09h15 — Radio 📻 Magallanes September 11, 1973

Víctoria… la más puta de Babilonia.


Grand Re-Opening: The New Sarah Bernhardt Teatro del Pueblo.

If you wonder why the commemoration of Salvador Allende’s murder in FRANCE, by a faction of Chileans in France are scheduled to take place at a place called “THE AMMUNITON FACTORY” or “THE AMMUNITON DEPOT, look no further than RAY CHARLES performance on the 20th of October at the PALAIS des SPORT, three days after the PARIS MASSACRE OF 1961.

https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v=jUxiTdRTPMg
(Why the French Police are so Brutal)

In my short experience in FRANCE, I propose that it is because of the short-span memory of sycophantic bureaucrats and the EUPHEMISMS that these “public servants” rely on in order to make the IGNOMINIOUS into a QUASI-LEGAL scheme that provides closure for the FRENCH… but not the victims.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Chileans_in_France

That’s Gold, Jerry! Gold.


París, Francia (AS3) 2023 __ Once it became clear that Pinochet’s navy had seized control of Valparaiso at 0600 hours, President Salvador Allende entered The MONEDA Palace at 07h30, Henry Kissinger, at the time, the U.S. Secretary of State, was entrenched with a CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST at The Situation Room where he was monitoring³ the Army’s 🪖 eventual surrounding at 🕘 of Mr. Allende’s last stand; at 09h15 President Allende transmitted his “farewell address” to The Free World 🌎🌍🌏.


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thanks 🙂  شكراً جزيلاً

🎭 ⛲ 🎭

In local news, the City of Paris is show casing “los logros” from that dreadfully profitable™️ fire at Notre Dame de ParISIS by having a bunch of zombie-like performers (all benevolently volunteers) interpret how The Living Dead groove 🌡️ en La Canicule (32,° in the shade 🌞). The event, centers around the four Sphinx-es-es that adorn Victoria’s column en La Plaza de Los Dos Teatros del Pueblo.

*~. Last night’s homemade garden salad was courtesy of a marauding group of Casablanca fellows who make it A sport to distribute care–packages to the homeless like me.

https ://www .wordreference. com /enar /thank%20you%20kindly

Suicide Solution — AOC para Chile y Chile para AOC


Here I am bay-bee… hello from just another locker in France, follows.


Just the facts ma’am. Are Ewe sayin’ that 🎶 A orillas del Río Bravo, hay una linda mujer descuartizada en una fosa del señor gobernador?


NORDAKA: HOMENAJE a Marcel Marceau (19232007)
https ://www .jornada .com.mx /notas /2023/08/29 /espectaculos /le-culte-de-la-personnalite-ne-me-motive-pas-c_est-plutot-le-culte-du-travail-qui-me-motive_jaime_lopez/

International Day of the Disappeared
featuring the Hartistry of Fredy Cats in France.

70 AD, Titus ends the siege of Jerusalem after destroying Herod’s Temple. And the story of JESUS CHRIST begins to be get drafted by a Roman-Jewish “madrina” who went by the name of Flavius Josephus.

… y aunque no te de, —La Ghana. This is, Last Week (Aug 4, 2011³) To They… because whether the good-people at the Agence France Presse remembers or not, “[B]etween 2001 and 2008, the organization of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas was collectively known as La Compañía (The company)”.

Le Gabon, El Mali, and The Niger. Wuah-güa—WA.

1960 RosalinoCHALINOSánchez Félix sees his first “Flores de mayoin a ranch called El Guayabo in the state of Sinaloa.

https ://www .axios .com /2023/08/28

And later in the programming:

— 2014 Charles Clyde Bowden (b. July 20, 1945 – August 30) was an American non-fiction author, journalist and essayist based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He was best known for his work documenting violence on the Mexico-United States border, especially in and around Ciudad Juarez.

Trafficking defendant: I was a DEA informer
and Next Year, this happy fellow is going to be moving to FRANCE, where Amnesty International is already scheduling his domiciliation appointment with one of the many welcoming associations of the French Law of 1901.

³~. https ://www .chron .com /news /article /trafficking-defendant-i-was-a-dea-informer

Osiel Cárdenas Guillén is a Mexican drug lord and the former leader of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas. He is currently imprisoned canned at a prison in Terre Haute with a release date of 30 August 2024.


And so Öüï begin in Gabon, but first, if you are keeping track you might recall that all that Öüï wants is for Florida to sink down Bermuda way, and right now it‘s Primetime in Talla°has°see° 🌬️🌀🌊 and the perfect storm to surgically cut Florida from the Mainland has made landfall 🌪️⚡🌧️🌪️. Our thoughts and prayers are with y’all; R015.

https ://www .euronews .com /2023/08/15 /ecowas-military-leaders-to-discuss-niger-coup-at-ghana-summit

After the Eye of Idalia passes by the I-95, Governor De Santis will have to shake President Biden’s hand, photo-op which, the governor then will will then use as a PR ad in a PAC ad.

*~. https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /August_30

Hoy no hubo cafecito on the Katie Phangs Show

Segovia y Serrano


“So it goes”… of butchers and nazies. And contrary to what Mister Asvazadourian ⚜️ says about the Parisian weather report, it’s fucking raining, fucking Sun King ain’t doing shit right now, that bum is lollygagging around sleeping on the job, “dock that frog an EON’s pay for nappin’ on the Orbit”. Öüï had to go to the Opus (they) to cut GarcíaDIEGO at the PASS 🤠.

Lola y La Ciencia… no tiene arte.

https ://twitter .com /AsvazadourianJP /status / En este día soleado en París 🇲🇫, les deseo un excelente domingo ☕️🥐 /s=20

There is a Mingus Among U.S., period!

… and Reverend Al, even the IMER weekend edition hostess agrees, “It’s not a VACATION, it’s a Sabbatical if youse Kosher and a Hiatus if you practice what you preach.

Meanwhile, the very fellow that wants to unearth Nancy Reagan’s “I pity the fool who just says no to drugs campaign” (G. Darmanin) is predicting that MARINE Le Pen is going to win the next French elections, tough call for a Current Secretary of The Interior to make, especially when your boss, the motherfucking President of France is trying to make his point on the magazine Racks of Marianne. Suffice to say Ambassador Asvazadourian, this tale reads like a Tijuana Bibles for the land that worships the flashing boob, ALSO, aussi, no “Arabia dresses” on school grounds, you can smoke all you want, or fuck your teachers brains out, but no “Arabia dresses” in the classroom.

Persiana americana.
The Cherif is a Widow. Banda Sonora by Count Basie.

I want my 🎤 Eye want my 🎶 R.S.A. — And, Mehdi Hasan³ >

BRANDING Donnie Deutsch with a livestock iron.

What if it were your fucking Paris champignons?… and Cathy Corazón de Yellow… fuck you and your Güander 🧱 🤠.


Note to editors:

It’s like a quesadilla sin champignon.
Lo anterior, interpretado por cierto desde un Borderplex⁸ a partir de Oasis, es un recorte adaptado en directo y con un periodo de tiempo de demora de 36 horas efectivas desde alguna calle de París; now normally, the staff of this most non-consequential blog stays within the freaqs’ of any-given arrondissement of France Musique, however, following the growing trend of layoffs in the past couple of years (four or five) Öüï has wondered over to other public broadcasters to cover what used to be (in the days of Jack Patrick Dorsey³) a self-indulgent “sacrosanct” daily dose of American music, now it’s just another tape of sessions from the past.

³~. Current sponsor of the politics of Robert F. Kennedy Junior in France³

³~.  https:// www .vanityfair .com /news /2023/06 /robert-f-kennedy-jr-his-anti-vax-conspiracies-found-home-twitter

📻 killed the 📺 star ✨ with D.J. AMLO y los hijos de la chingada… SOBRE LAS OLAS.

And Zeppelin Goes Here

Sr. Julio Guereje… por favor no culpe Al mensajero por echar a perder l’Electrik Q… helecho 🪴 que usted a muy duras penas le llegue El flash informativo no implica la colaboración de Grabiel 🎺.

11 de la mañana en Samalayuca-sous-Dunas, not donas.

³~. Who, Mehdi, who in the world “warms” popcorn up?

https ://www .forbe$ .com .mx /the-us-plans-to-intensify-the-complaint-that-mexico-violates-the-tmec-by-banning-transgenic-corn

— Bums, Mehdi, bums. And here is why  Medhi Hassan:

🌽 Because that is how Öüï get it up. Heck, Medhi Hasan, you don’t have to quote Donnie Deutsch, you may ask Hurracaine Hilary on the Pacific, pobre BARTOLA what with only esos “dos pesos” que Pepe “el toro” Infante le dejo, ~ and that, Medhi Hasan, is probably why BARTOLA followed la letra d’esa canción to the tee, and then BARTOLA pro°ceded to changed her populist “vision” for a real conservative coat.

Ask, Víctor Manuel Quintana Silverado, he knows, how to 🙊 Gorillaz’ in Paris… por no decir —niggas!

https ://cnnespanol .cnn .com /2023/08/17 /hilary-huracan-mexico-eeuu-lluvias-trax/ 

Mira Bartola… hay que ser francés para poder navegar en clase première canot de sauvetage, o como dice Jorge Sal°daña: un voyage Fluctuate nec mergitur, à la mode de Molino.


Note to Jon SALE in the role of Cantinflas²:

La BARTOLA est une valse “chilango” composée par Chava Flores.

https ://www .cancioneros .com /letras /cancion /956689 /la-bartola-chava-flores

Cette valse “capitalino” fait partie des classiques, au point qu’elle est souvent confondue avec une valse viennoise, et a été faussement attribuée à Johann Strauss Junior.

²~. Johnny Depp ignored the role so, there was only one thing that The Producers could do, The Producers  got a dumb plumber’s buster.

Innovative thinkers : Solution Providers, Watergate busters, dedicated pharmers.