Que diriez-vous de ces vagos*, eh

Que diriez-vous de ces vagues, eh? Perdón, Perrine, quise solamente decir, Hola Maja! You look swell in kaki. HOW’eva, you sexy morning muse, the face on that big Wave is not that of Neptune, Neptune is a fag; Eye have it on the Highest of Authorities that the face on that Vague is non other than LOBITO¹.

L’Œíl #731; Fev MMXX, page 131: Un Si Fabuleux Destin… “and Amelié will like it too!”

… [A]nd, Avi Velshi, i don’t know if the signal reaches over yonder, but it looks, from Mr. Mat RivRin most FANTASTICAL snapshotf, that Lobito is wearing a… how should i put it‽ How should i put IT… a YES! A charreada sombrero, and riding a Seahorse, —Buck.

Over on Le Menu National, pg. 19 of nº 3609, on 20minutes dot france:
CARNE ASADA para GIGNAC and HOLY SHIT!!! The French just invented The motherfucking SUPERBOWL… Oh, SNAP! —+— The Humanity!!!

We begin today’s transmission from The Instituto Nacional de Geographi’a y las 7 mares o en dónde ‘asté quiera Perrine, but FO’ist:

Something, something, and then something in French .:. 016909B8-4E51-41FE-B5D3-51865FCC779A .:. ¡Aguas, Stefan! This BUD is for you, you French WaPo you. And Perrine, please be advised that we found the spot behind La École Superior de Journalism (casi esquina con Rue National—La Commune 75013/1871) where you used to Stand [there]. The shrine to your mémoires remains intact, although COLOMBO at Nº 3 Impasse National is a bit ticked’off on account that Les MELVILLES, a tribute band of the original Puget Sound, The motherfucken Melvins, cut the stream to Lindsey Reiser, o en su defecto, that Coffin dame. Anyhoot, 8DAN+ 1 LIVRET, Trucking follows.

I honestly never thought that i would get to see the news report that framed The Michelin Guide como un vil puchador* de platillos y bebidas clandestinas.

And this here, Bocuse is where Öüï Beguine to feature the INSTANT REPLAY on how ANTHONY motherfucken BOURDAIN went down (£it€ra££¥) à Pari$.

Inspired by the Spaceballs Rick Moranis helmet, That Etcheverry fellow, the one that hangs on Perrine como pulga de circo francés, he is now just trying on the latest look, it’s a look inspired by the Baywatch shack. Check it out:

In the role of Pvt. Benjamine… 🎶 football


Stefan Etcheverry is the long lost kidnapped son of Jefferson and Marcy d’Arcy… the young Etcheverry was kidnapped by, wait for it, wait… there she is, Christine Lagarde, yeah Buddy, that’s Buck pissing on the LifeGuard’s post.

1. Manuel “El Loco” Valdés.

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