Festivus update — May They! May They!

For the record, in Hilo, Hawaii, son Diez después de las Nueve de la noche, y en París, en París it’s the Top of the FO’ist and Louise Michel connected with Anne’s fastball, which she caught at the waist striking a pose and that’s the Second Empire’s Out, just in Time for Cinco de Sasha Montenegro, en Roma… and we’ll see you from NAPLES as George Méliès steps up to the plate With Placido Domingo—Siempre en Domingo, of Course.

In Louisiana, the Burrowing Carville un-stuck his head out of his ass and like a Bourbonic (20) Washington elite Woke the silly French at Sciences Po.

For the record, Carville (Car Vile) is not the first to sound the alarm, an ancient Sciencespo professor and Time Magazine traveler who went by the name Donald Morrison seem to have touched a nerve with a similar observation.

In LoKool Newport Salem‘s news, i can personally relate with Faros®️ a la distancia on my rap sheet, that Virginia is just way too Slim to handle the PCH on PCP… y los Delin-cuentes son muy pinches Delicados™️ for that Trip D.A.R.E…. Thank You For Smoking… yeah Buddy*.

PCH = Pacific Coast Highway
PCP = Phenylcyclohexylpiperidine (aka)
Angel Dust.

And Jason Johnson… Eye needs a hand and Öüï is going crazy trying to figure out what to do with all this dang-dong Essential Quality (14) Elephant Anesthesia and a trailer-load of Marlboro©️ Greens.


In Locos known news, Tweedy Bird is in awe.

You did, Tweedy Bird! You did see a “Lindo-Gatito”, but what you don’t KNOW (mi querido Piolín) is that Diego LUNA spiked that menthol cigarette with PCP, and that is why you are seeing “Chuchos” in the trip.

🎶 Monday, Monday… deer, Ashley at BFM’er

Please Standby for « petit ceinture » …

“Don’t turn your back on me, baby
You just might pick up my magic sticks ».

Key word is Of course, les 🥖’ettes, period.


It’s Black History Month… only on the BBC. 😉 82E928C9-FB75-4772-BC56-1376B336A36A 🛰 Well, well, well… look who just rode in on a cha•riot of white horses, tell you what, Mme. Chevalier, i didn’t expect you to pop-up at the start of the Last Holiday Monday of the Trump administration; what a surprise, and it just so happens that today is Martin Luther Jr., Observance Day (all They–and all of the Knight), but since Serendipity put you in on today’s script please relay to the weekend regular, Mme. Storme, that a bunch of loops without a belt is no way to Hitchhike one’s way across a galaxy; if Perrine was not going to wear her belt on Sunday morning, she should have called and i could have suspended (with suspenders) her animation. Jeez-Whizz.

Previously on, The Stay Up Late version of The Piggly Wiggly in CaNaDa:

France reminds Canada that food sovereignty for the French is not Mexican sub-soil goodies to stick their filthy pied de cochon on the monopoly of violence… wait, scratch that “the monopoly of prices”.

https ://www .bloomberg .com /news /articles /2021-01-17 /couche-tard-faces-investor-grilling-after-aborted-carrefour-deal


Tell Saint Peter at The Golden Gate
That he’s gonna have to wait
ˋCus i just gotta smack James CarVile in the head 🗯 E5A60408-BD7F-4632-BC70-F0017A2E2723 🤾🏽‍♂️ Thank You for smoking… and please don’t panic on  LIVE ON THE “Hey, Hallie Jackson Show”, it’s just the Outoors Soggy Bottoms Bums… yeah, Buddy, there’s a new Shelter Dog in Town.

Mr. Laske @ Mediapart, i am almost there; approaching hypotenuse at Technicolor… Wait 2, because in WAWA Land, James CarVile is trying to sabotage the color line, it’s not as bad as dressing up like Donnie Deutsch-es-es Dental Cleaning bureau secretary (please refer to Perrine belt-less polyester pants loops) but dear doG!!!

—_~!~_— They Call It Riding the Gravy Train

48 Hours for Trump to cease being a part of Air Force ONE. “It’s 5 o’Clock… somewhere”, or as the troops in-and-around WaWa Land relay: it’s 17 hundred hours in Central Nato Times—and in Russia, well, in Russia no pasa nada. Right now it’s time for The Melvins on Dateline, so check the date because today Öüï looped through Perrine Storme’s-es belt-£€$$ loopholes to Thursday, January 14th of 2021… Nº 23717, check the date—Mate!

Of Course She Is… “that wild bitch”… [I]n all Sí-Rius_Ness, Mme. Storme, you make 1976 look swell with that no compromise Riviera-Disco shirt.

You Are Going To Like The Way You Look, period!

YoHo! Yoho!!! Congressman YoHo.

Social Control vs. Social Investment… we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] will get to that. But FO’ist, now that the “F–word” and the “B-word” have been entered into the official Congressional Record, the following is a message directed to White House Spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany.

The color of A James Carvile oilpainting

The color of a James Carvile oil painting over a DSL land line on Dial-up [modem sound goes here] .:. 0D5C3A09-C125-47E1-9784-008F6E662F00

KayLeigh! If you are going to Fuck the Nation by lying and constructing avenues of Coronation for the current wanna–be–king, then Eye must insist in engaging in crude and passionate intercourse, in other words Kayleigh McEnany, as long as you continue to break your promise of not lying to the audience in front of you (KEY WORD audience) then we [the staff of this blog] must insist in on doing the things (with your sexy ass) that Stormy Daniels did with your current boss. We’ll go mattress shopping on a non–National Holiday Weekend; Eye will even lead you by the Vulva.

So with that in Mind, Kayleigh McEnany, Let’s Fuck, Bitch! C’mon K–hey’Lee, there are 100 and Two Theys until the next General Election and your boss is trapped into speaking as if it was early March in order to sound reasonable to the American people who like to scream: America, love it or leave it. So Time is running out for You and Eye to engage in making Whoopee without the consequences of Child Support and Parental alienation, —Yeah–Buddy.

And in Washington, It’s Take Mí out to the ball game with Willie Geist and the Evil Empire… those motherfuckers!


In publishing news, a judge told Donald Trump’s personal Attorney General that he could not prevent a person from writing a book about CORRUPTION, even if that person is a convicted felon and a close personal friend of Donnie Deutsh.

Fair Use of Publishers

MEDIA MATTERS .:. 6005FFF7-441C-4662-A50F-9AA455915D38 ⚖️ Fair Use of ALL Publishers “Aquí y en China (Nuevo León) », https ://www .leparisien .fr /politique /nicolas-sarkozy-publie-un-nouveau-livre-sur-le-debut-de-son-quinquennat-23-07-2020-8357433.php

In a Parallel universe, it seems, but we Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto are not sure until the month of September rolls around, if the French Republic understands what the concept of Freedom of Speech is.

Right now, in the month of July 2020 we know that a foreigner can be convicted WITHOUT EVIDENCE and without the accuser being in the same hearing room. This modus operandi, is not tolerated by the French Empire when French citizens like Florence Cassez break the rules in “shithole” countries like The Mexican United States.

This film has no Title — Yet

Team Perrier villains pit crewmen at Local Car Men n°5, James Car Vile:


Previously on, “The Sky is Falling” witt Santiago Carvile:

Lizard man doppelgänger, and Cajun Gridiron cult follower (it’s confirmed now) of the Church of LSU is now, after a very Clear and Present meltdown on Super Mardi,  —in Cajunspeak, bien sûr S.V.P. — supporting Joe “how many bull-it rounds” Biden, following the vice–president win in Motown.

In Local News:
F.U.C.K. Kong LeBrin (23) James
“Here, D.A.R.E., and EvryWear”.

The following must be read in a Koby (24/8) Bryant voice:

Brother James

Brother James .:. 23913ACD-5844-4977-9BF1-963B34B883F1 🏀 if his majesty (Kong) has “i’s” to see, which öüï know that he does, because we [the staff] put these D.A.R.E., perhaps his highness will notice the bleu line extending into darkness? Eye asked, because one of the earliest and certainly the most indelible images of a sporting arena arrived through one of those blue cables, except that in them days, the mic cord would most certainly be in black because IBM and Xerox were still in charge of the presentation design of all things Hi–Fi, any güey, Kong James, Eye was not in Detroit at the Time, but Eye was aware (at that time already) about Kiss’ “Destroyer” LP cover,  so Eye guesses that in this particular context, your excellency, Eye was tuned–in, really tuned in to “Sony” Alarcón’s other end of the speaker wire that delivered EVRY round of the bout between José “pipino” Cuevas and the Motor City Cobra, —Tommy Hearns.

—Now then, Mr. James, Armando Segovia (hear) speaking, right now:

Little ol’mí was a witness of how grown men were consumed with anguish during the prizefight, then i saw these same people that i used to look up to, weep for what some called the “waterloo” of Hidalgo, México.

Who's to say, eh‽

Who’s to say, Bonham was not at the Joe Louis Arena, eh? .:. 4B39746A-95F0-4547-9202-8A434151C4E4 🥁 _ but we’ll get to that later, Mr. Lebron James, at the time, because at the time September the 25th was still a moon away.

That night, after the bout, i climbed to “la azotea”, a few minutes later the neighbors joined mï, we still had a couple of full moons to know what pubic hair would feel like on top of our wee–wee’s, so we were not allowed to roam outside the block after supper time and if you have not been reading this most non–consequential blog then, and only then, will you register this memorex®️ in the Lepes Section of the timeline of this trip.

Entonces pues,

Outside of baseball and boxing there were few things that the next-door neighbors and yours truly had in common, probably because the parental units of them huercos were PANistas, and Eye, well I was already listening to Kiss with a bachelor of Arts in Beatlemania. Be this as it may, and being the pre pubertos que éramos cuando con los hijos de los vecinos de enfrente (carniceros de oficio) y yo tuvimos la oportunidad de ver también desde la azotea de su casa las olimpiadas without U.S., in the U.R.S.S.. we could care less of the politiks, the eldest of them carniceros fell in love with Comaneci during the 76′ Olympics and as far as i can remember, Comaneci was all that we were condition to talk about.  Ahora bien, on that particular azotea we did not care about baseball or boxing, and topics on that ledge were open, but that’s another story. What is important, Brother James is that although us LEPES were not in either Detroit or Moscow in 1980, it did not mean that part of our imagination, in different ways, i guess, were not reached by the chronicler in REAL TIME… even on the Spring of the 40th anniversary of that title bout.

Por ejemplo, King James

Por ejemplo, King James .:. 04591A06-8328-4160-8DDE-4F4579E65B73 🧮 The guy at the mic proposes that if you knew, because apparently you don’t, and because apparently you are ignorant about the fact that the underage workers that bring in the money for your sponsors bottom line don’t get to  dictate the terms of their “performance” schedule, you sir, would probably find it in the bottom of your Blue Blood Noble and Regal heart to please shut-the–Fuck up and play for the CAMERA, Bitch! Just like you do when the Marketing Gurus shutterbugs tell you that you are God’s gift to L.A., BITCH, EVRYbody knows that IBRAHIMOVIĆ held and still holds that title.

Any güey, Hilo, Hawaii, is preparing the 11th Hour News at 10 pm just as Fukushima celebrates the opening of RADIOACTIVE in France by catching a WAVE instead of a Corona®️ at the beach; page 2 below is a work–in–progress.

Segnor, Philippe Labró

Segnor, Philippe Labró .:. D4A0D080-92E1-4CDE-9319-EC155CD55497 🍤 Öüï, the staff of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. do not [we repeat] öüï do not chose the Vagues that armando decides to ride on.

“Well they call Mï the hunter¹”


1.Dead Wrong:

Any güey, Ragin’ Cajun meet John Mill Ackerman

Efeméride: Ash Miércoles.

Cenizas Wednesday is when All Mexicans, of All faiths, or lack thereof celebrate the end of the Carnival Season, because if there is one thing that Mexicans can do, is celebrate their sorrows with a “little t” smacked right between their Ojos Mejicanos Lindos, qué, valga la mención, solos no se miden Ellos.” — uh’Nah, nah, nah—nah NAH-nah• NAH-nah-nah-nah NAH ah-Nah Ah_Nah ah ahAh.

Did you know that it was...

Did you know that it was… the very French WHO* went ahead and invented Ash Wednesday? .:. 5ED68451-63D9-4DA0-AC29-AF704AACA78B 🗺 * World Health Organization 🍷Indeed, the French went ahead and invented Ash Wednesday, mr. Carville, for the sole purpose to plant what Mexicans, and Spaniards call: La Vid… aussi, those same « goddamn » ashes are the secret ingredient in Goat Cheese.

Meanwhile  on  at Columbus Ave. in Babylon 2, Cousin Joe does his “prohibition” stint, and Avi Velshi can’t help himself, calling on Sue Herrera, to show what a fat plane looks like when it lands, or something like that. AVI VELSHI! Stop D.A.T., you crazy diamond (trader). Nicolle Wallace, on her set, is a bit “ashy” tonight.

local known news
sponsored by:
49.3 fm

Not Rush, but Merle

Not Rush, but Merle on a Trumpian promise.

… wait for it: Trump hires COLLEGE kid to run the TOP Working Office in the U.S. Federal Government; they call that kid, wait for it… The Working Man:


Who won? — La Nostalgia de James Carville

Old man* yells,
“Get off my goddamn LAWN!!!”
Professor Eddie Gloude Jr., reports.

Y en México

¥en MÉJICO, en mejiquito no pasa mas que la misma chingada política de todos los tiempos de el “antiguo” PRIcámbrico .:. 988C2133-CBBB-4C2C-954B-D5D56A964B60 ✈️ Viejito con micrófono le reMETE a su LAMENTABLE y TRISTEMENTE bananero país el “Just say NO” to The Recreational Use of Marihuana. —Get off my grassin Mexico means that the grass, like a .45 CAL is for the EXCLUSIVE USE (and profit) of the ARMED FORCES and the government… AUSSI, the Death Penalty is back in The Legislation AGENDA. «La Cerveza es: CORONA »

* Mike Barnicle
going ballistic on someone mentioning the
Lighter Side of FIDEL,
if you are familiar with Bill Maher‘s Amigo, and friend of the Morning Joe Show, VICENTE FOX, mr, Barnicle’s get off my grass tantrum was the equivalent of “the infamous” Bush era,
« comes y te vas »:
https ://www .reporteindigo .com /reporte /vicente-fox-propone-a-su-esposa-como-proxima-presidenta-de-mexico/

After the break

After the break .:. E65AE098-136E-44AF-9FA6-9579ED01A72A 🤠 Callegüeso y su mala maña.

But FOist,
Revolutionary Poetry from the turn of the Century”,
with Lars Ulrich.

Deer, Cousin Joe — invoice is drawing nearer

Deer, Cousin Joe — 🎶invoice[s]  is   are drawing nearer .:. AAEE0B9F-CB6F-490B-990B-7AE76725341B 🐎 🎶 “On leather steeds they ride“, and to quote Chris Matthews, “Inferno coming!!! Can we survive the blitzkrieg?” Let u.s. Play Hardball.

Personally, James CarVile, i [little ol’armando segovia] have been cheering for Amy, Kamala and Bernie, so D.A.R.E. is D.A.T..

El libro vaquero

WHO CAN IT BE NOW—El libro vaquero .:. 4F6C24CB-156E-48CD-BF4F-43FFD4731B19 🐴 Deer, BriWi: you would be forgiven if you interpreted the pony in between as an innocent toy, but voter beware, that buck D.A.R.E. is none other than the Pale Horse with a baked–in tan on his mug… and Hades is following close behind him with a Case of them Coronas; in other words, motherfucker, expand your latitude.

The following must be read in a Drill Sergeant 🖤–man’s VOICE. He (Drill Sgt. 🖤–Man) will be your senior live–fire drill instructor, and you will learn by-the-numbers, Eye will re-train your gecko–alien looking face, now assume the Front Leaning Rest position and don’t even think about dropping that thing you call a jaw to your chest… pull it up motherfucker and like your Playmate centerfold Pryzybyla says: don’t pull out! Hold that thing you call a spine straight.

—Heilemannnnnnn!!! You are out of uniform! And what in Mother Mary’s holy name are you doing wearing your Cousin Joe table cloth shirt? And for the last time straighten that curly spring on your noggin to AR 670–1 regulation standards, what in baby Jesus name do you think this is, the Marine Corps?

Watch'em folks

Watch’em folks, Kennedy (on FOX News) and Kennedy (in The U.S. Senate) are a snake in the grass, a rare POLYCEPHALIC breed that mixes deceit and indecision in one reptile.

—CarVile!!! PULL THAT STUPID CHIN OF YOURS UP!!! PULL IT UP—MOTHERFUCKER!!! UP! And keep the spine straight, you don’t get to act Like Senator Kennedy (R–Louisiana) double standard who gets to gargle the CommanderinChief’s cum during the recent 3rd presidential impeachment (ever) and then act like a doberman on the Coronavirus issue with Trumps temporary appointments to the National Security “gig” at the 45th edition of The White House.