🎲… entonces, pues, don Nuñez la’Rent, never mind the missing ewe


FUCK your R.A.M., you daft punks motherfuckers! This is READ ONLY MEMORY in a Yellow Submarine

ARTICLE 3: Orientation et programmation du ministère de la justice 20232027

French Senate wants to regulate the activation, by investigators, of cell phones remotely…

https ://www .publicsenat .fr /actualites /societe /le-senat-veut-encadrer-lactivation-des-telephones-portables-a-distance-par-les-enqueteurs

~.https ://www .jmp .com /en_au /statistics-knowledge-portal /what-is-correlation /correlation-vs-causation.

So… mister Head of the National Center of Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism, apparently (if Öüï can trust your wiki page) youse a fellow Aquarius, a WaWa-Bearer. From the cutline it also appears that you just made the cut, arriving on DEADLINE on the 18th¹, one more day and you would have been a fucking fish. I myself arrived on the 1st and my DOMICILE³ is SATURN, the traditional. Your public file says that you arrived to your Cité cabinet in 2012, so if you missed me at the dépôt SIX and SEVEN sections it is probably because your Sign Ruler³ is UR-Anus, the modern one. It’s true that Saturn or Chronos eats his children, but UR-Anus (that incestious motherfucker) fucks Em#. Heck, if you listen to Lou Reed he even made a song just for the Exaltations of the Modern water-bearers like yourself, it’s like a BADGE from P[l]uto; the Traditional aguadores on the other HAND don’t need no-fucking EXALTATIONS, nor badges. Close your i’s and listen to the Music. The Music as Ewe knows sounds better with a Doobie, brother.

¹~. In Hilo, Hawaii, time in 1964. https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Laurent_Nuñez-Belda
³~. https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Domicile_ (astrology)
³~. https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Exaltation_ (astrology)

En Core?
SEKTA Core if you insist, this is: BFM’er TV’s Casualties and Coincidences

https ://www .bfmtv .com /policejustice /infirmiere-tuee-a-reims-l-avocat-du-suspect-estime-que-son-client-souffre-d-un-delire-de-persecution _AV-202305250613.html


El Fantasma de La Rana

Una noche en la colonia Juárez

Macron says images of police beating Black man shameful for France
By: Sudip Kar-Gupta, Dominique Vidalon

https ://www .reuters .com /article /us-france-security –idUSKBN2870UQ

Agua pasa por mi casa cate de mi corazón
Aquí termina el corrido de la extraña maldición
El fantasma de la rana.

CA-chu-Cha, CA-chu-Cha , CA-chu-Cha, …


If Ewe insist… The Police is listening 🎧 to Every-Breath-You-Take and watching Every-Move-You Make, and I am not making this shit up.

After the break 💔 it’s, 🎶 Well you’ve HO’id about The U.K. Subs, it’s not one of those… this are, The Transylvanian Submarines, it’s the latest scam from the the same 🇫🇷 engineers who made those re-jected Aussie Submarines.

and in Local News, FUTURAMA is back, BAY-Bee!

https ://www .defenseromania .ro /romania-intends-to-buy-two-french-scorpène-submarines-for-2-billion-euros_622746 .html

I’ll Be Watching Ewe. The Turner Diaries… más “tumbado” nomas los corridos de Peso Pluma.

Now you know how many ROMS it takes to make France Cultures Spin on it’s own AXIS like P.P. Long Vichy did in the year of 39, ask MAY.

And, Mme. Macron, meet Chi Chi



L’ascension, o como dicen en BFM’er TV, « Con Los Pies on The Rooftop »:

But first, don’t forget to bring a towel.

Where is my Juan BRANCO Melle. PROCURATOR? Issy, les griffures ⚖️  are not necessarily ‘grifos’, but Eye is sure, Shugga, that some sure Bogart that joint.


Random Access Mémoire

And, Brigitte, it’s the month of May, el mes de todas las madres, and by the power vested in Mí by The Producers of Mel Brooks in France, I hereby address yo’ass by your first name on account of my view from the top of The Hard Rock Café³, donc, Mme. First Lady, let Mí tell Ewe, how it will be:



Jump to mañana, Australia’s been put on hold and Bali, never mind Bali, it’s under water already.

“C’mon Phuckos, 🇧🇷 ketch-up »… Get your check book

La Carte de Séjour Florence Cassez… Whistle while you weep, fuckers, ISSY, ewe may drive my McLaren special.

Y cómo dijo el Caballo PRIETO azaba’CHE:
EWE bring Mí CLOSER to Gad.

It’s right Dere 🐘, Eye has always been adamant about showing YOUR WORK!


If-and-Only-if, Phat Basterd’ allows me to Phabricate lies, then:

Check, IT!, out. John Nasty, frontman of The Rutles invents a French ∴ Traveling Show ∴ Twenty Years before “The French Touch” was let out of the bag, rotten Legionarios, the Whole Lot of You, Frogs.



GO TO JAIL, because that French cheese is a MaddaPhaka MONOPOLY, just like THE POLICE does with LA Violence. It’s really all the fault of that Crazy-Beloved ⚜️ Carlos V ⚜️, fucker was Loco for Roquefort, and HERE is where EYE connects our segment, “On A They like today³, with what happened on JUNE the 4th, which if Ewes were paying Attention before The ⚜️ Sixth ⚜️ Charles ⚜️ kicked out the Tribe of Israel out of Paname, then Ewe will recognize that the content within is the tail-end of Hanukkah’s comet, which lead U.S. to our link to Baba WaWa’s exclusive coverage of Bobby Gutrie’s 3rd of June trip to The Southern Cross, which if y’all did your Homework (in a room without a Roof), CRUX is the final destination of Benito XVI following his previous gig as a Pope in ROMA.

³~.   https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Catherine_of_Valois

²~. 1411 – King Charles VI granted a monopoly 🧀 for the ripening of 🍰 Roquefort cheese  to the people 🧑‍🌾 of ⚜️ Roquefort-sur-Soulzon ⚜️ as they had been doing for centuries. Sources close to the Rosbif ⚽ Premier ⚽ League across La Mancha suggest that it takes a Roquefort™ around 100 Years to reach that Signature funk to the untrained nose.


Hope you guess my name: https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Feast_of_the_Holy_Name_of_Jesus

Rev. Al, as Ewe well knows, one can claim to be a ‍∴ clown ∴ , but like any mason at Cadet will tell EWE, it takes a special Foo’ to live on The Hill, let alone put a 🎪 on that hospital there.