It is a Sabbatical if youse Kosher and a Hiatus if you practice what you preach

Lest Ewe forget…

The most delicious rosbif you will ever put in your mouth.


Hoy no hubo noticias y en París salió el Sol. Remember now, I don’t select the content, I just bring you the news AX IS, knot as Ewe wish that the Knews would be.

With that in mind here you go. And Thanks For All The tunA.

Stay Tuned For The BLUE MOON
12 months, 12 full moons, 12 names, right?
— FUCK THAT! Here’s number 13. Let’s call it a Blue Moon.

Straight Out Of The Ovens… now go get your ADIdas and BREAKDANCE your way to a new rendition of The Roman Circus, but in Greek. It’s a good thing that the entire City of Paris is being “white-washed”, mostly by the Arabs and Blacks and isn’t that the way GLORY works.

And Katty Kay, in the spirit of the Tijuana Bibles, and nothing but the separation of Church and State, he seemed like such a nice Minister of Capitalism at the French Consulate at Park Ave., in Manhattan this past Spring on The Morjo Show, now look at Em#, fashion busting the conversation from the shortage of teachers and other Assorted Troubles de la rentrée :

France’s minister of education has “decided it will no longer be possible to wear an abaya at school…”

El Mundo de Le Monde

Over at Charlie Hebdo, the staff there just confirmed that sucking cock during lunch with a crucifix necklace moonlighting as a Foucault Pendulum is still acceptable… would you like to draw you a STRIP en Castellano?

And now, the Sport’s page with Doris Kearns Goodwin.

… I’m with the Rev. On this one:

Dreamers knot skimmers

Thanks, Obama!

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