A tale of two Fuentes — Pare de Sufrir

Any güey, Jason Jones Johnson at The Root (Magazine), the reason that i, Armando Segovia feel at ease* dispensing the phrase « my nigga », is because unlike other Americans in Paris, i am no stranger to XVIII St. (213) and the birth of today’s Honduran diaspora, which started with El Salvador; that is to say, with the 1980 policies of The National Prayer Breakfast crowd, and a “B” actor from the great State of California.

The good thing about

The good thing about this most non–consequential blog .:. 95A69218-4FF4-4411-965D-19CB81E5E94D 🥁… [I]s D.A.T. Jason Johnson at The Root does not listen to fip.

Öüï now return to la novela de las nueve:
 El Maleficio  … no Wait—Scratch D.A.T.
A Tale of Two Fuentes, with your host,
Staff Sergeant Don “Wardaddy” Collier,
with special guest,
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan.

Now, Mr Johnson at The Root, the first ruhle about Morena–Francia, is that YOU don’t TALK (de malos modos) about Morena–Francia…

Just like Lennon with Julian

Just like Lennon with Julian .:. 1C40B8BD-3ECD-4F93-833F-5C982BF7B540 Just say’n, in any mis–en-scene doña Poni, el hecho de que Lennon haya sido un mandilón con la mamá de Sean, y que la hija del primer matrimonio de don Fuentes tuviese que agendar citas para poder platicar con su chingado padre no implica que el genio de las obras de ambos ojetes no sea, —cómo asté lo indica, doña Lemus— obra universal; a excepción de “La Frontera de Cristal”, el peor plagio de un corrido cantinero de principios de los años noventa {#} cruzado con una musa de los comics soft-porn de El Libro Sentimental (lectura de cabecera de “El Bronco” en Monterrey, Nuevo León). Para ser parejo, “Dear, Yoko” a lo mejor fue la causa de que “Sailing” le arrebatara el Grammy a “Double Fantasy”; just sayin’… ANYGüey, Jason Johnson at The Root, before Eye even tries to explain why 30 million Mexicans voted for López Obrador you have to first understand that JUST LIKE NINO FERRER wanted to be black, 99 of 100 SciencesPo et Sorbonne students (including its annex at Saint–Germain–des–Pres) wishes that they were French, but in the sense of Versailles and l’Ancienne Regime, regardless of how loud they “chant” el chingado “Cielito Lindo” por debajo de la ‘bendita’ Torre Eiffel, and Jason Johnson at the Root, therein you’ll find the reason why “el pueblo bueno” votó por López Obrador, el pueblo bueno se dejó encandilar por las palabras, Y NO LOS HECHOS de “los profesores” del Comité de Regeneración NACIONAL de: GRILLOS, MAPACHES, y otros bichos que, sin animo de ofender a los polacos, se cambian su chingado nombre de pila en Náhuatl—por uno BIEN EUROPEO; just sayin’.


* … [E]ven if my African brothers, who do not read this most non–consequential blog, look at Mí ’funny’ here in Paris)

Just like Lennon with Julian; original source from a letter written by the only surviving daughter of Carlos Fuentes de Lemus: https ://www .publimetro .com .mx/mx/cultura/2012/06/18/hija-carlos-fuentes-escribe-carta-padre.html

No. I am neither tall nor pretty nor sophisticated nor thin nor cultivated nor interested in politics, but I tried my best when studying and working, always trying for you to open a little place in your life. I never made it.

In other words, Cecilia Fuentes Macedo did not fit the French mold that Ambassador [to France] Fuentes probably wished that he had procreated, but hey, esa tumba {⚰️} en Montparnasse…  no la tiene ni Charles de Gaulle*. Chirac, sí, pero CDG no.

CALIFORNIA y la cónsul peyorativa

Don’t FO’get, HARRY CONNNICT junior
to RELAY to La Comadre Letty que:

NO INSISTAS fip SIREN; mi corazón  es de SUZí

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switch it over to

Previously, on the Opinel files

Previously on: The Opinel files.:.26693DC2-283B-4569-B57D-089E70AA1E29 •|• Don’t shoot The Alien, he is a Messenger, monsieur Brontis, and nevermind “the” Gleason, P nor, “the” Morán, R. •|• This is a Thyme-delayed photo–me, actual Today is Sunday morning in Paris, just beefour Saturday Night Live in New York.

any–Güey Bertrand, fuck you,
and personne, nevermind
the chicanos

…[W]hich reminds U.S.
öüï must send a THYME–delayed signal hasta El Ajusco:

Hola, General, y de Paso… BROZO: chingas a tu madre and for the record, YES,
if you co’me on 2 Mí

4 rent

then, and only then,
Eye will come–on 2 Ewe

Dear, doña Lemus:

Knock, knock

Knock, knock…

Carlos knocks on my door
Evry other Knight —
— [E]ye ignores that FAG