Deer, Siren… the name of the horse is “7 leguas”, Always®️—Vania, Siete Leguas

Recordando a Palomas, Chihuahua, y a los mormones de Salt Lake.

Andy García guest stars as el cristiano entre los moros 🦇.

Dune follows… it’s Labor They meets The Press:


On Deadline, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-from Hell, Missouri) bastardized Mike Barnicles’ outrage from The Bench. Somehow, asserts Claire, the democrats are going to fuck up the next Supreme Justice nominee and the Republican reptiles will seat another Supreme Court Judge. Watch That Space.


Also on Deadline, Claire McCaskill was caught texting an old boyfriend, across the cheese factory in Wisconsin, a young Amy Klobuchar screams at Claire, “Back Up!” McCass! And pass the cup cakes, said Claire’s ex-boyfried, and a young Amy said, —amen.


On Deadline, if you ever wonder why America sin acento celebrates Labor Day in September, go no further than MAY DAY, Issy, the reason dates back to when “America” started to kill Mother Earth and (aborted) stopped the spread of  Communism.

And who better to carry that “alt” flame than Orange County’s own, Nicole Wallace. Indeed, David Brooks, —FO’sure— to celebrate the CHICAGO labor movement of 1886

BABA64BB-7D9F-4EF6-ABF4-EC22970C8946 —_!_— El primer torero porno (1986).

_CLEVELAND (knot Ohio) the president BASTARDIZED the FO’ist 8-hr WO’ik day in the Galaxie, in the Galaxie, Nicole Wallace, In the Galaxia.

Naturally, Nicolle worked the entire 36 hours instead of taking the fucking day off… like a regular capitalist torero–PIGS do.

What a difference a They makes…

In local news, Belmondo was not a stranger on the set of “El Primer Torero Porno”, he’s right there on the poster… as a TRIBUTE, Manuel Valls (yup, that Manuel Valls… that motherfucker) is going to be taking on the role of “La Invención del Primer Torero Triple X“. For the occasion, Mr. Valls quit his Consigliere post in the imaginary land* of CATALONIA.

*,] Like Baja California Sur, in El Mar de Cortés.

Uno de al-lao… Torero Triple X, the rest of the story, starring Miguel Bose as, “don Diablo”.

Inspired by the “Lightning FAST” approach that the Spanish VOX is taking not only in Méjico, but also en La Copa América, the Valls team put out their Conquista Propaganda.

The Islamic Emirates — Cv. Indéterminé


BANKSY is a fag!, pero Michael McManus lo dijo mejor*.

*)… https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0114814 /quotes /qt0480692 

… but FO’ist
Öüï takes a look back at great quotes from

Le beau, le brut et les truands
¹ They will greet us as liberators…
² The Afghans will host U.S. like New Yorkers on vacation…
³ Wanted: Dead or Alive

In Search of the “secret” ingredient… this is probably how « a bucket of chicken » at KFC™️ turned into a “canasta de Chicken Tenders” at Chez Le Colonel… 🎶 know your chicken—Ewe got to know your Chicken [bullion-powder]. _*!*_ And, Reverend Al, Eye knows that Ewe know, that them little beef-flavored powdered packages inside of them instant noodles bags are not really beef, or shrip, or chicken, or veal… or whatever might float your Wuhan Wet Market Bo-bun (punto y coma)  ••• [burp!] Anyhow, Rev, that thing that the French call “TEQUIZA™” is kind of like that, and Eye just found the source of the Plants that make that disgusting syrup possible. With no HELP! (Eye might add) from SEMOLINA PILCHARD who was busy starring as an EXTRA in the making of the Eiffel Tower, at the Moo-vies in France.

Why do you think They tagged that nave con el nombre de BASILIC[a]?

In Washington, Saint David Ignatius takes on the role of Carlos Fuentes’ “Old Gringo”, while The Taliban plays the role of General Emiliano Zapata sitting on the Mexican presidential chair A.K.A., « La Silla mariana »… TROU story, the screengrab below was snaped by Casasola moments before the start of the First Great War. The still below captures LA URBANIDAD of general Zapata as he cedes the presidential chair to Antonio Banderas, in the role of Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, as Pancho Villa ⇓

Ladies in Gemini:

Que Viva Eisenstein!”

Objects in mirror are closer to China and Russia, —than they appear.

As HO’id on The Medhi Hassan Show:

Oh, sweet REAGANesque IRONY

Dear, Joshua Johnson… it started in Irak, not in Afghanistan. “Orange-Eye Butterfly Bush”, reports from an imaginary “mushroom cloud”..

Note to Medhi Hassan handlers/producers on The Rachel Maddow Show. 
Don't forget to post the August 15th, 2021 transcript.
Öüï's going to be needing that retired general's quote about how Morning in America
believed their ownJust Say KNOW » 🐬 advertisement bytes of the 1980's 🍳🧠

From: La Prensa . ni 🇳🇮

https ://www .france24 .com /en/live-news /20210814- nicaragua-editor-detained-in-latest-move-seen-to-target-president-s-critics

Note to Medhi Hassan… didn’t candidate Biden run on a platform of ACTUALLY READING the fucking INTELLIGENCE REPORTS!!!???

Antoine (BFM TV) Forrestiere, meet Joy Anne (msnbc) Reed

Breaking the new news… You are welcome Stephanie Rulhe, but please don’t blame Hallie Jackson for moving in on your territory, it was not her decision to make. WITT that in mind and on the SAME CONSULTING TRACK check this out:

Señor, Macron, Presidente de la República Francesa

The French Mistake .:. With all due respect i don’t select the news, i just shuffle’em, and Sir, perhaps you’ve heard of Eddie Gloude Jr.? I ask the question to the most-informed cop in La France on account that your statement directed to your friends and allies in the United States of America (punto y coma) in particular that there section or paragraph of your prepared speech where you claim that what happened at Capitol Hill on January the 6th of 2021 was not a representation of what America is. I have News for you Sir, it is. That is the representation of America. The one that has dominated the land for most of it’s 244 red hot minutes on the pages of History… yeah, Buddy!

With the above ⤴️ in mind it does not please me to quote Steely Dan to your Executive Ass, but “only a fool would say that”, and if you ever heard of a Banana Republic called “Parador” then you’ll KNOW that them racist-white supremacists-Holocaust denying–RED—BLOODED americans are in fact, as Professor Eddie Gloude Junior, states, “they are our uncles, our fathers, our friends,” and yes, MARIANNE, “our children and our brothers”, because That Is What the Story of Them United States of America has been, a story of racist snowflakes who still have a lot of influence with the strong-side of the law.

So, Monsieur le Président de La République Française (así con mayusculas)  🎶🗣 Don’t–don’t–don’t don’t Believe “The Pledge of allegiance—in God We Trust” hype, because as el monoaureo will show you on another entry, when tyranny and fascism arrives it arrives wrapped in a flag and quoting “la biblia”.

Furthermore, Mr. Macron, only in America, the saying goes: is where Hitler’s youth would be welcomed with (relatively) open arms to STORME (no pun intended Filomena) the halls where THE LAW is Made.

Anyhow, having stated that, think about that MARIANNE, the next time you invite another despot like Donald John Trump to your 14 July Celebration like your predecessor did with a Enrique Peña Nieto, who may or may not be a racist, but he sure is surrounded by classists motherfuckers, which is just a notch to the side of racism.


In BFM’er Update news:

Not only did they correct for the opening ads upon u.s. KNOCKING on their virtual doors, but AUSSIE, check this out:

With All Due Respect .:. 7AC7AF71-7CEC-451D-90F7-FAFC3D07DF40 🌍 Your producers need to get new b-roll from your “children” abroad, repeating last week’s images from “the backyard” is like phoning it in. In  oder  other words, reporting on The Situation as if youse were Throwing Your Hands Up in The Air, And Swinging these like you just don’t care.

Not to be outdone by France Info 105.5 FM, BFM TV starts simultaneous transmission of it’s WEEKEND content [🎶Oh, oh oh—oh oh, On The Radio]… go ahead, i dare you, “say anything”.

— Anything? Asked la yegua blanca de Napoleón, named “Storme”.

— In•Deed, güerita, you can say anything you want, responds “Siete Leguas”.


La güerita goes on to say 🗣

… [A]nd someone please give that poor weather man in MADRID a beanie cap… YeeZu.s. Christ, Monsieur EtcheBerry!!!  You fuckers at RTL* are mean! Mean Eye tell you. In Context, please refer to the treatment that the reporter on “Thank You for Smoking” got after the STORME passed, or rather, when IT!, arrived.

*  Mr. EtcheBerry, please be advised that some of the Radio Stations nomenclatures have been Scrambled to protect the Freq's on La Seine. STOP WINEing.


Anyhow Mr. Forrestiere, as Eye was breaking IT!, down for Joy Anne Reed, mare named after the legendary journalist WHO rode with along the the Eastern skirts of La Sierra Madre Occidental with EL GENERAL ARROYO under the callsign Old Gringo » during the Mexican Revolution… yeah, Buddy, it’s TROU!

It would be the “type” of credentials that would allow a President Marine Le Pen the opportunity to award Elaine Chao the highest accessory on the French Touch arsenal.

Rocket man was a fag… sincerely Starman; and fuck you too, Tommy ⚡️rod… pronounced Thomas Alva “white” Lightning Rod motherfucking Edison, according to Sacramento Bee: the one and only, TESLA.

Salvation for dummies

En contexto, Neil Katyal, earlier in the programming BFM TV casually informed their morning show viewers about the Trump administration’s ministers abandoning their LEGACY (or quitting) one paycheck before Trump presses the Nuke Button.

I note this, Rachel Maddow, on account of giving Jack Dorsey a pat  in  on the back, an atta’Boy for the soul because that Sonovabitch finally decided to shut Trump’s account, would be like praising the “We Only Did as We Were Told” crowd for denouncing their messiah or chosen one two weeks before Russia (USSR) put an end to the Great Big (knot the longest) War before Vietnam. Now, to be fair, the almighty Dollar is not a Godwin reference to Hitler, but then the CULT of Dorsey is money-money-money.

But hey, at least Dorsey has a fip . fr tattoo inked on his beautiful skin. Eye only have a letter arriving from RENNES… fuck it, it’s Weekend Edition, i’ll open the envelope on Monday on account that just like nobody Walks in El Ey, Evrybody gets off on the Weekend… but speaking of Canadians, Joy Anne Reid:

“Nothing is off the table” on The Rachel Maddow Show .:. F77D8225-7B13-4EDC-A03A-3DA136FFF522 .:. Happening right now, on the SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS, BFM’er TV plays Ketch-up with TRMS sewage news and how the WASTE WAWA Güeys are excellent fortune tellers for the COVID–fighters.

has anybody noticed if the Mexican President ever got to condemn the assault on The Hill, like his partner-in-Trade and Workforce Conditions, Justin Trudeau has?


Is Mr. López gloating like Comrade Putin is doing in Turkey right now, via Zoom®️.

A tale of two Fuentes — Pare de Sufrir

Any güey, Jason Jones Johnson at The Root (Magazine), the reason that i, Armando Segovia feel at ease* dispensing the phrase « my nigga », is because unlike other Americans in Paris, i am no stranger to XVIII St. (213) and the birth of today’s Honduran diaspora, which started with El Salvador; that is to say, with the 1980 policies of The National Prayer Breakfast crowd, and a “B” actor from the great State of California.

The good thing about

The good thing about this most non–consequential blog .:. 95A69218-4FF4-4411-965D-19CB81E5E94D 🥁… [I]s D.A.T. Jason Johnson at The Root does not listen to fip.

Öüï now return to la novela de las nueve:
 El Maleficio  … no Wait—Scratch D.A.T.
A Tale of Two Fuentes, with your host,
Staff Sergeant Don “Wardaddy” Collier,
with special guest,
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan.

Now, Mr Johnson at The Root, the first ruhle about Morena–Francia, is that YOU don’t TALK (de malos modos) about Morena–Francia…

Just like Lennon with Julian

Just like Lennon with Julian .:. 1C40B8BD-3ECD-4F93-833F-5C982BF7B540 Just say’n, in any mis–en-scene doña Poni, el hecho de que Lennon haya sido un mandilón con la mamá de Sean, y que la hija del primer matrimonio de don Fuentes tuviese que agendar citas para poder platicar con su chingado padre no implica que el genio de las obras de ambos ojetes no sea, —cómo asté lo indica, doña Lemus— obra universal; a excepción de “La Frontera de Cristal”, el peor plagio de un corrido cantinero de principios de los años noventa {#} cruzado con una musa de los comics soft-porn de El Libro Sentimental (lectura de cabecera de “El Bronco” en Monterrey, Nuevo León). Para ser parejo, “Dear, Yoko” a lo mejor fue la causa de que “Sailing” le arrebatara el Grammy a “Double Fantasy”; just sayin’… ANYGüey, Jason Johnson at The Root, before Eye even tries to explain why 30 million Mexicans voted for López Obrador you have to first understand that JUST LIKE NINO FERRER wanted to be black, 99 of 100 SciencesPo et Sorbonne students (including its annex at Saint–Germain–des–Pres) wishes that they were French, but in the sense of Versailles and l’Ancienne Regime, regardless of how loud they “chant” el chingado “Cielito Lindo” por debajo de la ‘bendita’ Torre Eiffel, and Jason Johnson at the Root, therein you’ll find the reason why “el pueblo bueno” votó por López Obrador, el pueblo bueno se dejó encandilar por las palabras, Y NO LOS HECHOS de “los profesores” del Comité de Regeneración NACIONAL de: GRILLOS, MAPACHES, y otros bichos que, sin animo de ofender a los polacos, se cambian su chingado nombre de pila en Náhuatl—por uno BIEN EUROPEO; just sayin’.


* … [E]ven if my African brothers, who do not read this most non–consequential blog, look at Mí ’funny’ here in Paris)

Just like Lennon with Julian; original source from a letter written by the only surviving daughter of Carlos Fuentes de Lemus: https ://www .publimetro .com .mx/mx/cultura/2012/06/18/hija-carlos-fuentes-escribe-carta-padre.html

No. I am neither tall nor pretty nor sophisticated nor thin nor cultivated nor interested in politics, but I tried my best when studying and working, always trying for you to open a little place in your life. I never made it.

In other words, Cecilia Fuentes Macedo did not fit the French mold that Ambassador [to France] Fuentes probably wished that he had procreated, but hey, esa tumba {⚰️} en Montparnasse…  no la tiene ni Charles de Gaulle*. Chirac, sí, pero CDG no.

CALIFORNIA y la cónsul peyorativa

Don’t FO’get, HARRY CONNNICT junior
to RELAY to La Comadre Letty que:

NO INSISTAS fip SIREN; mi corazón  es de SUZí

Now we [the staff]
switch it over to

Previously, on the Opinel files

Previously on: The Opinel files.:.26693DC2-283B-4569-B57D-089E70AA1E29 •|• Don’t shoot The Alien, he is a Messenger, monsieur Brontis, and nevermind “the” Gleason, P nor, “the” Morán, R. •|• This is a Thyme-delayed photo–me, actual Today is Sunday morning in Paris, just beefour Saturday Night Live in New York.

any–Güey Bertrand, fuck you,
and personne, nevermind
the chicanos

…[W]hich reminds U.S.
öüï must send a THYME–delayed signal hasta El Ajusco:

Hola, General, y de Paso… BROZO: chingas a tu madre and for the record, YES,
if you co’me on 2 Mí

4 rent

then, and only then,
Eye will come–on 2 Ewe

Dear, doña Lemus:

Knock, knock

Knock, knock…

Carlos knocks on my door
Evry other Knight —
— [E]ye ignores that FAG