Previously on Fake Schadenfreude — God Save The King

Breaking… Canelo is playing dirty pool, mister Álvarez taunted the Brit with a taste of chocolate Abuelita™ to ringside.

And to commemorate the occasion Perrine Storme, de BFM’er TV, dons the JALISCO colors, which are a lot like the Ukrainian colors, with the exception that the flag of Xalixco was dedicated in 2011, the very Year of Mexico in France, and it is worth as much as a PERUVIAN flag 🇵🇪 at Mains Libres in Paris, Farce.

With All Due Respect, no se vaya… deteniendo.

In Context, and with the exception of Osler Amaro at Paris Fréquence Plurielle whom I’ve personally met, and discovered that Osler Amaro is just a guy like Ewe and , the difference between an Ukrainian flag and a Peruvian flag is that the Uk’s will dig a hole in the ground and fight Russian tyranny, as opposed to the Peruvians at l’Académie française who will suck a French cock for a “job well done, ”… roger that!

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Flag_⚜️_Jalisco

Lucky nº 7… Interesting NATIONALIST anthem* that opened the Bout, CRISTERO propaganda before the new U.K. soundtrack, which gave Güey to the blandest rendition of Nuno’s ballad {or} maybe it is because, it seems to Mí, anyhow—that the in between the Vicente Fernández sound bytes, which by the way replaced the CaRd GO’ills segment, Eye noticed that Öüï is like Julio PRECIADO, old.

*~. State of Jalisco  official canto. Inspired by Andy García and La Luz del Mundo Productions in, “For Greater Glory”.

Lay-Di’s in Gemini!

Live from Guadalajara, JA-MX… it used to be called, “Guanatos”, however, that only confused las momias de Tecalitlán con las del Cervantino.

Capitu what?


Ley de la ventaja… Jalisco nunca pierde, y cuando pierde, Tepito arrebata.

How convenient, I think I’m feeling Japanese.

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