Meanwhile in Nancy… It’s symbolic of course

And, Alex WaWa… Is that Joy I see or are you just happy to not Reid Mí?

🎶 Sí por mar en un buque de guerra…

After the break, It’s “La Cucaracha, la cucaracha… yada-yada ya Dah_da ».

But first, Öüï touch base with Alaska to follow up on how Adrianne ElRod is doing with that “Fruits de Mer” take-out order from Leo XIV:

https ://www .cbsnews .com /news /fishing-alaska-snow-crab-season-canceled-investigation-climate-change /#app

Évry one knew her as Nancy 🤠

Jump to page Tú (SOPE de Arepa)

And, Cousin Joe, them rosie Chubby Checker cheeks…

Sing this like a BROADWAY Orphan:

https ://hongkongfp .com /2021/11/29/disney-appears-to-censor-episode-of-the-simpsons-in-hong-kong-referencing-tiananmen-massacre/

… Como siempre bóstezeandole al JARRÓN.

And in Global NEWS, Jack Dorsey quits @segoarma, @segoviaspixes and a host of other Twitter gestiones to embark on a JOURNEY FOR CIGARETTES à HONG KONG, the tech wizard according to sources close to FAKE NEWS and other assorted gestiones por los interwebs relay that Dorsey heard about a Mexican who quit everything and headed to Hong Kong to buy a pack of smokes.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/11/29 /economia /jack-dorsey-renuncia-como-director-general-de-twitter/

Photo chopped image of beard comes courtesy of La AP via la jornada.

Originally, the afore-mentioned Mexican was planning on going to Copenhagen, but sources close to el registro civil there, showed that once he left a town where he had married before, he never went back. So Hong Kong it was.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/11/28 /capital /desde-otras-ciudades-en-hong-kong-la-incomparable-pestanita-en-un-autobus-puede-prolongarse-toda-la-noche/

City Bus Tarifas, ese:
“El precio de los boletos oscila entre 99 y 399 dólares locales (12.73 y 51.25 dólares estadunidenses). Las plazas de la planta superior son las más caras,” according to OTRAS CIUDADES en La Jornada.

Bloomberg Knews reports that Dorsey (that motherfucker) is the main investor in a new enterprise that centers around letting people sleep inside the comfortable seats of Tourist Buses, an Idea stolen from the Parisian RATP and its clochard express  and plus the front cover of Jaime Lopez-es~ese 1999 release NORDAKA (en Japones).

But FO’ist, nostalgia intersects with Georgia in the form of Coca.
And if Madison Ave. was able to persuade The World without percussion to drink a Coke, why and how? Why in the fuck can’t Donnie Deutsch arrive to convince a el mundo de Le Monde to take the fucking vaccine?

People of France, please relay to the Élysée Tourism Board that all of those SILK covered armatures in the FORM of pre-historic life forms at Le Jardin des Plantes are illuminated with the HARVESTED ORGANS of Chinese peoples in Concentration Camps, which begs the QUESTION, MR. MACRON, don’t you fuckers hate Concentration Camps? Or, Mr. Présidente, is that just a sign on an Elementary School Wall?

Now Back to Cousin Joe’s Chubby Checker Cheeks.

“This is going to blow your mind.”

Better than Heritage USA or that stupid Jonah tale about the VAQUITA de MAR on Dicaprio’s X~Mas Menu.

Paul McCartney, on:
The Let It Be Anthology Channel
Live on Disney Canal See Plus

_and that rug that someone sold you at the Mens Warehouse sports coat section of the TJ MAX section of TARGET can only mean one thing, but Youse Gonna Have to Wait to fill up that TANK.

Right now, Öüï is enjoying the spread out scroll in planks at Le Grand Palais and CHINA’s light show at BUFFON’s octopussy’s garden… and COUSIN JOE, the HUMANITY!!! A Black Tie! Jesus Christ, Joe!

And, Mika… you wanna know what the secret to a Killer Turtle redneck is? Arracadas, hun.


MEAN, while CAPITALISM in SAN FRANCISCO is best-buying MASLOWS pyramyd of needs, Xi-Nah is illuminating France’s “strawberry fields” in front of that GRAND MOSQUE, and that’s just Geography on the urban scale plotting the map, not Mí. Mí is hung-over outside of Panthéon after the Thanksgiving re-layed show.

And Cousin Joe… is it just Mí, or was grampa Walt correct, it is a small JPEG after all, you decide.

It’s a small JPEG after all… and Witt D.A.T. in mind, doesn’t Disney hold the rights for Pooh Bear?

And Cousin Joe, just to leave Chi’s China alone, and move on, let Mí fill that tank up FO’Ewe, you son-of-a-bitch! You lost the bet, didn’t you? You lost the bet and now you have to wear, that “ridiculous thing” for Politico LeMire, didn’t ya’?

And New York Times, Mara, Eye Too is glad to see that Sharp Dressed Man in the form of an Honorary Mexican³ preacher in Brunswick, GA.

³.~ The Reverend Al Sharpton

Ladies in Gemini, it’s the 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, The Go-Go’s

Starring as Belinda Carlisle, the Come Hell or High Water guy, Curly “on vacation” Heilemann.

Vacation… in Kandahar, a river runs through it. Over at Capitol Hill, The Democrats go on Holiday.

… [A]nyhow, Curly, what’s the matter with you? Ran out of weed and/or Southpark episodes? Cheer up, baldy, it’s August. You know, August! August—that wonderful Christ-más holiday time of —you’ve guessed it— Summertime.

Traditionally, —and motherfucker Ewe Know This!— August is the month when the U.S. Senate and the lower chamber of Congress feels all FRENCH and Shit! You know, VACATION, vacation—vacation. Everything shuts down. And for our representatives in both chambers that means traveling overseas (on Vacation) on the TAX payer’s dime… those bums.

And, Reverend Al…
Allow Mí, that motherfucker,
to run a parallel test with The Republican party Voting Rights strategy and what just went down in the democratic primary in Ohio, —players.

And, Nicole, it sure is a sad night in Paris when your legendary potty mouth doesn’t even register a “bleep” from the censors, Knot even to save their own asses. What’s the matter Nicole, are you in need of a vacation? Go to Cabo. Try the Vaquita de Mar ‘Sea & Turf’ “special »… there are only like 23 vaquitas de mar left on Leonardo Di Caprio’s BEACH.

But whatever you do, Nicole Wallace, 🏄🏻‍♂️ don’t go to Baja California 💀 (punto y coma… esa suculenta y deliciosa vaquita de mar) 🐬 remain on the side of La Paz 🎣, —casi un brico a Culiacán, en Ferry. It’s Trou! Ask Brian in Avalon. He’ll tell Ewe all, stay away from The Road to Rosarito if you miss the Exit to Escondido.

In Local News:

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2021 /aug /12 /french-police-on-alert-after-covid-testing-centre-attacks

Ain’t no stain in Santa Barbara… that’s what the backyard is for, eh!

https ://www .thedailybeast .com /matthew-taylor-coleman-surf-school-owner-arrested-after-his-kids-1-and-3-found-stabbed-to-death

International Man of Mystery Avi Velshi presents: the Reel Faber book of Nuestro Cinito baja californiano

On location at Chez Chato’s en Vaux-Le-Vicomte

https ://www .sinembargo .mx /05-08-2021 /4010855

SILENZIO! Esto es otro contexto a lo que un tal José Luis García Agraz (director) dice sobre una época en México cuando no se necesitaba el revolver de Goebbles para sacar de la jugada con un revólver a cualquier crítica en un circulo del poder ejecutivo netamente nepo-deportista. Por ejemplo doña Vilma, trascendió en la pagina 159* del Faber book de Jason Wood, que con el uso de la ley, o a veces con simplemente hacer enojar a la hermana del presidente de la República y con tan solo eso, ya estuvo que se te acabo la carreraAnd, Reverend Sharp 🎣 Thon, picture yourself in a float on a River but as a BIG OL’ honorary Mexican Asterisk because Mr. García Argaz’ response to Jason Wood in Wawa Land, Reverend Al, was in the context of “el sexenio” del ex Presidente Vicente Fox Q., while the unsolicited response from yours truly, Reverend Al, is simply juxtaposing The nepotism of WHAT A SECOND DONALD TRUMP MANDATE WOULD LOOK LIKE (not shouting, just CapiTalIzing), like a front shield panorama that would look a lot like a José López Portillo throne. America sin acento, ALICIA MENENDEZ, saw nothing the first time around. For the next U.S. presidential race, I would personally recommend to the democratic committee for the post of the latinX Outreach program representative, any family member of  the Marcelo Ebrard C. clan. i write this on account that Marcelo will not be able to fuck up that post like he did for María Teresa Kumar on account that he is going to be ruining his run for president of Mexico, —himself. Marcelo’s recent El Paso, Texas visit (last week) was THE UNOFFICIAL START OF THE remesas pandering campaign fromhis paisanos” in The U.S. of A.

* Chapter 8, The State of Things
The FB of Mexican Cinéma
Jason Wood (2006) LONDON.

The audacity of the Very French at the Colbert Hôtel!
To film the historically hollywoodized version of Mr. Dumas-es-es
unofficial take on the taking of the patrimony of one po’bastard who went by the prisoner number : 64389000∼∼… at the very Castle where the story of that prisoner was hatched… The ROMAN busts of Lyndon Banes Johnson are a dead give_away.

Yum yum bumble bee bumble bee Tuna
Eye like bum bum bumble bee Tuna
Yum yum bumble bee bumble bee Tuna
Eye like Sandwich made with Bumble Bee®
Now with VAQUITA de MAR chunks… 

y por supuesto, una tuna en cada bote de atún del Abejorro agradecido… (not zángano).

Efeméride… sufragio efectivo, o algún contexto comme ça. It was the final leg in November of 1967 when President Lyndo’ Baines Juanes (LBJ) decided to make a short pit-stop in ROMA to visit the Pope, President Lyndo was coming from Australia. There was a wake there that was held in honor the Prime Minister there. On the way back to  to ⚡️D.C., President Lyndo’ danced with a broken hearted First Lady Imelda Marcos…. etc., etc., etc.


Oh, hey! Negrita, meet “La Gata“ de Mi Vida Loca

Previously on Los Hilos de SASHA and Los Frenos de Mika…

Churubusco-Los Pinos presentan en todo su sonorense estado de esplendor :
Lo negro (👮🏽‍♂️) del ‘Pillo [🤴🏻] JoLoPo:

Populist anthem is courtesy of fonovisa (Miami).

Oh, Hey! Negrita, nice to hear that you finally went ahead and verified that D.A.R.E. is such a thing as a B.C.S. (Check here, here*, y aquí to know that i’ve seen the Canícula MooVie, Aussie).

Over at the MONTRE-MOI State of MO…⤵️

* Congresswoman Cori Bush from Missouri (not the Ozarcks)… and Negrita (JoyAnne ReidOut) please be advised that going through life “TEXTING” your way out of an eviction moratorium crisis is no way to go through an interview with a woman who slept on the steps of The Capitol while you and your buddies where going Wabo in Cabo… kind of like telegraphing to El Primer Torero Porno that you is in SOLidarity with his historical hunger strike outside of la MONUMENTAL DE FIGUERAS (home of the melting surrealists) while eating a t-bone steak in the process of sending that telegraph and, with no WESTERN UNION remesas attached (punto y coma) it is for this reason, Ms. Reid that instead of featuring  EWE next to the good representative from Missouri (home of the KIDNAPPED NETHERLANDS 🇱🇺 FLAG!!!) , the staff here selected a more fitting frame to start today’s final draft to the finish line. Bon appetite you Tú 🥩.

Anyhow Ms. Reid, and please, please do forgive “la jiribilla veracruzana” to segue onto the following segments where “La Gata” de Mi Vida Loca is going to cross the tracks in order to review Natalia’s hierarchies of at the opposite side of La Huasteca, which as every one-arm Obregonista should know, is Guaymas y El Mar de Cortés… aquí la espuma No Es de la corona, but from la Pacifico.

Case in point before Switching IT!, over, to the Pinault-Hayek Benchmark test at the Bourse del Jardin Nelson Mandela durante el llamado “Año de Africa en Châtelet >> o algo así, ÖÜÏ is going to check out << La femme du jour” :

🥃 It’s not a $5,800 Japanease ash oak throat wash, but it’s straight and single like a Scotch.

Oh, l’Humanité:
https ://www.humanite .fr /la-femme-du-jour-cori-bush -716137

Anyguey, Mr. Rich, you are KNOT foolin’ anybody. Evry body in Ivry knows that you didn’t have a heart attack and gone to better pastures… Eye knows that you are with the former Masked “Brazo de Plata” and once unmasked “El Super Porky” in Wabo Cabo catching them big ol’ Wawa Roosters there.

http ://www /dondepescar /851-impresionante_pez_gallo%2C_surf_fishing


Fall back to 16/06/2016

Pedro* y Mauro interpretan, El Orgullo de Mi Nepotismo.

* Pedro (el apellido se me escapa) ya había mencionado en la cocina de La Casa De México, allí mero justamente en el preciso patio de La Casa de Los Estados Unidos en La Ciudad Internacional Universitaria de París, Francia, que en realidad Sí Existe un lugar llamado Baja Cabo Wabo Sur, — JoyAnne Reid, lo confirmó… ¡Mauro!, se puede decir era a mi parecer y por su patrón de comportamiento, El Orgullo entre todas las amistades universitarias de post grado en el extranjero de Pedro “el morenista” de La Paz, BCS.

De la aristocracia, el elitismo es El Orgullo de los segundos pisos en un hôtel privado, según Diderot… in case after witt means anything in your books.

El Orgullo de Mi Nepotismo.  La historia de Donald Trump 4 years before Nancy brought in the Charlatanes to La Casa Blanca.

And still to come on the fast-track to the Finnish Line is of course Australia, because Ewe should never forget, Australia is the Hung.ri. Enemy.

Dr. Cueli… Eye is an “anti dentite” y El Toro, señor dentista, —no es como lo pintan!, dijo Jacobo cuando dicen que él dijo, que durante un mítico día En La Plaza De Las Tres Olympiadas, o algo así, ✊🏽 “salió el sol”.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/08/06 /opinion /a08a1cul