Still to come, Ancient Mikas and the Aliens who love’em

C’mon now, it’s ok-Katty, jump in on the Band-WaWa Wagon. What’s next Cousin Joe… Porn for Floribama Jones?

After the 14h Re-hash… the Poles are talking.

Poland pays homage to Elena Poniatowska and Ancient Aliens go, meh…kzikans?

ATLAS shrugged, but still, Saturn continued with his task. Olympuss and his band of privileged kin had defeated the The Tennessee Titans… bunch of fags. Both the Titans and the lower-case “G” odds.

Any hoot, “Oh, captain my Captain” yo no soy marinero an’D.A.T. kneads know Quotes only “una poca de Gracia y’otra Cosita” — Ay, Europa 🇪🇺, remember — d’Ewe remember when it was Ewe they wanted to evict — yo no soy marinero, ni tampoco Capitán. Ay, arriba y arriba.

*Pronounced: Ey•Belle or Ey-Bol, o como dicen “allá en el Rancho Grande” o en El Fondo Monetario Internacional “able” (pun-to y coma) as in Cain did nothing wrong, all he did was his thing (hunt) and his LAZY fair skin brother was ABLE to fuck him out of his land. Check the scriptures, it’s all in there.

En Veracruz, a Polish princess is about to dance La Bamba like the Filipinos have never seen it, let alone heard before. Es el mes de mayo, and that means that for the ‘gringos’ it’s Mexican Independence They. Nothing can change that, they have the Dollars, or the Euros, sometimes the motherfuckers feel Japanese and they pay with the Japan-ease Why.

Note to Filipinos: Legalese clauses and the Navigation of His-story forces us, ese, to inform Lou Diamond Phillips that it checks out, and that his role as Ricardo Valenzuela is within the range of tolerance to fill an ethnic role at The Golden Globes on account that ALL FILIPINOS are part of the ACAPULCO—MANILA galleons (https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Manila_galleon) which is why The Philippines cannot, Öüï repeats, CANNOT be part of the AAPI Celebrations in WaWa Land (on Deadline).


The East LA Delegation Claims The Philippines as their own…

HEAR Ye! Hear Ye! A congressional organized grab-ass session found that were it KNOT for the Filipinos on the above mentioned Acapulco-Pineapple Route, LOS LOBOS would probably wear faggety cowboy shirts, instead of the Trademark GUAYABERAS on stage.

With that in mind, please don’t forget to factor-in the political Weight, Simbolismo, and the influence of Chucho Salinas en “Adios Guayabera Mia”.

Ahora en Castellano, porque yo no hablo Español

And, Peter Baker, although i’ve never been to Spain (only Cataluña and the Basque provinces), i do know that i once asked you on your way back from Biarritz to give my regards to Brian Williams and [today] i can relay that:

Intimidating Intifada might follow

In local news The Vatican at Aix-En-Provance is scrambling to accommodate the laic at Saint-Eustache on account of the Vatican in Rome.

And Michael Lewis, premonition as a tool is for fags… and here is why: because like the tale of Las Deux Toritas, el pedo d’estas dos rucas (Rep. Liz Cheney y Evelyn Salgado) es diametralmente opuesto (⏳) except for one intelligent design feature that them cunts share.

Over at SciencesPo, the institution instituted a new dean, the clergy there voted on following a different road to Rome and installed a Liberal Arts priestess from the History wing[nuts].

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /995 /reader /reader .html#! preferred /0 /package /995 /pub /882 /page /3

News of the shifting cadre at SciencesPolíta Central reached the City of Acapulco just as “la torita” was on the way to the Teatty Twister lounge to get milked for the day.

File photo for educational purposes… Fair use of all media is in effect .:. 6DDDE240-93F6-4957-9833-6BBC65FDBCE9 🐮 “Exclamation Points”, “Rear View Mirror”and now « Torita », Evelin was a shoe-in for nicknames and other assorted aliases. This is a photo of « La  Torita » sowing her oaths with fellow university students from La Sorbonne at an outing in Normandy. At the time, AND-Brian Williams–couldn’t write this shit up even if a Texas-style Barbecue Brisket was on the pot… and you know what, without any sort of premonition but with a lot of shoe leather reporting EYE DID TELL YOU THAT IT WAS NO TIME FOR SIESTA. But you fuckers were way to infatuated with Dr. John Mill Ackerman (Ph.D.) at the Basque House in Saint-Ouen, or with Pablo Gleason y su “cinito mexicano”.

Stop the presses, Philippe Labro got a TV Show!!! Holy Shit!!! And tonight Philippe Labro interviews POTUS 46.

File photo of Mr. Labró follows… in the mean time:

Eye am Sirius… watch this pace.

I Want a Bucket of Mehdi Hassan! Said the Crowned Prince

Page 27, link from page 33 on, the practical and theoretical implications of:

Torture and other degrading and inhumane sentences, (page in-transit).

Sources close to the current Acapulco “siesta” Times reveal, that it is neither the violence in that particular Mexican part of that federation, nor the SIX rape allegations against the Mexican President candidate for the role of governor in that Mexican State (Guerrero) that are keeping Mr. Nadal out of Mexico, nope, it’s just a bad back…

But FO’ist… Lindsey Reiser is up for a game of Tennis and Rafa is not going to México.

https ://www .informador .mx /deportes /Rafael-Nadal-descarta-jugar-el-Abierto-Mexicano-de-Tenis– 2021-20210226-0053 .html

… Still to come, Billy sings the blues to Freddy Cats (93100) and here is why, Mr. Cats, it’s nothing personal and because i know that you wouldn’t be caught… what’s the word? What’s the word? Dang On It! I forgot what the word is but i’d be a sonovabitch if it doesn’t rhyme with the Mexican themed content of the portrait below, —if you get caught trying to make sense of the context at hand.

With all due respect to the good people of the Georges Méliès barrio in Montreuil-s-Bois, on account that i will be un–Earth[a]ing 2011/12 “Noche de Los Muertos… y las estupidas calaveritas* de Freddy Cats”, because last night (Thursday) someone who works for the most informed cop in France (2021, not 1900) asked me the right question:
– – How is it, in the homeless conditions that you have been living in for the past four years, that you are able to do investigative journalism, and why would someone be harassing you in Paris? .:. Les Invisibles is being brought to you by, CAUSETTE, the magazine that pulled an NPR (National Public Radio) move on “bottom-line funding*”

It’s relevant in 2021, ten years after the Mexican effervescence of The Year of Mexico in France, and since you are not going to read this you might not remember that i used to park my bike next to yours on the VINCENNES border of la rue de La Solidarité just in front of rue Carnot on the Montreuil side of the plan.

And to the good people of Metro Stop Croix de Chavaux, don’t pin this on an anti-Día de Los Muertos trip, because just around the Bend of rue Kleber i moved the “calaveras” used in 2011 at La Bellevilloise (burlesque show) for the 2012 Día de Los Muertos at Jour et Nuit (75015)… along with a South Korean and five Mexicans (all women) we set the stage that weekend and there hasn’t been a Day of The Dead celebration that can’t be matched, not yet—not in Paris, France, anyway.

Anyhow, Mr. Cats, i really like your work and the issue is not your action figures, the question At-the-Time was a lead into finding out how the suffering of surviving families of those recently plotted feminicidios were going to be used in the political world of Mexican leaders in France, but i guess you only speak to “official Mexican Zapatistas” from Mexico’s ambassador to France and other official channels.

… gonna sign out now, for a while, because it’s cold outside. Good night.


Va de nuez, Mr. Cats, this post is not about you or about the Grosse Mignone. This post is part of what i do when someone, ANYONE, asks me about the process/technique that i use to do my thing. 9E75A1D6-CB92-431C-B408-1934772411A6 🏨 In other Words, Montreuil–Sous–Bois, i am the messenger, i deliver the content, and when asked i usher in the motherfucking context, and IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, i did all of my motherfucking LEG WORK from 2009-2015, what you are seeing in the Mexican portrait is the KNOTTING of plots that Bruno and Stephanie Menou at the Prefecture de Police à Cité were order not to allow to come to life, metaphorically speaking, ARNO, i guess “that i shot the sheriff and the motherfucking deputy,” Aussie.

Good morning Mr. Cats, in Hilo, Hawaii, the minute hand on the dial is nearing the 19h in HST, here in Paris, Wonder Woman is having a wonder baby; and if the most informed Cop in France checks the Camera of my position last night right before The Reverend Al Sharpton finished his Madam Vice-President Harris edition show, and then follow the fellow who asked me for directions, then you’ll know that the baby is Pakistani and that’s a beautiful mix, here in France. Congratulations to the father if the baby popped out of her momma by now.

Now about that letter from Rennes — Ozzy… “remember the Alamo?”

In•deed, Godfather, indeed:

… [N]ow, now, Ashley, are you compensating for a lost Plant? Wait, scratch that… Öüï didn’t notice Shrubbie, there was another Palmer framing Shrubie out. Sorry ’bout D.A.T. Ashley Parker, carry on.

Tune in to France INFO 105.5 FM in Paris all They (Wednesday CET/Tuesday Hilo, Hawaï*) to find out about la mafia Calabraise and the link to il Padrino, knot “The Godfather” of your soul... Note to editors: you won't hear the following on any French Frequency, except for the RATP intercom system: Lines 3, B, and D stopped on their tracks at Châtelet on account of a dearly departed fellow who chose the “fast track” to the next stage.

Meanwhile, at the Katy Tur Show… it’s Chínguele, Vero, there’s a breach going on. And still to arrive… it’s Eye feels like Eleanor Rigby without a Church to waste my life in (punto y coma) in sports, the “us” just got a brand new National Sport, read about it, talk about it then hold your tears, this is no time for crocodile cataracts. And if you are current on your MADRINAS, then you know that in Acapulco, “this is no time for Siesta”… [C]híinguele, m’ija because Ted Cruz is going to do a “Mexican rodeo†” and you, of all Pa’Señas, Representative Castro, should know by now that en los Lienzos Charros no hay “payasos” like on that “8-seconds ride”.

📎 Makes no diffrence
If it’s sweet or it’s hot
(Cuando calienta el Sol… up next)
Give it all that rhythm that you got

One thing, Vero, and Peter Baker can field this, but…

people WHO know, know that Red goes well on Deadline, and Eye noticed that U.S. Representative Madeleine Dean has the same taste in saddles for her pod/capsule, and she’s from Pennsylvania! What a Meanstreak, how about la chance, eh‽

Witt that in mind, do say hello to Alexandro and his biAmerican flag at ‘el bordo’, ¡pero Vero! ¡Veronica, con una chingada!!! You are cancelling out your message, and here’s why:

You’ve got to use Your Fucking imagination (punto y coma) i am Sy Rius, congresswoman. And here is why:

Fullfrontal disclosure: i know that it is Way Too Early at 11 o’Clock in CET, but “Messrs. K and H. assure the public, [T]heir production will be second to none… [A]nd of course Donnie’s pony* dances the waltz », period!

You should not, Madame Representative, Eye Says Again, you should knot—admonish the opposition for their tenacity and for using whatever works to reach the purpose; that’s the equivalent of Hillary calling the Michigan militiadeplorables”.

… WTF, Nicole, is that a pod? Oh, the technology.