Feeling Mexican?

Well are you, fip?

Chichimeca… look it up. And just in case you missed it, Gignac might be the last Coca-Cola®️in Santa Qtar•INA, sin néanmoins, in the politics that govern the Ruhles de Foot MX, en Le Tri de La Francia ese Gitano nomas sirve pa’calentar la banca, and if you don’t believe MÍ, just ask Mme. Lagarde.

Of course Knot, you easy wave… you be Jammin’ all night long.

Check local listings to find out the tracks that made the cut. One thing for sure is that Perrine took a play from the Sophie Ellis-Baxter book and censored po’Lindsey Reiser from the groove.

Locals only
(Séte, porte du sud-est de la France)

Somewhere in the badlands of New Mexico, The Saint just learned that while shooting on the set of The Island of Dr. MOREeau, Samuel Clemens (look it up in Pasadena, CA) VAL KILMER had an illegitimate love-child that now works, you guessed it, at BFM’er Inc., and he’s ONE Ugly SumBitch, the poor bastard has his mother’s mug all over that face.

https ://www .deseret .com /2017/5/1 /20611391/val-kilmer-brings-one-man-show-citizen-twain-to-salt-lake

But seriously folks, is Socc’er FR really-really relative anyMoore? It’s not me stating this, i am not in the business of Libération (anymore), but it does beg the question for all of the Liga’s matches, have you fuckers ever heard of, “what in the HOLE Wide–World of Sports is–a–going on here?” Private Benjamine*?, period!

Previously on, “What in the HOLE Wide–World of Sports is–a–going on here?”, Private Benjamine* was hosting a “Chivo al pastor” party when all of a sudden (Hilarity ENsueS) as Sheriff Slim Pickens walks in to the Set.

“You  🦅  guys look like a bunch of Kansas City Fagots!” .:. 1056B53F-24AD-4D5D-80ED-1C2AF0B85EEA —_¥_— The Camp Town Ladies sing this… Anyone? Memo Pablo, Guillaume Paul?, Anyone?.

Ring ring, Siren, In•Deed. 📞

AY-Ay–Ay_ayian Elchopo había un… anyone? anyone? Perrine? Anyone

Goooooooood MOWrning BALARD!  Tune in/to BFM TV Marseille to see the match between Les Expatriés y los immigrants. For one, Les rosbifs y los americanos de Boston y Canada son « expats », expat. Kind of has a knight sound to it; as in: give this expat a horse, he’s got good credit. Whereas, the immigrant, well… tune in to BFM’er TV after a word from our sponsors.

https ://uk .sports .yahoo .com /news /marseille-offer-stadium-covid-vaccinations-091443546 .html

¡Aguas! Or as some might say East of the Thessaloniki: It’s the Sunday after Epiphany, and today is the end of Christmas and the celebration of the WAWA for Chuy’s baptism… Eye knows, because Eye is the WaWa Carrier.

ISSY, mi buen conecte Quintana/Woodstock…

SeLeiZo facíl, lo cierto es de que el intermedio musical de BFM TV en la web de seguro le pondría la piel de gallina a Wagner y su Vuelo de los ValKyRies, as in:

yo ValE que Rio
tú ValE que Ries
El/Ella/Ustedes/Aquellos—los otros y ellos por si sobrara menos, o faltara más,  ¡háganle!…

We are coming live from the Citroën Park casi esquina con Javel, o como dicen en BFM TV el Parque del Cärrito panadero allí chocando con Cloralex en Francés—ese.

BUT FO’ist!!! i am going to throw a double-play for France Info 105.5 FM (just as an exercise before Spring Training)… and Cousin Joe, go home you sonovabitch, what are you doing? Let Honcho Steele do his thing, and Claire McCaskill, wait for it, wait… you are going to like the way You look. Witt that in mind, Ali Vittali, i told you that it was going to be a Sunny Afternoon, eh!

1st Base: January 1st, 20h… Erasmus and Brexit

“That’s Mí in the [upper Left corner] and on the other side is none other than the one with the Jade Skirt, Chalchiuhtlicue, o como dice Tlaloc: goddess of running WAWA.

7th inning stretch: January 7th, 20h.. Are you fucking blind? Or do you just like to navel-gaze into your belly-button and read the fabric-bunnies that cluster there. Long-drive to Shortstop, a panel from an assortment of newspaper-persons* debated what lessons if any did the storming of Capitol Hill revealed to the French. The question that caught my deaf eyes was about populism, they pondered if populism had reached France like it has across the pond? the answer of course, “does the Pope piss in Rome, and does a Bear pray in the woods?

So… Brigitte is running a pizza shop, eh? The reasoning (to them is obvious) i shit-you-not, she’s a teacher and she dated her students. I hope, Michael Steele at msnbc, that you don’t reverse-tape my fingerprints on that bat-shit crazy accusation, i just relay the news of (check it out Cousin Joe) The They… get it? It’s what they said; i just relay… you sonovabitch.

* newspaper-men, really, but this is a SalvoShot to the LatinX Crowd to drive a point.

Mientras tanto en CEMEX LAND:

I am happy to relay a La Raza del Horizonte allí mero en la Silla de La Sultana, that through extensive Di-En-Ey güasa, that 𓂀 (se pronuncia en Inglés con el sonido estéreo de AY) figured out who that guy… that Jerry Lewis for the French on Motorcycle is, and ladies in Gemini, that tall handsome fellow cannot be Cantinflas, ni tampoco Germán Genaro Cipriano Gómez Valdés. 

Ecce homo, diría Pilates, “has nice glutes” to dance El Taconazo, y por eso Perrine, you Jean Genie you, Coluche es pariente de El Piporro… tu paisana (la perrina de Lille, Florence Cassez) can may probably could perhaps quizás peut-être , explain to your non–viewing audience why.

However, Lenchita is busy preparing una Charreada para la Premier Vecindad et les fils del Vº Patio en Technicolor… off-course.

Gad #Em it, Stefan!!! I am trying to relay to the Latin X cluster that it is ridiculous to accommodate the filles into the sentence when the Rulhes permit. C'mon, Frenchy! Ketch-up! Tsing-gao*!!!

11 de febrero 2017…

Earlier in the transmission:
purple as a color was all the rage.

Al regresarLa Comisión Internacional de Límites y Aguas. —|— Uso justo de todas las sirenas y los remedios de Alex en ‘los controles’.

“♪ he do the walk, he do the walk of life

> Translated from a cutline in The Horizon of some Portuguese guy, stage name: José Saramago.

<< It’s time to “howl at you“, because if WE allow those who govern take US, and WE do nothing to counter-them, WE could say that WE [actually] deserve that which We [currently] have. >> Translated from a cutline in The Horizon of some Portuguese guy, stage name: José Saramago. —|— Uso justo de la edición impresa de ehVisión. Vía: Los Beneficios de ‘la gobernadora’… la hache —en Sarah—  es mhuda.


Dear Conan de la O… this is a PSA 4U

TimeStamp in South Carolina and a Philadelphia guitar store is:
9:45 pm.


Al regresar, Katy Kay & Katy Tur review the courts and the Democratic weight on ‘theMexican IPO’s… this segment is being brought to you by Leche Lala y Tequila Cuervo… After the Kats review the parties, Rachel Maddow does her signature Cocktail Moment, tonight she gets her Kicks concocting “The Lactose Crow,” one-squirt of LaLa milk and 3-shots of Pepé Cuervo [de preferencia: Añejo o Reposado]. —|— Uso justo de todos los IPO’s en los EEUU, y de los medios por los interwebs.

Right now the fiscal calendars that hang across Brian Williams, D.C.’s  bureau  dictates that it is Black History month, and according to the 11th hour, Trump-era deportations have begun.


Dyn-o-mite!… and in an effort to keep up with the new streamlined relations between the Erdoğan regime in Turkey and the Peña Nieto administration in México, the staff [here] is avoiding the alert “Breaking News,” and instead focusing on a popular catchphrase on ‘the’  CBS in order to ring-you the news.


Dear Conan O’Brien:
Please be advised that
during his visit to collect the Atoms for Peace remains,
allá en Mexico State,
president Barry de la O missed the opportunity
to take with him the magical experience of tasting
Enrique’s Own chorizo de Toluca...
y que no se le pase probar esas míticas ‘quesadillas sin queso’;
nada que ver con aquellos
lonches ahogados de Philadelphia

Estimada redacción de los Salinas Pliego... no querrán ustedes decir [de la boca de don Diego] —unos valedores bien a todo dar— en lugar de la expresión "...unos muy frescos y malos hombres!!!". Dicho de otra manera, ¿que acaso no se acaban de quedar sin AIRES ACONDICIONADOS???

Estimada redacción de los Salinas Pliego: no querrán ustedes decir [de la boca de don Diego] —unos valedores bien a todo dar— en lugar de la expresión “…unos muy frescos y malos hombres!!!”. Dicho de otra manera, ¿qué acaso no se acaban de quedar sin AIRES ACONDICIONADOS??? Ahora, si por lo de “malos hombres” querían ustedes [ allí mero, en su redacción ] referirse a los ‘muchachos’ del ITAM, o Dios nos agarre confesados a ‘los facundos’  de los Foros de la Televicracia, entonces sí. Tienen ustedes TODA La Razón— esos güerquillos sí que son bien malos; comenzando por lo RATAS que han sido —y con el favor De Dios— de seguro que lo seguirán siendo. —|— Uso justo de todos los horizontes, y de Madonna en Malawi.

Chorizo Reference: http ://www .milenio .com /politica /Harper-Pena-Nieto-Obama-toluqueno-chorizo-Toluca-Cumbre-Lideres-petroleo-America _del _Norte _0 _248375752 .html