Rayuela… no es lo mismo, y no sea mamón en La Jornada

Mhmmm… La Argentina.

Si yo fuese, Maradona, le diría a Manu Chao que la Izquierda, está fuera de lugar³.

False equivalency con las Madres de La Plaza de Mayo.

Mira que organizar una manifestación, así como la que Luis Echeverría ordenó para quitarle los clavos a Chorpus Christi,  esos si que son aguacates. Estoy casi seguro que don Luis ha de estar regodeándose con los detalles de la manifestación de don Andrés en el Zócalo.

da’Fuck do ewe know about Peyote, Patti? Carla munches on it with her Nutella®️ Évry They 🪄

³~. Except, maybe… In Lula, with Brasil.

Previously on, Real Lies: El Año de Francia en La France

With all due respect, I don’t select the casualties.

La Niña Blanche’s Blues

Just the fact’s ma’am… this “Francia” that youse yappin’ about, might she be the one being celebrated at La Muette this coming weekend? In case you missed it, Colombia is next on the Fiesta Nacional watch. So now Öüï knows what RFPP is going to talk about this weekend.

You’d be forgiven if you missed the Banda Municipal de Paris tribute to proméxico’s Mexico City Texcoco Airport, the aerial view of that x-shaped formation was indeed something to behold, especially if you are keeping count of the past 11 Bastille They parades.

Your Lying Eyes… Literal translation of F.R.A.N.C.E… and still to come, in just a few hour’s flight, President Joe Biden will have the opportunity to SHOW his MEXICAN counterpart, el licenciado Andrés Manuel López Obrador, how to bring up a BIG ELEPHANT in the MORAL ISSUES and human rights for Julian Khashoggi Jamal Assange.

~. Arabian American Oil Company. Following his “breakfast tacosLos Presidentes Hermanos” summit before flying to ISRAEL, POTUS 46’s talking points writing monkees suggested to mister Biden to follow “LA FORMA” of the FIRESIDE CHATS brought up by El SUPREMO Andrés OBRADOR during their televised talking points exchange and, use the oil discovery of 1938 in Saudi Arabia and then! Tie in the US-controlled PRODUCTION that followed, as “EL FONDO” for that “living room” presser.

https ://www .midilibre .fr /2022/07/14 /14-juillet-revivez-france-lemouvante-chanson-de-candice-parise-interpretee-lors-du-defile-10435389 .php

$a¥ Ch€€s€!

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