Dear, Negrita…could it bee, possible

We [the staff] interrupt our AMLO contra las momias de Guanajuato to bring you the latest on the Epstein “abduction” to Dr. Moreau’s Island.

White, Rick at El WaPo reports

White, Rick at El WaPo reports.:.D0C7B158-BACB-4657-A839-AC4E3E380329 •|• Hey, Beto seen the News from them Nordic Countries, Lately?

The Washington Post reports that Val Kilmer’s genes were crossdressed with Bugs Bunny’s D.N.A., and introduced to the reclusorio de Manhattan, the very same holding Federal Facility where “El Chapo” tears were harvested for ALL of the Media in at the La Jornada to see.

Zakira news

Zakira news, at Mr. Noah’s favorite Biblioteca. Breaking NEWS, could it BEE, that Tim O”brian just called Donald Trump a “Reptilian”? Dean ObLADI Oblah Da , a talk host on the AM JOY… says yes. Donald Trump is a close relative to genetically manipulated DinoSaurians. Symptoms include having an RH-negative blood TYPE, playing pelota Basque, and chomping the head from a Live COCK ; right-wing French post-SeptauGENErian Brigitte Bardot, from the Versailles chapter of the Semolina Pilchard’s animal protection group is on the case. MEDIABASK, at the Biarritz (G-7 headQuarters) report that the PERP feels bad for his Ozzy Osbourne moment… With a Cock!!! And to the disgustó of the French, and AM JOY, the fucker didn’t even finish the rest of the bird.

WaPa reporter Karola Leonning Quinn reports that the theory is no longer a secret. Jefferey Epstein was in fact abducted by the WALL STREET GRAYS and a “body replacement”, es decir, Raquelito, an exact replica of the “lolita* trafficker kingpin” was left in the ALL–blind–EYES of a maximum security Federal holding tank (no relation to the LIMA, OHIO m1a-Series of MBT’s). Right now, Jefferey Epstein is enjoying a cock… tail and a couple of burgers prepared, —yup, you guessed it— at his very Own Private PARADISE island.

Listen HERE:

Puro corazón en Lima

Touché: Puro corazón en Lima, Perú.

Mientras tanto en la otra LIMA, la de los Cholos y las Cholas de la Pachamama, it’s ALL about Race.