… and introducing, the little Revvie that could

With Musical Guest… Bad Bunny.

Anti-gravity twerk


Now before 🇮🇹 Éric Dupond-Moretti 🇨🇵 or, those coqSuckers at Matiñon put Mí, in a little “ese” cabinet, let Mí remind your Motel Administrator that it was Ewe, motherfuckers, who went full obstruction of “Conflict of Interest” when it came time to choose between 🇨🇵 foie grass 🇨🇵 or , 🥑 toast 🇲🇽 in 2015.


More on that, after the Reverend Al Sharpton cleanses our blood-shot I’s (Latin i’s, not Greek whys) from that hideous powder-blue ruffled look on the SNL in NYC, Ewe tasteless assholes, ewes. I can’t believe that you i’Vicked Cecily Strong from your faggety Rainbow Lounge, where Atlas Shrugged, but not before pissing on The Fountain ⛲🖋️.

Based on a 🧟 Real MEN Show 🧛


inºdeed Steed 🐎, in∴deed. Say Dere, Steed 🐎, did you know that La Pantera Rosa rides on an HURACAN 🚜 (sin acento) like the one hoovering over Del Precio on the upper-right hand TESTAbolda of that Dere handsome Velsho dressed like an imperatore 🐧.

Anyhow, Hilo, Hawaii, just crossed over to the 6th They of Hanukkah and in Paris, Jesus got ran over by a Lahmacun intolerant “BIEN CONNU DES SERVICES 🇨🇵 DE 🇨🇵 POLICE », who off-course, are on Vacation at the Circus de Fair 🎪 Weather en Hiver between République and Nation… our ex-girlfriend Perrine Storme at BFM’er TV has all the 🥑’dos en Hand.

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