… and introducing, the little Revvie that could

With Musical Guest… Bad Bunny.

Anti-gravity twerk


Now before 🇮🇹 Éric Dupond-Moretti 🇨🇵 or, those coqSuckers at Matiñon put Mí, in a little “ese” cabinet, let Mí remind your Motel Administrator that it was Ewe, motherfuckers, who went full obstruction of “Conflict of Interest” when it came time to choose between 🇨🇵 foie grass 🇨🇵 or , 🥑 toast 🇲🇽 in 2015.


More on that, after the Reverend Al Sharpton cleanses our blood-shot I’s (Latin i’s, not Greek whys) from that hideous powder-blue ruffled look on the SNL in NYC, Ewe tasteless assholes, ewes. I can’t believe that you i’Vicked Cecily Strong from your faggety Rainbow Lounge, where Atlas Shrugged, but not before pissing on The Fountain ⛲🖋️.

Based on a 🧟 Real MEN Show 🧛


inºdeed Steed 🐎, in∴deed. Say Dere, Steed 🐎, did you know that La Pantera Rosa rides on an HURACAN 🚜 (sin acento) like the one hoovering over Del Precio on the upper-right hand TESTAbolda of that Dere handsome Velsho dressed like an imperatore 🐧.

Anyhow, Hilo, Hawaii, just crossed over to the 6th They of Hanukkah and in Paris, Jesus got ran over by a Lahmacun intolerant “BIEN CONNU DES SERVICES 🇨🇵 DE 🇨🇵 POLICE », who off-course, are on Vacation at the Circus de Fair 🎪 Weather en Hiver between République and Nation… our ex-girlfriend Perrine Storme at BFM’er TV has all the 🥑’dos en Hand.

¡🇻🇦 Francisco 🇻🇦! Eye found that “elegant” chamuco that YOUSE talkin’ about

It Don’t Mean A Thing if Ewes don’t (at least) get a bloody nose.

And, Avi Velshi… Phuck, Medhi Hassan! Youse the real deal, a Real Working Pun Hero. Any how, Avi Velshi, Eye hopes that Baby Blue doesn’t MissIntERprets what follows, pero sí… it’s a Blue Cunt-Auch:


What da’Phuk does The Atlantic knows about “Phast and Spid?”, NADA, that’s what. The Atlantic on speed is like a used car reference re-sale bible, which is AlWays open to re-intepretations especially when them wheels are “carros chocolate”, con el front hood de CaCaHuaTe.

The BANNED BOOK CLUB, just like MONTAIGNE à la préfecture would have wanted IT!… that motherfucker.


Here’s how the proceso works, first Ewe select the ROAD to test-drive the Blue Cunt-Auch, and then you get a porn version of the EASTER Bunny and remove all references to the ∴ 33º ∴ in Mexico, which off—course resets “La Panamericana”, but then A-Gain… there’s no guarantee that MANU 🇨🇵/🇪🇸 CHAO has been CLEARED to “cross ❌ connect” over to, —San Diego.

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2022/12/23 /sheinbaum-calderon-catalogo-persona-non-grata-manu-chao-pero-nosotros-le-daremos-la-bienvenida-299154 .html

On the same note, 🇨🇱 El Topo² 🇨🇵  may now return to El Puente de Ojuela, on location 🎬 (off-course) to re-shoot “Le Montaigne 🩸  Sangrona », which as Évry body knows is HOUSED at La SORBONA³.

Eye is tellin’ Youse, el mundo de Le Monde is having a field-they with all them notorious-es-ese F.R.O.G’s., from Katmandou to Catemaco Évry body gets a mulligan.

And by French decree, although, serial murderer and memoire millionaire Charles Sobhraj, does not need a French retirement from the C.A.F., the royalties-rich Charles Sobhraj, will also be docking in that juicy Solidaire payment for the end of the year, ES, haga usted de cuenta, señor Présidente (🇲🇽 FOX 🇲🇽) algo así como esa pensión que su colega, don López le quitó, pero la diferencia, cómo usted comprenderá –señor presidente– … sin tener que hacer más que una chingada.

³~. 56 rue des Écoles, 75005

²~. https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Alejandro_Jodorowsky

OLYMPICS Select Sport

Not to Sparta’s standards… Your FORKS are Phucked, carbon fiber, mis huevos, period!

Boxing could be dropped from 2024 Paris Olympics, IOC says


Any how, Avi Velshi, getting back to Francisco’s “elegant devil, let’s just say that them Blue Suede’s and that funky “Powder Blue Tux” with the ruffled shirt listened to Tucker Carlson on FOX NEWS and the cheap bastard rented, as opposed to owning the look, just like that BENDITA “emision americas” en RFPP, who went ahead and took the X~Más PUENTE off while PERU BURNS. Now THAT, that is commitment to the Peruvian Embassy in France, and of course, ALAIN ROUQUIÉ at the IHEAL and SciencePo.

Issy, Avi Velsho, the motherfucker is wearing Azul Cielo just for Kicks, which off-course was what gave that shifty devil a güey, a closer look reveals that in PHACT, that kickstand es pezuña de chivo.

I wanna Wake up in a City that doesn’t Sleep.


TENga, pues Su Cuadro, 🇻🇦 su’Santida’ 🇦🇷, Eye has it on good authority to relay to PaTmos,  that Yes Indeed, that horse’s clutch sucks, which will make bringing Hell behind that Corcel 🐎 a bit of a Joke.

Any how, 🇵🇪 Osler Amaro 🇵🇪, por ‘ay dicen, en El show de 🇲🇽 Juanito GUANABACOA 🇲🇽, que tu présidente con garrote, ELLA, igual que cualesquiera 🇲🇽 Georgina Moreno 🇨🇵 de morena–🦁SCIENCESPO🦊, ELLA si lee… y por eso su represión la d’ELLA si es “buena, justa, y…”, necesito otra cerveza para poder PATsMAR lo que sigue, mi cholito.

But FO’ist! Öüï catches up with the Medhi Hassan (re-run) show:

But Was SHE, “Raised on promises? »… like them Eweish GOÏ’s are?


and just like Pedro Picapiedra’s meshed’UP wit, with the CHARACTERS of The JETSONS, Medhi’s absence for the Dead Crucified Jew session (Nativity’s Eve) of his show makes no sense to either 🇮🇱 Hanna or Barbera 🇮🇱, which is probably why Medhi doesn’t read teleprompters from Aljazeera anyMore in Casablanca, but rather, from the rose gaRTen en la Casa Blanca…

Deer, FIP.fr… WHTEwe*

*~. What Happened to Ewe?



Balagora??? What’s next Jazz’ahFizz, Jazzah’Fish!!! Eye swears that You People are probably a product of The Paris Tourism BoReD 🥱. Know no-How whatso’Eva. KNON!

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-samedi-03-decembre-2022 -9967708

Meanwhile at RFPP, Osler Amaro is taking note about Las Mariposas Amarillas at The EUROpean Parliament…


Ewe do KNOT deserve ⅓ of thee next Gatobola d’Or.

And here is WHY (Y),
Cookie  🍪  MONSTER:

Because, silly monster…
l’objectif c’est I’mPerfect.

Bunch of faggots… You are not foolin’ anybody with DAT DERE upright bass, Watt’ah you, ImproVelshin’ on the session?

Take My WO’id for, IT!, on account that RFPP no se hace responsable del con°tenido expresado por Fredo Colorado en La Emisión AMERICAS, which is why one (as well as any JUAN) won’t find the podcast or, YouTube™️ répétition of this transmission.


Lucky for Susana PubEda y su cinéma en La Porte des Lilas, our intrepid CopYediTor was also taking note of Juan Lazarus chew-up grass pellets. Here’s the ‘skinny’ on what was ReLayEd from Las Mariposas🦋 de Medellín… en negritas, para francemusique.

Y Dice Así… 12:13

… 🌬️🎶


And now for something KNEW — El hijo de SU… musica favorita on fipf.r

³.~ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106519/quotes/qt0366333

LET’s GO TO THE BOPla boîte à outils pédagogiques for Six Sigma failures and Maquiladora lingo and chit-chat in “that old West Texas Town of O’Rourke”.

http ://fipf .org /actualite /concours-fipf-%C2%ABdis-moi-dix-mots%C2%BB

But FO’ist, Avi Velshi is like a “trooper” on the msnbc’s, everybody else {insert your favorite pundit’s name here} is enjoying their left-overs in Nantucket. Avi Velshi is actually celebrating Thanksgiving with the Navajo Nation and he doesn’t even speak ‘injun… it’s called JIT-Yit-SU or Just-In-Time Shipping in SixSigma, Avi Velshi… and get your days in order, Avi Velshi! Saturday Night is already in the books, KNOT the Box. 

…and “El buey de la barraca” quotes:
El hijo de Su era un muchacho
El hijo de Su

Hijo de doña Susana
El hijo de Suuuuuu
pero nunca se bañaba—’staba peleado con l’agua
El hijo de su

They could have just called the new Covid-variant “Eeyore”, and here is why SU…san del Percio in Jolly Town, because while the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION worries about the Latin AY’s and Them GREEK WHYS, when it comes to Chinese CALLIGRAPHY, the FALUN GONG is “apparently” HARVESTED in « re-education camps » for their Όμικρ-όργανα, or as Vincent Gambinni explained to Judge Munster in an ALABAMAN court:

The Ewe’tz your honor, and The Humanity on dat SILK ROAD over Yonder… anyhow, OSCAR PETERSON, among all the things that EYE is, sometimes EYE feels like a motherless Gini… ask Carlito over on the IMdB quotes³ page for the definition if you are easily offended.

It’s pronounced: OMI-CRO-RGANS, your honor as in, “the Chinese government demands a quota of organs from the EWE’tz in there,” in order to FEED the transplantation organ markets.

— https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /List_of_Winnie-the-Pooh_characters #eeyore
— https ://www .nytimes .com /2021/11/28 /world /asia /omicron-variant-name-covid .html

And, China… if you are listening and/or monitoring,
It!, it is funny because the CORONA virus was “hatched” in your WET markets.

FIP dot FR sponsor of RAPE and Murder… TEN CENTS “a dance” is code for impunity… So Help Me Jesus… Goooo, MANCHESTER CITY!!!

And, Alex Witt… you sexy thing…what’cha know about INTER-SECTIONS?

以孔子之名… or Something like that
courtesy of DEEPL translations on-line.
Au Nom de Confucius: fake communism
for Alabamans à Saint Eustache


Over at The WHO records hall, Tommi, that Deff-Dumb and Blind Kid, is getting in on the pattY-Band-Wagon by skipping the Xi (in the GREEK letter scroll) and jumping to Menudo’s former nemesis on the Latin Billboard Chart: Omicrón.

Issy, Avi Velshi, “Chayanne es mi nombre

Uso justo de Puerto Rico… y Suuuuu-Ave, también.

Súbete a mi moto… only on Televisa deportes y “Siempre En Domingo”, a new Telenovela on Telemundo vía UniVisión… and AVI VELSHI, as someone WHO grew up with a “wet signon my back, pay no attention if i (armando segovia) step on Míster José Díaz-Balart “LATIN-thing” or, YORE-gullo for short.

3. Carlito: Don’t take me to no hospital, please. Fuckin’ emergency rooms don’t save nobody. Som-bitches, always pop you at midnight, when all they got is a Chinese intern with a dull spoon.

International Man of Mystery Avi Velshi presents: the Reel Faber book of Nuestro Cinito baja californiano

On location at Chez Chato’s en Vaux-Le-Vicomte

https ://www .sinembargo .mx /05-08-2021 /4010855

SILENZIO! Esto es otro contexto a lo que un tal José Luis García Agraz (director) dice sobre una época en México cuando no se necesitaba el revolver de Goebbles para sacar de la jugada con un revólver a cualquier crítica en un circulo del poder ejecutivo netamente nepo-deportista. Por ejemplo doña Vilma, trascendió en la pagina 159* del Faber book de Jason Wood, que con el uso de la ley, o a veces con simplemente hacer enojar a la hermana del presidente de la República y con tan solo eso, ya estuvo que se te acabo la carreraAnd, Reverend Sharp 🎣 Thon, picture yourself in a float on a River but as a BIG OL’ honorary Mexican Asterisk because Mr. García Argaz’ response to Jason Wood in Wawa Land, Reverend Al, was in the context of “el sexenio” del ex Presidente Vicente Fox Q., while the unsolicited response from yours truly, Reverend Al, is simply juxtaposing The nepotism of WHAT A SECOND DONALD TRUMP MANDATE WOULD LOOK LIKE (not shouting, just CapiTalIzing), like a front shield panorama that would look a lot like a José López Portillo throne. America sin acento, ALICIA MENENDEZ, saw nothing the first time around. For the next U.S. presidential race, I would personally recommend to the democratic committee for the post of the latinX Outreach program representative, any family member of  the Marcelo Ebrard C. clan. i write this on account that Marcelo will not be able to fuck up that post like he did for María Teresa Kumar on account that he is going to be ruining his run for president of Mexico, —himself. Marcelo’s recent El Paso, Texas visit (last week) was THE UNOFFICIAL START OF THE remesas pandering campaign fromhis paisanos” in The U.S. of A.

* Chapter 8, The State of Things
The FB of Mexican Cinéma
Jason Wood (2006) LONDON.

The audacity of the Very French at the Colbert Hôtel!
To film the historically hollywoodized version of Mr. Dumas-es-es
unofficial take on the taking of the patrimony of one po’bastard who went by the prisoner number : 64389000∼∼… at the very Castle where the story of that prisoner was hatched… The ROMAN busts of Lyndon Banes Johnson are a dead give_away.

Yum yum bumble bee bumble bee Tuna
Eye like bum bum bumble bee Tuna
Yum yum bumble bee bumble bee Tuna
Eye like Sandwich made with Bumble Bee®
Now with VAQUITA de MAR chunks… 

y por supuesto, una tuna en cada bote de atún del Abejorro agradecido… (not zángano).

Efeméride… sufragio efectivo, o algún contexto comme ça. It was the final leg in November of 1967 when President Lyndo’ Baines Juanes (LBJ) decided to make a short pit-stop in ROMA to visit the Pope, President Lyndo was coming from Australia. There was a wake there that was held in honor the Prime Minister there. On the way back to  to ⚡️D.C., President Lyndo’ danced with a broken hearted First Lady Imelda Marcos…. etc., etc., etc.