And, OH! Snap!!! Perrine, it’s Lindsey closing in

The interwebs gods would not let U.S. down, Lindsey is Knot going down without a fight.

“Come at Mí, Perrine…”, said Kendice Peacock.

… Yeah, Yasmin, this is just another track on the Wacky Races to find the cure to the perfect cruda, but FO’ist! The most important game in the history of the entire Wide World of Sports, The Puppy Bowl.

Indeed, Perrine, tomorrow morning the Ashleys may or may not be talking about the OM vS the PSG, or the Kansas City reds vS the Tampa Bay malos.

One thing that is for sure is that little Mary Anne from Team Fluff is one heck of Sailor Knot maker; Argos from Team Ruff did’t stand a chance.

And another thing that seems to be fit to print, is the lead that the abandoned daughter of Jewel (remember Jewel?) just rediscovered her neighbors around the Technicolor Block.

… Back in BARCELONA 1•714:

Chapter Two, p. 25/26

Décrire le charm de cette créature n’a rien de facile. N’étant pas poète, et pour resumer, je dirai que comme femme, elle était tout ton contraire. Yada, yada, French words… Je ne dis pas qu’elle étaient irréprochable. Sa mâchoire inférieur, énergique et anguleuse, lui conférait trop de personnalité pour un femme. Mais, tant qu’á pécher, que se soit par excès : ton menton fuyant fait de toi un parfait modèle de crétinisme facial.

We know return to the Wacky Races currently in–progress:

🎙 Hot Pants follows 🏎, not to be outdone by the msnbc’s Hot-wheels, BFM’er TV unleashes their secret weapon: the fucken’ Reporte del Tiempo girl, it’s a winner… BUT WAIT!!! Oh–SNAP!!! Hot Pants was deflated by fratricide!!! Some Person, yes, it is spelled just like that, Some Person just took Hot Pants out of the loop. Bill Karins rejoices in WaWa Land, as Person just brought a Cold-cold, very cold wave to the better part of La France.

And in India, SHIVA just rolled out its latest Bollywood Action/Tragedy: Le Glacier.

Feeling Mexican?

Well are you, fip?

Chichimeca… look it up. And just in case you missed it, Gignac might be the last Coca-Cola®️in Santa Qtar•INA, sin néanmoins, in the politics that govern the Ruhles de Foot MX, en Le Tri de La Francia ese Gitano nomas sirve pa’calentar la banca, and if you don’t believe MÍ, just ask Mme. Lagarde.

Of course Knot, you easy wave… you be Jammin’ all night long.

Check local listings to find out the tracks that made the cut. One thing for sure is that Perrine took a play from the Sophie Ellis-Baxter book and censored po’Lindsey Reiser from the groove.

Locals only
(Séte, porte du sud-est de la France)

Somewhere in the badlands of New Mexico, The Saint just learned that while shooting on the set of The Island of Dr. MOREeau, Samuel Clemens (look it up in Pasadena, CA) VAL KILMER had an illegitimate love-child that now works, you guessed it, at BFM’er Inc., and he’s ONE Ugly SumBitch, the poor bastard has his mother’s mug all over that face.

https ://www .deseret .com /2017/5/1 /20611391/val-kilmer-brings-one-man-show-citizen-twain-to-salt-lake

But seriously folks, is Socc’er FR really-really relative anyMoore? It’s not me stating this, i am not in the business of Libération (anymore), but it does beg the question for all of the Liga’s matches, have you fuckers ever heard of, “what in the HOLE Wide–World of Sports is–a–going on here?” Private Benjamine*?, period!

Previously on, “What in the HOLE Wide–World of Sports is–a–going on here?”, Private Benjamine* was hosting a “Chivo al pastor” party when all of a sudden (Hilarity ENsueS) as Sheriff Slim Pickens walks in to the Set.

“You  🦅  guys look like a bunch of Kansas City Fagots!” .:. 1056B53F-24AD-4D5D-80ED-1C2AF0B85EEA —_¥_— The Camp Town Ladies sing this… Anyone? Memo Pablo, Guillaume Paul?, Anyone?.

Ring ring, Siren, In•Deed. 📞