Twenty-four — Reefer Madness with Denisa Kerschovas — Part FO’

Being for the benefit of Morning Starr… Baguette bitches! Baguette 🥁. And, GO’ill de Niza, I am not being facetious nor Hyper-diaBolic when Eye Tell Ewe that i practically dwell in a “niggaloo”, but that is only because French ex-president François Hollande and his Barcelonnette crew designed the cardboards.


🤸🏻‍♀️  https ://edition .cnn .com /travel /article /travel-warnings-other-countries-us-violence /index .html

“God Bless, the U.S.A.”
Sincerely, Lucifer (a.K.a) “el diablito
…🏀 now get off my fucking YARD.

🤸🏻‍♀️ https ://www .bbc .com /news /worldus /two-texas-cheerleaders-shot-after-one-gets-into-wrong-car

🎶 Oh, Mickey you’re so fine
—Hey, Mickey. Hey, Mickey.


Ruby Thursday, because Tuesday’s gone… and how about The Rust on that set, —eh? “Pleased to meet, you. Hope youve guess my name.” Eye did warn you about “Drawing the line ».  Here is the arrow ⬆️.

Previously on, —a New Edition… today we find La Kerschovas pissing along with The Tasmanian Devil in Australia on the Trail of the 🇨🇦 Chaffey brothers who after snatching the Fountain ⛲ from the Californios in Kukamonga left to found the settlements of Mildura, and Renmark, Australia… those motherfuckers.

“So it goes… ». God bless The USA.

But first, we switch it over to Niggaloo Reef… er, where a hybrid Eclipse just served as The Great Gig in The Sky, it was really nothing more than them Venn Diagrams that I have been writing about for the past six or seven years.

Of course, MONEY is also a track on this jam, and on today’s edition of AUSTRALIA IS THE ENEMY, them Aussie’s are doubling-down on their government’s travel advice to The United States, in América.

It used to be, as early as the month of January, just two and a half months ago, that Australian travel advisories to The United States, in América, used to note to their ex-con citizenry that “NRA sponsored Gun Violence” usually left tourists alone, but now those same ex-con government officials in Perth, have updated their warnings to include car rental car-renting tourists on account of the recent spike in murders on driveways and Shopping Center PARKING LOTS.

https ://www .urbandictionary .com /define.php?term = Niggaloo

And, Eye quotes:

Yheeeeea, Bark at The Moon… Um-uh, um-uh, —yeah. Bark at The Moon. Ah-uuuuui!

The Other Side of El Mundo de Le Monde

Pineapple Express News presents: it’s the  4/20 edition 2023, the dawn of the 6th Republic in France.


Synopsis : Charly Brigante walks into the Pôle-Emploi, at the C.V. island Saso Porcel is looking for ‘chamba’ sin ganas de encontrarla, Benny Blanco is waiting in cue and Florence Cassez is wondering if her Pôle-Emploi royalties are going to transfer to the new France-Travail.


https ://www .lexpress .fr /economie /emploi/droit-travail /france-travail-qui-remplace-pole-emploi-quest-ce-qui-va-changer

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