Somewhere over the Rainbow… En Chihuahua

Warning ⚠️ Slippery 🩸 When 🩸 Wet 🩸…
Musiques des films qu’il faut avoir vu avant après 14 ans, in Allegretto en Las Alturas, Municipio de Cerocahui en La Sierra Tarahumara.

Trou 🕳️ story, ask Musicopolice… the only france musique disc jock who can play rock and roll:


For the record ⏺️
Víctor Quintana Silveyra (2013–2014 IHEAL / morena-francias godfather, —literally, not philosophical, despite his PhD*) once asked of his Sorbonne Annex students what all of the information that they (Masters-level courses, o algo así) compiled from social media was for? What good, the professor asked, was scrolling and scrolling through the internet in the end?

Cat Soup… Get it?


If the good Profe could see U.S. now, and if Eye could recreate that sticky early-evening class setting, Öüï would tell him that all that scrolling is the Harmony in la pianola, après Le MIDI®️

Full disclosure:
… at the time, I only scrolled the interwebs for porn, on CSPN, of course, and occasionally on the Buzzfeed.

Living on a prayer now with Mariachis and Low Riders, verda’ d’Dios Que Sí. A Huevo Que Sí³.

³~. A huevo que sí 🇲🇽 = 🇫🇷 bien Sur 

Behold! Yo soy del mero Chihuahua y Yo Quiero Taco Bell.

Sources close to Las Dunas de Samalayuca y El Rancho “Los Dos Cachorros” relay that over at Taco Bell Central (The Great Sovereign State of Chihuahua en Las Galaxias) the body count for the month of June just topped 60 souls, and in the following section, our Brad Pitt puerto riqueño, FENSTER the Copy Editor, will figure out just how many GRAMS, collectively they weight.

Ladies in Gímenez… JESUSITA en Chihuahua no es JESUITA, and she fucking hates YODA!

Mientras tanto, allá en la Diocèses de Molière, Colbert was breaking the rules of The Temple. Trou 🕳️ to form, Colbert sent his sicarios to pound on the doors. May God help us all and bay bee 🐝 Jesús keep U.S. on his baby 🐥 prayers.

Living on a prayer and Taco Bell.
🎶🎸 We’ll Give It A Shot!

Samalayuca, septiembre 2014 — Rancho Los Dos Cachorros

En fin, algo que “los cachorros” del ‘multi campus institucionalizado’ del IHEAL y SciencesPo, en Saint Germain-des-Pres, 75006, casi esquina con el studio de Scarlett Johansson y el Hospicio Latinoamericano de M. Alain Rouquié, ancien ambassadeur de France au Salvador, au Mexique et au Brésil y, director de la llamada “MAL217” por los interWebs, no pudieron entender, o mas bien —no quisieron evaluar:

Well you’ve heard about Mastroianni’s “Matrimonio all’italianna” .:. 93979022-B7CA-478C-B07E-FDD011F62C61 It’s not one of Those. Esto es: una creación de Producciones Televisa y La vida en Rosa por Chelles y también por Lilas —_•!•_— LA QUARANTAINE A LA CHICHI L’IENNE —_•!-_— It’s from the Creator that brought FIRE to Gomorra from Canal (plus)… because God hates Wop’s. —•—
Synopsis: after what they did to ROME, Mars could care less of what became of the 7 hills inside of a stiletto boot, let alone to La Colonia named after the main forum inside of that boot, which was laid to rest in the horn of plenty, just below Columbia’s promised land


Still to come: you can ring my alarm pero no me  apachurres el snooze button, nena.  But FOist, it’s another edition of 2666 —La parte de adelante de los críticos.

Manuel Espinoza, the quiet one according to page 19 of ediciones ANAGRAMA learned two valuable revelations from the time that he began to realize que los jungaros madrileños, (apparently a literary group with a vibe that the good people from Selma, Alabama, would surely recognize as one of them FIA rules race car driving clubs) were just as circular as them Top Fuel funny cars and their figure Eight shape track rucas; dicho de otra puta manera:

Manuel Espinoza suffered from a permanent condition that ailed his REM sessions much in the style that ail (ajo en francés) cocked-blocked a vampire colmillos aiming for a pulsating jugular, dreamers call that ailment “insomnia”, siestas can mitigate the curse, but really, nothing compares to a full-night shut-eye. Anyway, it was during one of them after midnight sessions that Manuel Espinoza began to ask himself, —in a very Formula One— serious manner “if those people,” (p. 20) los jungerianos, no los fans de Ophra Winfrey in Modesto, California, where as everybody en la UNAM knows is also where Jonh Mill Ackerman was born) were not really asking Espinoza in between shades to leave; to stop bothering and to never return.

It was during one of  this  these nights, that Manuel Espinoza learned that Armando Álvarez was right all along…


The weekend Update

The Weekend Update .:. CAB6A8A8-E3C6-45F1-BC13-8D58BD5EA98E 🛴 Live footage of Lorde Lorne Michaels beating the fuck out of The Weekend musical guest at SNL 45 is not available, however; vintage footage of an Executive Training Film of the Walt Disney Enterprise shows voice actor Alain Rouquié (“The Boss”) solving a little problem at Fréquence Paris Pluriel (106.3 FM) when the hispanoparlante section of the Sunday Morning programming wanted “To Give Voice” to a voiceless Bolivian student that was disciplined at Le IHEAL for wanting to Establish an Association de Loi 1901 in the interest of Latin American student issues in Paris and the rest of Europe.  https ://youtube .com /watch?v=4RGXBRx_Fyk

Para la memoria Los cachorros de M. Alain Rouquié se recibieron de SciencesPo y el IHEAL con la noción de que, “el PRI, sí sabe gobernar”, y por eso John Mill Ackerman (UNAM) les vino a dar atole con EL DEDO, y el consejero del actual gobernador del estado de “chihuahuita” entretuVO con su cátedra (en Castellano del bueno, y no chingaderas) a los retoños de los cancilleres de Francia (asignados) por todo Latinoamérica. https ://nortedigital .mx /teto-marcelo-chela-lilia-serrano-garfio/

Admit it Micha*, los y las traigo cómo diría Mauricio Garcés: Muert@s… bola de putos.

… [Y] siendo que con la Excepción de doña Mueller de Obrador y su carnala, Mrs. Sandoval de Ackerman, y tal vez doña CoNaDe Guevara, las chiquillas mexicanas dicen que hoy no van a hacer nada, los chiquillos por su parte le van a hacer al “Men–at–Work” and play business as usual con las cosas que también, valga la redundancia, —los dejaron (sin su consentimiento) de mover.