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Duc de Colla-quién-sabe-qué y de Sangü—ya-se-me-olvido… BORRADOR!!!

This is only a draft. All situations, places, characters/voice impersonations and, story-lines (bad ones at that) are fictional.

Note to editors:
hello, if you are just joining us on this most non-consequential site please be advised that the ex-tweets from my X account are a collection of collages of a preliminary draft of a work-in-progress, —en otro proceso.

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Orgía… Eye bets Ewe think this post is about youse.


Los borradores por eso son buenos… because upon further inquiring from them gods, it turns out that it’s not a Duc but a Count, and it’s not Colla-quién-sabe-qué y Sangü—ya-se-me yada, yada, yada. It’s Collagudo y Singüenza, (cojonudo y sinvergüenza) en la región de GUADALAJARA (a place of stones, or something like that) but not the one where the mariachi stems from, but the one in Spain, where I’ve never been.

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🎶 Las capas nuevas que al mesón l’Embarres se vienen marcadas con intern’s mecos… 🎺

La estética de Juanito Gianabacoa — engross-ame el Chile y juega con él

Juanito fue a un SpAh y se cambió el apellido ficticio de su universo en Paname.

The Set List — Culture Rapide Jam à Belleville. Hit the road, Moe…

¡Como mama, y como chupa! porque el su°fijo de Papon en rfpp . net es, por supuesto, MAMÓN.

Con todo respeto, que chingue a su madre Gabriel García Márquez y sus cinco minutos de soledad, —ya chole con tus pinches 100 años.

Y para repartir amor:

Gabo may have finished his Nobel-worthy novel in México, but his legacy lives in TEXAS, the state with the QUASI-Pinochet flag.

Why? Why did Gabo’s legacy sought refuge in Texas? I am sure that question has been answered like 1 million times, still, what if the Rockefeller of Ed Norton’s character had been around when Gabo got punched by that perrUANO en la Academia del Puente de La Mala en el 6eme.

TEQUENDAMA de Oro en ElDorado de SciencesPo.

Note to Préfecture:

Your boy, Juanito Belmont had a medical doctor and a pintora on his spiel to the Solidaire Left de Extremadura en BOTZARIS, and if this doesn’t mean squat to all Ewe motherfuckers, then maybe you should hit reply on that email sent from then doctor Poisson (today she is a professor) and ask her if the photographs that Francisco Belmont took of her place of work, and especially the entry-access doors mean a thing to her, if there is one thing that Nazi-loving French at the Préfecture love is a reformed police element skilled in psychological torture and/or harassment… especially if an Amnesty International glorified panhandler from Belleville writes a book about “How I met your mom in Japan.”

Salón Victoría.

The GALL de France, REGINALD ELTON, —the Gall!!!.

Dora en Allegretto… Kerschovas follows

Meanwhile in ChilangolandiasurBotzaris, los heroicos Pípopes des ButtesFranchutes insist that according to the Ruhle’s of Polite Society, “las quesadillas de La 4ta Transformation”, no llevan queso, puras calabazas, por ser lacias no necesariamente, —LaicAS.

En la oscuridad – The Set Up… after the break it’s Last Week To They. In the barrel, we review last weekend Barra de Programmation en El Cuzco y en “el Mexique ranch” dressing room de GUANAVACOA en Aragón de León y Castilla. And if you think las muertas de Juárez went the way of Freddy Cats, you Sir, get a little VACHE que rit en la Milka del requesón y el Suero de Villa Ahumada-sur-Dune.


Deer, Apolline de Hierbamala, please inform your graphics monkeys and Adeline François that nº 5 is called “QUESILLO” by the farmers who cure it, not OAXACA… considering that MONTEALBAN is the only place French tourists know, Eye thought you cheese makers knew better.

Nº Five

🎶🌬️ You Go To My Head 🧀 like an opened cork of 🥂champagne de Hong Kong.

Hilarity ensues when Dora The Explorer meets Wednesday Add-am-s_ese.

For context, a few weeks ago, Avi Velshi banned a book³, or that bald madafakka read it wrong, Velsho confused this thing called ‘agency’ with un balcón en El Teatro del Pueblo, mais non, ce n’est pas du Shakespeare On The Rocks.

³~. Neale, Hurston, Z. Their Eyes Were Watching God, on VELSHI “Banned B¤ok Club”, aired on 14/01/2023 on the msnbc’s and tagged on this blog, here, period!

Tampoco es una de Cervantes, ni mucho menos… ese señor se burlaba de Campeadores y estoy seguro que de campEaDoras también, because in A Brave New World, Évry intern is a Sancho or a Sancha en Moulineaux.

… and, Katty Kay, did Ewe do Something to your hair?

Glamourous portraits do Ewe Know justice. Love yer’ spectacles 👓

… and in Paris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez moved to la Maison de La Radio

Flash bulletin!

From Wikipedia:

In the 15th century, Durango got engaged in the wider War of the Bands, with various conflicts involving the Ibarguen, Zaldibar and Unzueta families. During this period, tower houses belonging to different clans were erected, such as the ones of Arandoño, Asteiza, Etxebarria, Lariz, Monago, and Otalora. Henry III (1393) and Henry IV (1457), the Castilian Kings, were both received in Durango, as well as Queen Isabel of Castile [“The Catholic“] (1483), who enticed Durango and the Lordship of Biscay to her cause in exchange for ratifying their laws and institutions, i.e. she swore the fueros, and favourable trade conditions. According to the municipal records, both monarchs took shelter in the Lariz Tower.

No Jacket Required…
Quick Change for The Wicked

Starring SANCHO PANZA en La Mancha de Benito Benoît de la Insula de Boulogne-sur-Mer, Avi Velsho³ guest stars as El Señor Gobernador de Brel.

³~. Avi Velshi cameos as Dario Moreno, interpreting Velsho.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /etonnez-moi-benoit /avec-jean-claude-calon -7704176


Paris, Franche_ 14 Jan. 2023. Inspired in part by Su-Su-SuStudio de la hija de Phil Collins en París, Queens Congresswoman and squad leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez🇵🇷, moved to París.

The grand finale to the congresswoman’s fugue from Babylon Two and over to Babylon One, or the drop that flooded the Long Island Iced Tea, was the arrival of los Santos, over to The Hill, not far a güey (by the way) from Penn Ewe in Del Aware.

Black Blemish or Actual Agency? Let’s ask MARBLE GARGLES, the Evil one of the McDowell’s on the Groundhog Show on a Happy Moon edition of the Dario Moreno set.

Upon arrival, Ocasio-Cortez🇵🇷 figured out that she had seen this movie, 🇦🇺 Aussie, except for the angle from where Ali Velshi, —yes Symone, the same Ali Velshi who sends his “banned book” guests to another dimension at the Rainbow Lounge, banished sort of speak 🙊, to a proprietary podcast place called “pavor 🦚 real”, get it while you can.

To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ 🇨🇺 surprise, THE PARIS TOURISM BOARD arranged to have the “avant premier” of Babylon III, in theaters at Babylon I, on SUNDAY, as opposed to the ordinary-established opening They, on Wednesday, however, the following They on Thursday Évrybody, including Buttes-Chaumont and the rest of La Franche will be engaged in the Opening They of “NATIONAL SPORTS DAY” in the Fifth Republic, and so, Madame Elisabeth issued a 49.3 on the “avant premier” of Babylon III, starring Aquiles, el más talón de la farandula del SHOW DE JUANITO GUANAVACOA.

In 20minutes… Eye shits you KNOT, Nº 3798 of last Week to they on La Pausa of page 14 de Cerfpanthére 🦂, and yes Katie Phang, that alacrán Dare, scared the shit out of PAGE too, Keith Moon was the culprit, always with his pranks.

How I Learned To Love The Marmottes de Barcelonnette, Franche.

69 rue Danois, Paris 13éme — A Brave New World³

En La Madre…with Perrine Storme
with Musical Guest:
Mommie Got a New Girlfriend 


Blur: Girls and Boys
Girls who want boys
Who like boys to be girls
Who do boys like they’re girls
Who do girls like they’re boys
Always should be someone you really love

followed by Mère jument, or as they say in Mexico the wife of “don Chente”, back in El Rancho Grande.

³~. The very French in Fréjus call this building “El Nuevo Mundo”, ISSY, c’est Paris… and KATIE Phangs, Eye swears that if you don’t spit Avi Velshi out I am going to take a snapshot of your shoes. I know that you ate Avi Velshi’s 2 O’clock hour.

The sad part of this incident is that Avi Velshi did say that, “he Tawt that he had taw a Puddy Tat,” but 911 thought that AVI Velshi was BULLshiting around.

Apropos de la apropiación cultural
Students are encouraged to not Wear MOCCASINS, or any other appropriated wardrobe that your grandparents got you in during their last vacation outside of the World State that they visited.
THOSE “Savage World” moccasins are not KOSHER but the Tony Lama’s are approved by la Palme d’or, de Eldorado Independent School District in Madrid.

… on the same vein (or calle with a different name) The “Real” UTOPIA Independent School District, is shooting its their most precious bugger eaters.

Castellano is spoken here.

“Little girls” are encouraged to take their “fuck pumps” off and go pied nu for the nice man with the Camera 📸.

Take Mi to the Pilot, Eye knows the Marble Man in Nice (06)!!!

There are only Three Rules: The François Hollande European Biomedical Research Center

— No Privacy
— No Monogamy


This series is sponsored by Vania®️ female sanitary pads and SOMA pharmaceuticals.

… [C]ualquier parecido con eventos, personas, o lugares de los últimos 10 Años es pura puta coincidencia, —o cómo dicen los franceses:


A 7 mercenaries productions en Colaboración con Corporate Criminals, and of course, a Band in Parts.

Music by Young Niles:

🎶 Be on my Side or Be on your Side

Great moments in: Eye was Shocked that would Happen!

LIVE from the Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion, but FOist! Dear, Edward LUCE, don’t be a bitch, don’t pussyfoot around the issue, Sir: fuck the Gâteau, Let Them Eat Frijoles!!!

Layer CAKE

From the Archives:
It’s what some, at the Latin-American Higher Learning Institute (IHEAL for it’s French initiates) at Saint Germain-des-Prés (75007) might call, a “flashback” .:. 2B23CDD5-8979-453C-A4C2-F1FC100E0E09 🌬

… [A]nd dearest, Mika: don’t run throught D.A.T., but rather, Run With D.A.T..

And Zeppelin goes here

And Zeppelin goes here .::. 9B7AD594-41B5-45AC-BA03-8A859A6791F3 🎂 The Layers CAKE effect.

Here’s your snapshot, Willie Geist… enjoy!

Them POLES are talking

Deer, AP LeMire, glad you’ve got your LeAudio back, listen up dick weed, please forward the following warning to Monsieur Le Président du Tribunal Administrative à Paris:

Televisa Presenta

Televisa Presenta .:. 59F3B803-CFEE-447F-A097-0DAB1D1A7931 💨 a Pantelion Films production from Santa Monica, California. — Music arreglos  by: Ry Cooder.

NOW that you grammar nazis figured out D.A.T. the U.S. President’s son–in–law is running the 2020 Republican Presidential Campaign, please let The Nation on the other side of The Atlantic know that “la mano de BERNARDO GÓMEZ” is not far sous les jupes de Ivanka Trump… and nevermind D.A.T. image on your LeBrain because John Donald The First said D.A.T. it WAS FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! Yeah, buddy.

https  ://www .lapoliticaonline .com .mx /nota /124795 –exclusivo-los-acuerdos-de-bernardo-gomez-con-la-4t-que-detonaron-la-salida-de-loret-de-televisa/

After the break, it’s Dangling Participles at The Rachel Maddow Show.

Deer, Cousin Joe: Eye really hopes that your sniffles are rescinding by now and, that you are not one of the Blind Alabama Choir Boys who sent bit coins to the Russians; but, if you are –indeed– one of them kind-hearted sucker souls don’t you forget Cousin Joe, that öüï are still awaiting D.A.T. iPhone 11… —motherfucker.

« It is knot dying »

« It is knot dyeing — It is Knot Dyeing ” .:. It’s just “the Color of Change,” Bay-bee.

It’s “Two of U.S.” in Central NATO Times
and in Washington
son las Ocho del Mañana
on Do, IT! Again, —Jack.

🎶 Sweet Masked ALABAMA
Where the COVIDs are Real
Sweet Masked Alabama
Lord The Hindenburg goes HERE.