EFEmérides: A They That Will Live in Infamy

Man of the Year: CHARLIE CHAPLIN and the Eye RAN GO’ills.

The News according to Snake Eyes 👀. The Candyman NetWO’ik.


Attention camp, tonight’s feature will be narrated by the GO’ill that never gets enough Aus!

Au relié: More Au!… it’s like COWBELL,
Cookie 🍪 Monsters.

She just doesn’t know, IT!, —Jet!


Meanwhile at the 18th District of Paname, it’s just like 1984 in Los Angeles, California… Crack in School, and it is not the fútbol kind, read all about, IT!, on Tú Theys edition of, this ain’t South Central nor the Coliseum, baby. It’s Saint–Denis.

https ://www .bfmtv .com /paris /paris-des-enfants-escortes-par-la-police-pour-se-rendre-a-l-ecole-en-raison-de-la-presence-de-toxicomanes _AV-202212070369.html

It’s Like That, and that’s the way it is, uh! 🎤 🥶 … unless off-Course, you happen to be Juanito Guanavacoa at A.I. à Belleville.


7 de diciembre 1941… HILO, HAWAII

Over in Germany, it’s Just Like Starting Over, and Paul just broke a glass in Hamburg, it’s all part of the New Nazies trying their dang d’EST! to play Punk music, but fascists can neither play nor enjoy extreme Jazz.

“Among the 25 detained (🚂nazies) was a minor aristocrat called Heinrich XIII,” according to the BBC.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-europe– 63885028

El Band o El León de Kerchovas? Assange is a fag, period!

POST — To A.S. Ties.


On a They like Tú They, John Belushi learned to play L’ACCORD ION.


To quote MIKA B.:

The People Have Spoken. Boom!


… It!, don’t Stop, period!

Over at Abbey Road Studios, John Lennon just won the GWAR! And then Hawaii, made a Slight Return… to the Dakota, of all places.

Dear, Mary… Zed’s Dead, and Eye do believe that the AlphaBeth Soup is on the Sesame drawer, not on the Muppets Show.


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