… 21 de Mayo, los muy franceses–esos inventan la Lotería Nacional para la dependencia pública. CORRE Y SE VA, Alicia—se va!¡

Never mind the “white walkers”… what’s up with Two-Each flying saucers on Alicia’s fondo? Ra’Chida!!! You don’t have to compete with BFM TV… 🎶 Those Theys are overyou don’t have sell your petticoat to the Knight!

¹ https ://www .bbc .com /sport /horse-racing /57049450

ISSY, “Baby you can drive my engine, or my car”, your choice.

🚂 🏎 🏇🏼📸

[Game already in PROgress… let’s diGRESS] 🗼 22D21957-0C5A-4292-9DD9-D4A0EAD43258 🗼 Hidalgo just patented a new pitch for the ages. The maneuver is an elemental spin, Eye wonders why Öüï never thought of it (that motherfucker). The throw is a standard wind mill delivery but just as one might think that The Ball is going to do its thing, Hidalgo’s action-figure detachable shoulder flips the axila snap-on on the whatchamacallit and the windmill turns into a figure eight at about the 6 O’clock of the spin [💪🏼🎡〰️➿♾🥎]… Joseph Napoléon III swings, —grounder to Shortstop👉🏻 Pesquet is there to make the transfer to FO’ist where Franco Lollia* is waiting to put the TAG and issue the One-Finger Salute to Colbert [20minutes . fr Nº 3625] who is hanging out with his one black friend on the right-field bleachers.

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /971 /reader /reader .html#!preferred /0 /package /971 /pub /858 /page /2

Say no to fake Fondos!¡

The following is approved by The Reverend Al Sharpie and of course, the lovely Juanita Bonita…and if it is Knot, then them two better curb their Black Lives Matters, at the French Quarter.


This week on The Colbert Report, Cerf–panthère and Dave Chappelle discuss Chris Rock’s future.

There can be Solo one space noodle!¡

… [A]nd over at the dungeons of The Vincennes Municipal Castle, the Fouquets are rejoicing at the news that exposed a pivotal point in French history and its relation with the Colonias (punto y coma) The Academy calls this stage « colbertisme » ISSY: it started with a Big Fucking Lie… Just like “The Colbert Report”.

Coïncidence? Only if you think of a chocolate bar when you hear Three Musketeers.

“Colbert, a minister jealous of Fouquet, denounced to the king his ‘malpractices‘ and warned him against ‘his power‘. The king is indignant “that a man can make himself the sovereign arbiter of the state ». Source: Herodote . net (paywall).

https ://www .herodote .net /5_septembre_1661-evenement -16610905 .php —D’Artagnan arrête le surintendant Fouquet

Jaque a Neymar ; frog goes to Catalonia

Dear, Marianne, please BEE advised that evil gnomes got in the middle of our appointment to donate PLASMA.

Just the facts, Frenchy!

Just the facts, Frenchy! Just the facts. Now, are you sure that the Mounties came and took your jobs‽ Or did those Gad Damned FrEnch-Canadian Edmaleh-es-esos just took your managers?


… fucking little gnomes. Son las verduleras, Dujardin. In our Défense, that conforama couch outside Saint Antoine was very–berry Nice, and the Coronas®️ just got in the güey.

Je suis désole. But it is true: El Tumbador me La Pela!!! La Orquesta “del monte” cancela tocada en la Cárcel de Vincennes. Reportes preliminares apuntan a que los muy mamberos se perdieron en el llano: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolas_Fouquet