Dear, Monoprix . fr… Where is my pocket pussy? I am Sirius, where is my pocket pussy?

Later with George Stephanopoulos:

🍿?… [A]ny one, ¿palomitas, —Ferris? Popcorn?

https ://abcnews .go .com /Politics /full-transcript-abc-news-george-stephanopoulos-interview-president /story?id=79535643

“¡Que pase el desgraciado!”


En contexto para Monoprix ®️ fr: Peru is, by the way in “Sud” América.

Right Said Fred… the Commander-in-Chief is tired of talking about what happened five days ago. No more C-17’s with a humanity of Afghans as payload talk!!!

🎶 Creme tangerine and Montélimar… Charlie! BURQAS!!! [She] Mary J. Blige wants to know if those burkas come in a 411 model.

In Soccer news, Charlie don’t Surf.

Let’s talk about Texas, then:

Today in Paris is take a picture of Something They, and so we switch it over to KDAY Studios casi esquina con Sunset Blvd. and Vine St. where “[S]tupid disk jockeys,” are having a wonderful radio discussion with WINOs on the strip… or something like that, the thing is… Los Marcianos Llegaron Ya, y esos cabrones llegaron bailando el Cha Cha-Cha; period!

Burns and CARLIN at The Playboy Club.

Even Dallas moved to Paris. School’s out, with a new dress code.

https ://www /sections /back-to-school-live-updates /2021/08/18 /1028760318 /paris-texas-school-district-mandate-masks-dress-code-gov-abbott-ban?t=1629384544307

And, Michel Che… Eye swears that i am Knot making Scarlett’s KneW baby’s name up, —and motherfucker… please!—GET BACK! And here’s why, but first:

Made for love

The goal for Texas is to have this in Every
Piggly Wiggly and of course at every H•E•B• Supermarket near you… but please, please throw in the Fleshlight!

Ladies in Gemini… we interrupt the WINO interview in order to bring you an NPR National Public Service Announcement directed at the State of TEXAS : now  is the time to update the Sex Ed. curricula, call it: MADE FOR SEX, but don’t forget to include that pocket pussy. And Paris, France... México is not in South América.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt7808566 /?ref_=nm_flmg_act_2

So, motherfucker Che,
you, of all sidekicks should know by now that Öüï don’t select the newborns names.
All that Öüï do,
motherfucker Che,
is to line up the tangents* with the Three-Ring Circuses on the streams.
That’s all, motherfucker Che,
That’s All Öüï does.

*.) with this in mind, you might recall that Billy Preston was the first (MALE) musical act on Episode One of Lorde Lorne’s comedy hour and ½ show (punto y coma) what you might not know is that Lorde Lorne requires a token from all of his employees. Lorde Lorne reserves the right to name the first-born child of every perfomer on his show.

Page 4… why do you think that The Big Kase named her little unit, “MARS”, for the chocolate bars? Only if these bars serve COSMOPOLITANS, which are Lorde Lorne’s favorite cocktail next to the stupid Mimosa’s for breakfast. —_•!•_— But, as Evry body knows, the real reason is Cosmo Alley, which is a popular Gnome hangout.

And JonaTAN Lemire (without the “h”, as requested) you can take the rest of the year off of Way To Early, a young Alicia Menéndez has got a beat ((( going ))) behind that teleprompter screen.

Infra structu ration — Rue Sauval

https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Oblicuo

Eye knows that Ewe is on a lecho de Roses, Lencha⚜️

Oblicuo adj. Geom. Dicho de un plano o de una línea : Que corta a otro plano u otra línea , formando un ángulo que no es recto.
Source: la =Ñ= WHO else?

La rue Sauval (1620-70) puede dar fe a el hecho que por la acera del Azteca, los Compagnones lo pueden ver, la pizza está “rarita”, ISSY, a lo mejor a el “Itacate” no le alcanza la periferia visual para constatar a “El Padrino”  echándose un  aperitivo, in any case, the American Priest in Paris, can confirm that “las crepas » están oblicuas en el número dos of the St Eustache (sic). de la misma puta calle.

Gremlins, gnomes and, por si sobrara menos o faltara lo suficiente, woodpeckers aussi! This Street has knot yet been rated. But We Dig the Little Paris Sewing Shop. Coincidentally, the Little Paris Sewing Shop is in need of a Ro•tu•lo publicitario.

And in case Claire McCasskill doubt’s that this Lucky Ol’Sun has nothing to do [other} then to Circle Around all day Long. Check it OUT 🇪🇸 the Little Sewing Shop in front of La Pizza Rarita 🇮🇹 is going to like the way that this UpSide Down MASONIC tijera is going to Look, I guarantee it… it’s like Sigourney’s Little Shop of flesh-eating plants, but in French 🇫🇷, with Subtitles in DU•T•CH 🇳🇱

Eye is telling Ewe, Mme. Hidalgo, your Tourism Board Monkees think that they have imagination, but we know that all that they bring to the table is, (say it with Mí now) Ah • Bol • en• Go en Es • Tas • zion • Ah • … Miento?

https ://edition .cnn .com /2021/06/25 /asia /dragon-man-china-early-human-scn /index .html
“It’s Symbolic 📐of course »,

In this section, the congregation of deerly bee lovers should catch up with at least the following to Ketch-up with the beat :

• David Jaggard’s funny ROTULO* Signs en Francés, reference, Paris Poetry Slam 2016

I did warned y’all, Sen Franken was just warming up back in 2016, now that sumBitch is out on the road again. You hEARd, IT! first here, folks.

• My 2011 coverage of Eli Guerra at la MAL27, mais aussi the =Ñ= event where Julieta Venegas headlined with Les Giboullés de Juin; Jorge Harmodio of the Instituto Cervantes/Tumbona Ediciones en la Ciudad de México and off-course, —don Leo Orellana can attest to that.


• Knot to be last, the good people of the deerly DeeParted ProMÉXICO and la Mairie du 1er arrondissement sponsorship’s for the Day of The Music, 2014 edition.